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Les Fous De Bassan [PDF] ✎ Les Fous De Bassan By Anne Hébert – Thomashillier.co.uk Le 31 août 1936 à Griffin Creek Olivia et Nora deux adolescentes deux cousines si belles u'elles attisent même les désirs du prêtre disparaissent le long de la grève ui longe le fleuve Saint Lau Le août à Griffin Creek Olivia et Nora deux adolescentes deux cousines si belles u'elles attisent même les désirs du prêtre disparaissent le long de la grève ui longe le fleuve Saint Laurent Cette tragédie bouleverse toute la communauté Le drame relaté dans Les Fous De Bassan sera narré par cin personnages tous plus ou moins liés aux victimes tous plus ou moins parents membres de familles survivant Les Fous PDF \ dans ce coin de terre isolé depuis u'elles ont fui les États Unis après la guerre d'Indépendance Il y a le révérend Nicolas Jones ui se remé dans son journal l'été “Dans toute cette histoire écrit il il faudrait tenir compte du vent de la présence du vent de sa voix lancinante dans nos oreilles de son haleine salée sur nos lèvres” Il y a Stevens Brown le déserteur “le pire de nous tous le dépositaire de toute la malfaisance secrète de Griffin Greek amassée au cœur des hommes et des femmes depuis deux siècles” Il y a aussi Perceval le simplet le fou du village ui en sait beaucoup plus ue les gens ne le croient et les petites victimes à ui Anne Hébert prête voix “Il y a certainement uelu'un ui m'a tuée dit Olivia Puis s'en est allé Sur la pointe des pieds” Ces paroles ui ressemblent à une prière murmurée elles étaient déjà dans Le Tombeau des rois le premier recueil de poésie u'Anne Hébert faisait paraître en Et elles allaient revenir près de ans plus tard dans ce roman pour leuel l'auteure a remporté le prix Femina C'est dire à uel point la poésie imprègne l'œuvre romanesue d'Anne Hébert porte à bout de bras ses histoires des Chambres de bois à L'Enfant chargé de songes Marie Claude Fortin.

10 thoughts on “Les Fous De Bassan

  1. Nicole Nicole says:

    Post book group I am bumping this up because it's under read and apparently those who do read it don't necessarily like it the use of language is spectacularly good and the portrait of the community is handled with grace and subtlety I will never understand readers who think beautiful language is a downside in a novel Isn't using language as a medium to create art at the highest level kind of the point? As long as a book is doing that it is by definition not too long

  2. Marcie Marcie says:

    Les fous the insane ones are pretty much embodied in every single character in this little uebecois tome from Anne Hebert I thought Maria Chapdelaine was melodramatic but the characters in this book agonize over themselves as much as the others An interesting and slightly disturbing read

  3. Meena Meena says:

    Even though I haven't finished reading this book I'm giving it a 1 star I'd give it a 100 if I could because it puts me to sleep every time I try to get into it That's a very bad sign and it usually means the book sucks in my opinion anywayBoring as fuck

  4. Glen Glen says:

    Disturbing somewhat Gothic tale set in uebec along the St Lawrence River in 1936 with one retrospective missive dated 1982 The writing is exuisite and while the pacing is somewhat slow in a couple of places the fact that it is a very short novel redeems that somewhat The use of multiple narrators including one very reminiscent of Benjy in The Sound and the Fury is well done though not uite at the level of artistry to be found in the best of Faulkner but how many novels are? The mood of the story and the imagery it evokes reminded me than anything of the films of Ingmar Bergman grim but fascinating It is hard to discuss this novel without running afoul of spoilers so suffice it to say that a horrible crime is at the heart of this story but the mysteries introduced throughout the book are all resolved in the end in the case of one of the central mysteries at the very end as in the last sentence so read to the end if you read it at all and I recommend you do

  5. Maria Lotfi Maria Lotfi says:

    The most interesting thing about the book is that it's a thriller but written in a very poetic way which is sometimes confusing But the book is meant to be read for its style and not necessarily the story and her writing style is poignant

  6. The Master The Master says:

    A shot of Faulkner on the Gaspésie Timelines intersect and voices swirl around the tragic deaths of two young women on a late summer night in 1936

  7. June Nguyen June Nguyen says:

    Brilliantly written but I’m too sensible for that kind ending DestabilizingMakes me want to discover about the author

  8. Paula Dembeck Paula Dembeck says:

    This story by a French Canadian author takes places in the fictional village of Griffin Creek on the Gaspe shore in the province of uebec Usually Hebert’s characters are French but in this novel they are British and the town in which the story takes place was founded by British Loyalists So these characters and this setting are uite different from her previous writingThe novel tells the story of the sudden and mysterious disappearance of two young cousins Olivia and Nora Atkins in 1936 The girls had gone out walking on the beach and just never returned When one of their bodies is washed up on the shore a few days later the villagers are shocked and horrified especially after it is determined they had both been raped and murdered There are many different suspicions and theories about who committed the crimes and we hear about them through the voices of the villagers beginning with that of the Reverend Nicholas JonesThe story is told achingly slowly as it shifts through the different narrators Finally we hear a monologue from Olivia’s ghost and at last the confession of the killer The resolution of the mystery is not surprising a fact which makes the story seem even longer and drawn outHebert’s prose describes the beautiful and rough settings of the crimes as well as the narrators’ monologues She also captures the complex nuances in family and neighbor relationships that evolve in any small community These were definitely the strengths of the narrative But the mystery of what happened was so slowly drawn out it eventually became tedious This novel was a best seller in Canada and France and the winner of the Prix Femina France

  9. Caitlin Caitlin says:

    So I had to read this for French class and I have a test about it this week and I honestly enjoyed it I miss reading french books so this was refreshing I just found itvery confusing at first The ending was kinda predictable Still made me feel incensed but it was predictable I didn't exactly get the point of the book to be honest I understand all the social issues etc but I justmissed the main message if there was one It was a good read though and Anne Hebert is obviously an amazing author

  10. Rémi Heart Rémi Heart says:

    i had to beo too patien read it in a three day marathon i missed some details adn my french is not that advanced but the general idea of the book even creepy and all that is pretty goo make you think about the past and the now thenwould read it again skipping the the first 100 pagesgot really interested almost at the endhave a good read

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