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    I had to re read this to review it properly What with the James Bond craze at it s peak AGAIN.This was the thought that fertilized the embryo, that gave birth, to the toddler, that became the child, then preteen, to testosterone filled teen, to non boarding school graduate, to minor military career of James Bond snatched up by the Her Majesty s Secret Service in a moment of male weakness, he was ripe for the picking never really fitting insomehow As he never had fit in before And they fit him in, like hand in glove to a double ought life of girls, guns, and garrotes This is Flemings love letter to Bond, how he created him and coddled him, rocked him when he was colicky, fed him when he was hungry, clothed him, educated him, and taught him to kill, ever so efficiently, then shaped him out of the clay of paper and ink, into the BondJames Bond we have all come to know.No one really loved James Bond as...

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    Sorry wrong book.

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    This book contains all of the choicest lines from Fleming s Bond novels but makes a poor substitute for actually reading the novels.

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My Name's Bond, James Bond: An Anthology from the Fiction of Ian Fleming Read My Name S Bond, James Bond An Anthology From The Fiction Of Ian Fleming Author Ian Fleming Chardonneret.eu S T An Anthology From The Fiction Of Ian FlemingThis Book Celebrates The Greatest Of All Postwar British Fictional Icons For Too Long The Bond Films Have Overshadowed Their Literary Source The Bizarre, Baroque World Of Ian Fleming.Full Rein Is Given In This Anthology To Fleming S Wonderful Creations The Deranged Villains, Their Horrifying Associates And Their Surreal Lairs From Dr No S Guano Island To Blofeld S Garden Of Death Full Attention To Is Paid To The Girls, Cars, Food, Drink And Cigarettes Consumed By The Books Brutal, Resourceful Hero.From The First Bond Novel, Casino Royale To The Last To Be Fully Finished, You Only Live Twice , There Is An Extraordinary Zest And Ingenuity To Fleming S Imagination And My Name S Bond Allows Readers To See Perhaps As Never Before The Author S Remarkable Abilities He Was, Above All, A Creator Of Great Set Pieces And It Is These That Are Surely At The Root Of The Films Great And Lasting Success.