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Malice What I Know A Student In My School Will One Day Wipe Out Two Thirds Of The Population With A VirusWhat I Don T Know Who It IsIn A Race Against The Clock, I Not Only Have To Figure Out Their Identity, But I Ll Have To Outwit A Voice From The Future Telling Me To Kill Them Because I M Starting To Realize No One Is Telling The Truth But How Can I Play Chess With Someone Who Already Knows The Outcome Of My Every Move Someone So Filled With Malice She S Lost All Hope In Humanity Well, I Ll Just Have To Find A Way Because Now She S Drawn A Target On The Only Boy I Ve Ever Loved

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    Me Sees the word virus in the description.ME OMGOMGOMG GIVE IT TO ME NOW

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    Anyone else think this sounds just like

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    Love this cover First addition to 2020 shelf wasn t ready for that still trying to get use to 2019

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    That book was great.