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A vampire prince A beautiful rebel A love that could topple the kingdom

The covenant protects both races
TASTE: Vampire Epub / ash would turn us into monsters Without the humans, the bloodlust from the elixir would drive the elite mad I've always been a loyal citizen I've always believed the lies they tell us But when it's my turn to be chosen, I find that my new home is a gilded cage, and the politics of the citadel are far dangerous than the beasts that roam the wilderness When the bodies start stacking up, I realize the peace between our races is far fragile that it appears, and based on secrets that could topple the kingdom I'll have to fight to prove my place here, to protect a system I'm not even sure I believe in any Not everybody is happy to be ruled And some will fight to be free The only question is, I'm no longer sure of who I really am, or which side I'm fighting for My new husband is hiding things from, and when he learns the truth about who I really am, I'm not sure even he has the power to save me Luckily, once I embrace my newfound abilities, I might just be strong enough to save us bothas long as his father, the king, doesn't kill me first Taste is a dystopian vampire romance Fans of the Hunger Games, Red Queen, futuristic scifi and classic paranormal romance will love this unique twist on the 'vampire hunter' mythology.

10 thoughts on “TASTE: Vampire Magic

  1. annie & annie & says:

    3.5/5 Stars

    Full review to come! :)

  2. Elisabeth Wheatley Elisabeth Wheatley says:


  3. Linda Romer Linda Romer says:

    I enjoyed reading Taste: Kingdom of Blood and Ash. The story was good and I liked the characters. The ending was dramatic and I would read book Two. The story had some dark parts that I liked. I enjoyed Emily, Damian, Trevor and King Richard.

    I give Taste 4 stars for its exciting read.
    I would recommend this book to Paranormal, Fantasy and YA lovers.

  4. Coco.V Coco.V says:

    🎁 FREE on Amazon today (3/29/2019)! 🎁

    An arrogant vampire prince. A scarred rebel. A love that could destroy the kingdom.

    All I wanted was freedom. Instead, I'm married off to an elite prince; a symbol to unite the two races. It was the perfect system. My body and blood, in exchange for the healing elixir and the purification engines that guard against the poisonous sky. But once I reach the palace citadel, I discover more dangers than beasts outside the gates, and more power than I ever imagined.

    When a buried secret shatters my identity, I'll do anything to uncover the truth. My immortal husband - the gorgeous prince Damien - is hiding things from me, and when he discovers who I really am, I'm not sure he'll have the power to save me. But if I can unlock my new abilities, I might be strong enough to save us both--as long as his father doesn't kill me first.

    Live together, die apart. It was a perfect system for nearly a century. Until me.

  5. Blendy Blendy says:

    Ugh, that was painful.

    What killed this book for me? The H. Simple as that. While the storyline wasn't all that original, nor the characters that well developed, I could have forgiven any of those things. I would have forgiven any of those things, but I cannot forgive the H being such an unlikeable twat. Seriously, the H in the story is a walking husk of contradictions and uselessness. I understand that this is the first in a series and that characters need the opportunity to grow and mature throughout a series, but what's the point of growth if someone doesn't care enough about the character in the beginning to see if that happens?

    Okay, I know that some contradictions in personalities can be appealing. Like, for instance, a person that is always being a dick but has a heart of gold kind of thing, but the H in this story is not a contrast in contradictions in that way. I found her neither profound nor complex. No, she actually acts in contradictions. For instance, while arguing with her childhood bestfriend on why she will go through with the whole being chosen and taken to the citadel thing, she uses the argument that it's the law. However, in the beginning of the book, she meets her soon to be chosen because she is breaking the law. Really, girl? Really? That's kind of like selective hearing and it doesn't fly with me. Also, she is constantly using the it's my duty to my family justification for so much, but when she FINALLY gets to this super special citadel palace (a place that actually has the means to help her family)...she doesn't do shit for her family. She could try to appeal to her fiancée prince--I mean, he has saved her life on no less than three occasions--to help her mother, but does she? Fuck no. Instead, she pouts about while getting her ass kicked and wonders what's wrong with her and why he won't drink from her. UUUGGGGHHHHHHH. Fucking made me sick. Her jealousy and immature behavior just made me dislike her more, and I found myself hoping she got her throat ripped out by one of the elite. I figured if I was having those thoughts, then it's probably best that me and this series parted ways.

    As always, I have mad respect for the author and my opinions on this book are in no way personal towards the author or other fans of the book. This is just my opinion on the story I read and how I perceived the characters and storyline.

  6. Birdie O Birdie O says:

    Familiar, but still enjoyable

    The story is familiar. You definitely see echoes of hunger games and the selection, but Murphy injected enough new material that it doesn't feel like a tired repeat. Good fast read. Kind of annoyed by the whiny, apathetic prodigy, tho.

  7. Jeanette George Jeanette George says:

    Emily never expects to be Chosen, but its a great honor or so she's been told. Damien has been detached from the world around him until Emily crosses his path. The two are drawn into an intricate plot where everyone has an agenda.

    I raced through this book; its engrossing and a bit addictive. The plot reminded me a little of Hunger Games and Divergent with a sprinkle of the Selection and Vampire Academy. Yet, its also completely a new look at a dystopian world of scary creatures and bio-engineered vampires.

    I don't remember how I found this book or author, but I can't wait for book 2 in this series to come out. D.S. Murphy is definitely on my radar now.

  8. Paranormal Tendencies Paranormal Tendencies says:

    Taste is a short fascinating story of a girl chosen to be the bride of an immortal prince. Her selection ensures the safety of her town. But Emmaline just wants to stay and live her safe normal life with Trevor. Will she adjust to her new life with the prince?
    This short story was really good, but I so hope there will be more to it. The story ended with so much potential for an exciting novel! I give Taste 4.5 stars. And I’m desperately hoping for more!

  9. Renee Renee says:

    So worth the wait!

    This book was soooooooo worth the wait! I would have gave this 5 stars if not for the typos. There were quite a few. Even with the typos this book was fantastic!! I just pray that I don't have to wait as long for book 2! I couldn't put this damn book down! I mean I read this book in 3hrs!!!

  10. Serena Tyndall Serena Tyndall says:

    This is twice that this author has left me in suspense as to how this story ends. I cannot wait until the rest of the story releases in August so I can find out what happens. All in all, though is is a very well written story.

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