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Tales From the Stoop Reading Tales From The Stoop Author Christopher Smith Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk Last Night Is A Tale Of Man Whom After Losing The Love Of His Life, Begins To See The Aimless Mission In Maintaining His Sanity With Hallucinations And Regret, Read Along As Avery Loses Control Over His Night.In Welcome Home, We Follow James Harrison, A Con Man Looking For His Next Score Rather It Be Coercion Of His Elderly Mother To Signing Over Her Dead Husband S Estates, Or Robbing His Best Friend Of His Riches And Dignity, James Always Has A Plan To Outsmart The Next Man After Constantly Being Tracked Down By An Unknown Assailant, James Only Option Is To Skip Town, Where No One Knows His Name.Taking Place In A Futuristic America, Dolce Is The Abnormal Tale Of Bounty Huntress Whose Job Is To Take Out Beef Heads Or People With Unusual Abilities With The Help Of Her Sidekick, Dolce Is Set Out On A Mission That Will Turn Her World Upside Down Once , And Ultimately Learning The Values In Being Well Planned And Experienced.

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