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Lets Learn Kanji Lets Learn Kanji Author Joyce Yumi Mitamura Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Everyone Agrees That It Is Possible To Learn To Speak Japanese In A Reasonable Amount Of Time, But No One Has Ever Said That About Reading And Writing It It Is Widely Held That Spoken And Written Japanese Require Separate Efforts By The Student, As If These Two Aspects Were In Fact Distinct Languages.A First Step Toward Alleviating This Situation Was Taken By Yasuko Mitamura In 1985 With The Publication Of Let S Learn Hiragana And Let S Learn Katakana, Which Continue To Help Thousands Of Students Every Year To Master These Two Forms Of Japanese Script Now, Let S Learn Kanji Goes To The Heart Of The Problem The Learning Of Kanji I.e., Chinese Characters As They Are Used In Japan Not Simply A Brilliant Exposition But Also A Workbook, It Teaches The Student How To Write The Basic Strokes, How To Put These Together Into Full Fledged Kanji, And How Kanji Function In The Context Of Example Sentences Progress Is Continually Checked, And The Student Is Encouraged Through Quizzes And Exercises The Result 250 Fundamental Characters Learned Almost Painlessly.

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    I would not recommend this as a first kanji book for anyone And guess what, it was my first kanji book I doubt anyone can memorize kanji without an SRS method or mnemonics I certainly can t and this book was a big disappointment in my progress back then, because it solidified that I had a hole for a brain Years of better Kanji resources later and in upper beginner level, I revisited this book and ...

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    I was so disappointed by this book I haven t even used it ONCE for studying It just immediately put me off I didn t and I still don t the layout of it and the way of introducing new signs If you had ever tried Basic Kanji Book series, don t take up Let s Learn Kanji, it s not worth it.Gotta give it...

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    This is an excellent book I never did finish it, but I really mean to I suck at remembering Kanji.

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    A very excellent book to learn Kanji With useful tips and tricks of memorization, this is a must have for those interested in Japanese Language.

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    It s going to take me a while to read this because I want to memorize all the kanji that s in it.

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