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    This has been perhaps a depressing story It is also a petty one The number of Negroes in Canada has never exceeded two or two and a half percent of the tptal populationthe percentage remains low Perhaps for this reason alone the story has not recountered beforeto dismiss the many thousand's of Negroes who have walked across the Canadian stage since 1628 however silently is to dismiss a human interesting and clearly visible segment of the wider Canadian story That the story is a depressing one is in itself not surprising; So says the author of this book at near the end of it and I think this poignant piece deserves to be repeated because it sums up acutely the entirety of this book That Canada's acts of discrimation against black people were no less than the discrimations against black people in the US only there were differences and yet terrible simiarities I agree with the author when he says that it is hardly surprising Why should it come as a surprise? Even now is there any differences? Maybe legally but not with people Not long ago I visited Nova Scotia and saw a museum to Africville with all its sickness and sadness but amazingly hope too Another small group of people were there and there was a driver that I met with my mother and sister later To him he told us nothing had changed from that time at Africville nothing had changed What could we say to that man? What was there to say? Things will get better?? That would be worse than if we had publically snubbed him What good would there be in over used ridiculous cliches? This book shows the ignored indifferent time in Canada's history that isn't so much history as it is ever present A very well written book and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in history Canada humanities and for anyone that seeks to know anything of the divisions in the world

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    I was recommended to read this as part of my work The recommendation came with the intention of informing me about the historical context of Black Canadians This is an area I need a lot of education on so I was happy to work on this gap Having finished it I am very uncomfortable and not just for the reasons I expected The datedness and the whiteness of the author is very very apparentI've learned a lot of historical facts about the gross manipulation of the Black community by Canadian federal provincial and civic governments throughout the centuries This was eye opening from as a legal timeline perspectiveAlso I am even aware of how white our university history departments are This has not changed even since 1997 when this book was published in its second edition In the end I wish there was a different book I could have read by a black author writing much recently about this topic I just did a search to try and find other authors writing about this topic published in the last ten years They are nearly all senior white male academics So yup Except one I will be reading a book by Karen Flynn next

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    Reviewed here

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The Blacks in Canada A History [Epub] ❧ The Blacks in Canada A History By Robin W. Winks – Using an impressive array of primary and secondary materials Robin Winks details the diverse experiences of Black immigrants to Canada including Black slaves brought to Nova Scotia and the Canadas by Using an in Canada PDF/EPUB ¶ impressive array of primary and secondary materials Robin Winks details the diverse experiences of Black immigrants The Blacks MOBI :↠ to Canada including Black slaves brought to Nova Scotia and the Canadas by Loyalists at the end of the Blacks in Canada PDF/EPUB Ã American Revolution Black refugees who fled to Nova Scotia following the War of Jamaican Maroons and fugitive slaves who fled to British North America He also looks at Black West Coast businessmen who helped found British Columbia particularly Victoria and Black settlement in the prairie provinces Throughout Winks explores efforts by African Canadians to establish and maintain meaningful lifestyles in Canada The Blacks in Canada investigates the French and English periods of slavery the abolitionist movement in Canada and the role played by Canadians in the broader continental antislavery crusade as well as Canadian adaptations to nineteenth and twentieth century racial s The second edition includes a new introduction by Winks on changes that have occurred since the book's first appearance and where African Canadian studies stands today.

  • Paperback
  • 576 pages
  • The Blacks in Canada A History
  • Robin W. Winks
  • English
  • 23 February 2015
  • 9780773516328

About the Author: Robin W. Winks

Robin W in Canada PDF/EPUB ¶ Winks was an American academic historian diplomat writer on the subject of fiction especially detective novels The Blacks MOBI :↠ and advocate for the National Parks.