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Food Shaman Read Food Shaman By Michael S Fenster Oknalubliniec.eu How Understanding The Impact Of The Food Experience Beyond Just What Is In The Food You Eat Can Help You Transform Your Life.Food We All Need It And We All Want It We Want It Delicious, And Ideally Not Toxic.But How The Heck Do We Make Sense Of The Choices Paraded Before Us, When The So Called Experts Can T Agree And The Guidelines Change From Day To Day Recommendations Based On Simple, Sterile Laboratory Analysis Of One Nutrient, One Effect, Have No Place In The Pantheon Of Science Nor The Pantry Of Any Respectable Chef.Michael S Fenster, MD, Interventional Cardiologist, And Professional Chef, Separates Fact From Fiction And Wheat From Chaff Invoking The Power Of The Total Food Experience That Every Chef And Food Lover Understands, He Helps Diners Focus On What They Re Eating In A Powerful Explosion Of Ceremony And Substance As The Food Shaman, Chef Dr Mike Combines Modern Knowledge From A Variety Of Disciplines With The Ancient Ritual Of The First Chefs And Healers The Shaman The Result Is A Quantum Leap In Understanding The Power Of The Food Experience, And Why It Must Nurture Our Soul Through Delightful Tastes And Textures Beyond Basic Nutrition.

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