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The Modularity of Emotions (Canadian Journal of Philosophy) BOOKS The Modularity Of Emotions Canadian Journal Of Philosophy Author Luc Faucher Terrapin Info.co.uk Can Emotions Be Rational Or Are They Necessarily Irrational Are Emotions Universally Shared States Or Are They Socio Cultural Constructions Are Emotions Perceptions Of Some Kind Since The Publication Of Jerry Fodor S The Modularity Of Mind1983 , A New Question About The Philosophy Of Emotions Has Emerged Are Emotions Modular A Positive Answer To This Question Would Mean, Minimally, That Emotions Are Cognitive Capacities That Can Be Explained In Terms Of Mental Components That Are Functionally Dissociable From Other Parts Of The Mind But Depending On The Kind Of Modules That Are Considered, Be They Chomskyan, Fodorian, Darwinian, And So On, The Answer To This Question Might Well Be Different The Twelve New Essays In This Volume Address The Question Of Whether Emotions, Or At Least Some Of Them, Are, In Some Sense Of The Word, Modules, And Explore How This Could Potentially Influence Our Understanding Of Emotional Phenomena.Quick And Smart Karen Jones Against Emotional Modularity Ronald De Sousa Emotions Are Not Modules James A Russell Beyond The Basics Robyn Bluhm Empathy, Primitive Reactions And The Modularity Of Emotion Anne J Jacobson Biological Modules And Emotions Paul Dumouchel Is Emotion A Form Of Perception Jesse J Prinz Two Views Of Emotional Perception Andrew Sneddon Assembling The Emotions Vincent Bergeron And Mohan Matthen Cognitive Modularity Of Emotion Louis C Charland Shame And Other Cases Of Modularity Without Modules Ruwen Ogien Unexpected Pleasure Timothy Schroeder.

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    I m sure about 70% of it was over my head, but of the essays included that were accessible by this philosophaster, I found An Unexpected Pleasure by Timothy Schroeder to be most fascinating.

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