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Husband Material Sometimes Love Is Unpredictable Twenty Nine Year Old Charlotte Rosen Has A Secret She S A Widow Ever Since The Fateful Day That Leveled Her World, Charlotte Has Worked Hard To Move Forward Great Job At A Hot Social Media Analytics Company Check Roommate With No Knowledge Of Her Past Check Adorable Dog Check All The While, She S Faithfully Data Crunched Her Way Through Life, Calculating The Probability Of Risk So She Can Avoid ItYet Charlotte S Algorithms Could Never Have Predicted That Her Late Husband S Ashes Would Land Squarely On Her Doorstep Five Years Later Stunned But Determined, Charlotte Sets Out To Find Meaning In This Sudden Twist Of Fate, Even If That Includes Facing Her Perfectly Coiffed, And Perfectly Difficult, Ex Mother In Law And Her Husband S Best Friend, Who Seems To Become A Fixture At Her Side Whether She Likes It Or NotBut Soon A Shocking Secret Surfaces, Forcing Charlotte To Answer Questions She Never Knew To Ask And To Consider The Possibility Of Forgiveness And When A Chance At New Love Arises, She Ll Have To Decide Once And For All Whether To Follow The Numbers Or Trust Her Heart

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    Emily Belden s second foray in fiction comes in the form of a young widow, hiding from reality into crunching numbers and leaving zero to chance including her own dating life When her husband s ashes arrive on her doorstep unexpectedly, five years after his death, her compartmentalized facade starts to falter Told with Belden s signature wit and heart, Charlotte makes for a lovable protagonist who you can t help but root for, as well as a cast of peripheral characters that are uniquely wonderful as well, namely Charlotte s goth, tell it like it is roommate, Casey Thank you to Graydon House for an advance copy All opinions are my own,

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    Please note that I received this book via NetGalley This did not affect my rating or review.I feel a bit sad The potential with this book was pretty high, it s just that Belden ended up having a main character who wasn t that likable and also the romance felt forced Husband Material follows 29 year old Charlotte Rosen A New York transplant, Charlotte initially worked in a different field than what she does now Charlotte works for a social media influencer firm yeah that s a thing now I guess and relies on hits hashtags numbers to show her whether a client has a certified hit or not After returning home early one evening, Charlotte is surprised to find her late husband s ashes Decker waiting for her Receiving the ashes throws Charlotte into a tailspin She hasn t really gotten over losing Decker 5 years ago and finds herself dealing with her ex in law and also her husband s best friend, Brian I loved the idea of Charlotte having the ability to figure out whether a guy was going to work with her or not based on her research into their online lives And the first scene with the blind date at the wedding was hilarious After that the book just swan dives into messiness and I ended up wanting to smother Charlotte Belden does incorporate some scenes in this book so you can see how well Decker and Charlotte got along and how much they loved each other I just think there should have been Decker literally haunts most of the book When a secret is divulged I rolled my freaking eyes because it made zero sense to introduce this except as a way for poor Charlotte to overcome something else.Charlotte s character bugged me mostly though because once she meets Brian again, she turns into needing his help every five minutes and she only wants help because she s hoping for it to turn into something romantic I don t know It just baffled me as I was reading Though Charlotte pretends like she doesn t need help from her coworkers or her roommate It just bugged the life out of me because most of the book is her being disappointed if he can t do something right away or her thinking she knows him There is zero chemistry between these two and I think that Belden would have been better off just having Charlotte realize she wasn t ready to move on from her husband yet The other characters don t have much to do Belden introduces the ex in law who is nasty, but I actually felt for this character and we have Charlotte s periodic phone calls home to her mother along with the long suffering roommate Brian sucked full stop once readers are informed about something and I had a hard time even believing the HEA that the book pushes on us The writing actually started off pretty good The first scene at the wedding was hilarious, but after that the book seems to get into a pretty bad flow of Charlotte just sitting around waiting on Brian I think the plot point of what to do with Decker s ashes wasn t enough to hold this book together When a secret is revealed the book danced even further into absurdity I think that the plot could have just been Charlotte coming to real terms with being a widow and going to grief groups and meeting other women out there in a similar situation, full stop The ending was a letdown to me I didn t buy the romance especially after what Charlotte found out I honestly thought including the secret turned this book into a literary version of the movie, Catch and Release starring Jennifer Garner too.

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    Husband Material is a contemporary fiction novel that had a great balance of humor and relatability I really appreciated how the author Emily Belden built detailed characters that have a level of depth that doesn t always happen in this genre of writing Because of this, I was really able to connect with the storyline and follow these characters on their path of grief and the process of moving forward We met Charlotte who is a young widow that is trying to rebuild her life I appreciated the discussion of death and loss, especially for younger characters who are still on the path of finding themselves while at the same time dealing with this huge loss I am so glad I didn t judge this one by the cover alone because while the cutesy cover might let you think this is just another rom com I really found this to be so much My full review will be up on when I am a part of the Husband Material blog tour this winter Thank you to NetGalley and Graydon House Books for an advanced copy.

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    Thank you to NetGalley, Emily Belden Graydon House for an advanced copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.The first couple sentences of Husband Material will get you It has that immediate shock value and you re left thinking excuse me Charlotte Rosen is a coder with a hot social media analytics company She works hard and it shows an idea of what it might be like to be in a field that has a predominantly different gender She has a roommate that has really no idea of her past Within the first few sentences, you find out a lot about Charlotte and the biggest thing is that she was married, and that her husband had passed away When her late husband s ashes show up at her front door five years after his passing, Charlotte s entire life gets uprooted, so you think When a major secret comes out to Charlotte about her late husband, things really get crazy for her While dealing with all of these things, will she find love along the way This book had a lot of promising qualities The interest of what was going to happen was definitely there for me I think that the premise was something that I had never read before and that had me interested The synopsis was why I requested it in the first place There were a lot of good things that had me excited for this publication, but as I read on, there were a lot of things that I couldn t really grasp either.I think one problem that I had was that this novel was classified as a contemporary romance I live for contemporary romances, so I was excited to see where the romance was going to be from this synopsis In my opinion, the romance fell a little flat for me I think there were sweet moments with angst mixed in which is one of my favorites However, my heart felt as though things were a little rushed and crunched in towards the end I am someone all for a slow burn, but this was extremely slow I would ve liked it if things happened a little sooner Also, I feel as though the romance was a little off It felt a little stilted and made me question what was going on There was zero steam, which I usually don t mind, but with the romance o meter off, it didn t make me feel my best about this novel I also had a problem connecting with Charlotte I understand that I have never been through such a situation, but I feel like I had a hard time understanding her actions There were some things that Charlotte did that frustrates me, and in some circumstances this might be good, but I didn t find it giving me any positive, stimulating feelings She was pretty unreliable with her actions You definitely want to go through the pages and grab her by the shoulders to shake her.Lastly, I will say that I found the author to be hilarious There were some parts of this book that had me laughing out loud It s rare that a romance novel would be so funny, but I d definitely consider this as a romantic comedy with some drama If you are a clean comedy, chick lit lover, I d recommend this book to you I m definitely interested in Emily Belden novels just from the laughs

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    29 year old Charlotte thinks she has her life all figured out That is, until her husband, Decker s ashes show up on her doorstep unexpectedly Charlotte s spent nearly the last 5 years hiding that she s a widow and now that her past is right before her eyes, she doesn t know how to handle it Charlotte wasn t prepared to battle with Decker s mom over who gets to keep his ashes And she didn t know that Decker s best friend, Brian, would be apart of her life again Although it s been 5 years, Charlotte hasn t truly tackled her grief from becoming a widow at such a young age Even though at first Decker s ashes reappearing in her life seemed like a sad reminder of his death, it turns out it helped Charlotte finally move on And Brian helps Charlotte see that maybe love is still out there for her after all Husband Material is Emily Belden s latest contemporary standalone novel This story started off of a terrific note Charlotte has a terrible blind date and her best friend s wedding Such a relatable and humorous situation But after that, the story strayed from the humor and turned out to be serious Except the issue was I never felt emotional connected to Charlotte and I didn t like our hero, Brian I m sad to say this story was a hot mess 2 5 stars Thank you NetGalley, Graydon House and Emily Belden for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    I liked the overall premise of this story, as a young widow is reunited with the ashes of her dead husband Caught up in old memories and struggling to move forward with her life, she is forced to take personal time off from work to deal with the aftermath.I liked the two main characters, on and off Charlotte Rosen is an incredibly intelligent woman, who is also a scatterbrain these people exist Faced with the memories of her husband don t seem to help her focus As for Brian Jackson, for the most part, he seems like a saint, going above and beyond to help out Charlotte But he also has told some lies which test the blooming relationship these two could have Note there really isn t any romance in this book, so don t expect that.While there is huge potential in the story, I couldn t get past the editing The scenes don t flow well, and part of that could be due to this being an ARC, where it wasn t always clear where a scene ended The transitions between scenes were too abrupt for me With a heavy hand in editing, this story has potential though An ARC was received for an honest review.For reviews, visit

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    Sometimes a book cover can be misleading I totally get that cartoon covers are selling right now, but in the case I think this cover did a disservice to a wonderful book A couple of other readers I chatted with felt mislead by this cutesy cover, and I totally get where they are coming from Regardless of the cover, I loved Husband Material by Emily Belden And I think other readers will to, if they go in knowing what to expect from this book While there is a bit of a romance in this book, I would not categorize Husband Material as a romance Charlotte Rosen has been hiding that she is widow for the last five years When her late husband s ashes arrive unexpectedly on her doorstep, they send her on a journey of healing and forgiveness I thought that this book dealt with the process of grief with candor and honesty I would categorize this book as women s fiction with a side of romance Check this one of if you enjoy following a character s path of self discovery, healing, and personal growth I learned a lot from this book about my own grief, without it being didactic and preachy Solid read with a great cast of characters I ll be checking out Emily Belden s previous works.Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book

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    Husband Material by Emily Belden is a charming witty romantic comedy Charlotte Rosen is a coder who tries to use algorithms to predict dating success to find the perfect mate However, her life becomes completely unpredictable when the ashes of her late husband suddenly arrive at her apartment As Charlotte tries to cope with the emotions that come rushing back from the loss of her husband five years ago, she soon realizes that her life and love cannot be researched or predicted Romantic comedy isn t a genre that I typically read much of, even though I do enjoy it I saw Husband Material on Netgalley and both the cover and the description intrigued me I found the book to be sweet and mostly light, while still covering topics of death and grief quite well While I feel the romance aspect of the book was somewhat rushed, I did enjoy the relationship that Charlotte develops from a place of sadness I thought Charlotte was complex than I expected and I really loved the roommate character Overall, an enjoyable summer read 3.5 stars.

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    I found this to be a charming book Yet, it still has potential to be If it had not been for the event of her getting her dead husband s ashes sent back to her I would have found Charlotte to be just a plain Jane As the story progressed I did feel for Charlotte Than there is Brian He is Decker s best friend He is affected by Decker s death as well It was nice to see a man struggling as much as a woman Both Charlotte and Brian had to learn to be themselves again They kind of lost their identities with Decker s death This is a slow progressing story of love, loss, friendship, and second chances I do want to try another book from this author.

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    This is my second Emily Belden book and I really enjoyed it It wasn t even a conscience decision to choose the author again, I just loved the synopsis of Husband Material so much that I hit the NetGalley request without further exploration But once I started reading, I recognized the writing and the plot focus You see, Belden has the most amazing way of writing the working woman of today She excels at, quite simply, creating an adult woman who is competant and placing her in an enviornment where she actually works That may seem silly, but I feel like 80% of the womens fic romance books I read, the heroine, who has a job, is never actually working OR the job is unrealistic to an extreme and even then, the heroine never really works So believe me when I say that I love that Emily Belden writes women leads with interesting millenial jobs that feel real and relevant It makes all the difference.I also feel like the author has grown immensely since her previous book The first was bit long, but Husband Material is a perfectly edited book There isn t any unneccesary fluff or drama All in all, this is an incredibly realistic romance book There is drama but it s balanced with self disovery and pain and growth It s not a book to make you fall over laughing at unwitting hijinks It s a deep and sweet look at a woman who thinks she has it all together but hasn t really dealt with the devistation that life threw at her way too early it just so happens to be set in a romance book format Although, the romance is of a second or third plot point, just an fyi.My only criticisms would include wanting just a chapter or two I liked the way it ended but I would have like to see some of the things at the end opened up and explored a bit at the end And as a dog person, I wanted interaction and inclusion of Charlotte s pupper He felt like a house plant most of the time.Overall, Husband Material is about a woman who is learning to live the unexpected life To balance work and friendships To being able to open herself up to anything new To learning the charms and pitfalls of coping mechanisms And maybe a little bit of love thrown in there too It was a book with a lot of emotion and I enjoyed reading it I recieved a free advance digital copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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