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    Instapot Corpse Disposal Recipe for cooking a corpseAn alternative to cremation not a tasty dish for cannibals First, put the body into a very large instapot euphemistically called a pressurised stainless steel cremation chamber cover with water and alkali Heat to 350 F and raise the pressure Cook for 4 to 6 hours Finish by draining off the greenish brownish liquid of amino acids, peptides, sugars and salts, don t drink this soup, it s not edible and not because it has too much sugar and salt what you have left are soft bones ready for hand crushing.This is a refined method than one of the traditional ways murderers attempt to cover up their crime put the body in a barrel with a lot of lye.I m still going for burial at sea.The book is based on questions guaranteed to have been genuinely put by children Not little kindergarteners though, like teenagers who like us read books and think up sensible questions It s very readable, very short, very informative and very enjoyable Four verys , four stars.

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    after giving it much thought, i think that yes cats would eat eyeballs i love this title it makes me laugh

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    Check out my review on booktube the below review originally appeared on Open Letters Review.Speaking to children about difficult topics is never easy, but the concerns are often comfortingly stereotypical Perhaps the kids are old enough to discuss the birds and the bees or they ve joined a sketchy peer group that demands a stern talk about drug or alcohol abuse But sitting them down to talk about death A talk centered on the most uncomfortable reality of all might end up being tougher than anything featured on the Dr Phil show That s because, in the Western world, it may be the one concept that s far challenging for the adults in the room to face than it will be for the children But, as demonstrated in Caitlin Doughty s new nonfiction book, Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs Big Questions from Tiny Mortals About Death, that doesn t mean that kids don t have an interest in the topic In fact, they have than a few questions about it Caitlin Doughty, a trained mortician and funeral home director, has brought her death acceptance message to multiple platforms On her popular YouTube channel, Ask A Mortician, she takes on topics of historical death practices, funeral home insider secrets, and further mayhem within the macabre She helps to host a podcast called Death in the Afternoon, on which she discusses similar death centric topics with her co hosts, two employees of the Order of the Good Death organization Doughty founded to promote healthy conversations about death She has also written two previous books Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, a memoir of the birth of her interest in dark leaning subjects through her beginning experiences working in the death industry and her most recent, From Here to Eternity, a mixture of travel writing and cultural observation as Doughty ventures internationally to witness and or participate in various death rituals.In her previous works, Doughty first aimed to help her readership understand her critical view on the Western attitude toward death and went on to show how her ideas are actually regressive rather than progressive Death used to be much of a reality in daily life and therefore much easier to discuss and confront Though advances in healthcare have extended the human lifespan in incredible ways, our new distance from death has turned it into a cultural taboo This has allowed the death industry to wrangle a firm chokehold on our wallets as our modern cultural instincts instruct us to take as many steps backward from the idea as possible Though it may be agonizing to accept, death is indeed the final frontier for any human Doughty thinks the best way to come to terms with this fact is to regularly discuss and seek understanding about death In this new book, one can feel Doughy laying the groundwork for achieving her goal of a death accepting Western culture by using the same guiding principle leaned on by marketing teams for every sugary cereal brand out there start them young Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs is structured in a question answer format The question are pulled from or inspired by real questions Doughty has been asked while on the road, the majority of which have been posed by the titular tiny mortals In true kid fashion, they range from the silly what would happen if you swallowed a bag of popcorn before you died and were cremated , to the bizarre can I preserve my dead body in amber like a prehistoric insect , to the entirely reasonable what would happen if you died on a plane Her answers pull from her own personal experience working with corpses, historical events, and myth busting science facts And while she sets out to deliver factual responses to these inquiries, it certainly doesn t stop her from joining in on the fun Her tone is surprisingly lighthearted and packed with all the dry wit readers have come to expect from Doughty Back in the Middle Ages, people used to be buried right outside and even inside churches lots and lots of people The human remains were supposed to have been moved away from one particular thirteenth century English church back in the 1970s But it turns out they weren t all moved We discovered this because badgers invaded and started digging dens and networks of tunnels down through the ancient bones, sending pelvises and femurs flying to the surface Someone should stop those badgers Whoops, they can t In England it s illegal to kill those furry creatures, or even move their dens Thanks to the Protection of Badgers Act yes, that s real , we re looking at six months in prison and huge fines even for attempted badger assault Workers at the church have to pick up the bones, say a prayer, and bury them back in the ground The lesson here is that even if you make it almost a thousand years in the grave, you never know when you ll be uprooted by a lawless badger It s precisely this willingness to lean into the jovial worldview of a child that makes this book so successful While some will see her tone as irreverent, perhaps us stuffy adults need to, once again, relish in the ick factor and allow death to become as much as an everyday talking point as it is an everyday occurrence In this way, children are the ideal ground zero for Doughty to promote her death positivity agenda Since the Western cultural thumb hasn t yet flattened their interest in the topic and rolled it into cold, hard fear, kids are far likely to ask some of these questions that initially sound kooky, but with further thought, slowly morph into totally rational curiosities The type of unknowns that will nag at one s psyche if left unanswered Do bodies decaying underground affect the taste of the groundwater in the area Read the question and you ll be dying to know the answer.

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    Caitlin Doughty rules She takes a scary topic like death and makes it feel normal Because it is normal We re all gonna die, y all, and there s nothing we can do about it While this book is influenced by questions from children, I wouldn t say it s a great book for kiddos to read unless they re mature enough to think about decomposing bodies But hey, maybe that s the point Normalize it Her answers to these questions If I die making a funny face, will it stay like that and can I be buried with my dog are smart and full of science and history And humor It s a delight to read.

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    3.75 stars First off, full confession A Book Olive did not personally recommend this book to me I watched her youtube video about this book and I consider it a recommendation because I never would have read this book otherwise I also like to give credit where credit is due So, thank you, Olive You can watch her review hereThis book is by a mortician who likes to talk about death She got lots of interesting questions from kids and decided to tackle them all in this book Starting with will my cat eat my eyeballs and including ones like can we give grandma a Viking funeral and what would happen if you swallowed a bag of popcorn before you died and were cremated.The thing I liked most about this book is that while some of these questions seem plain ridiculous, the author answers them honestly and authentically The author intersperses her humor in every answer, but the responses are genuine and she relies on science and history to answer the questions and make her point.As many of you know I am a children s librarian While reading this, I could actually see one of my kids visiting the library asking me or one of their parents some of these questions, and I am pretty darn glad I know the answers now I probably will be advocating for this book to go into the parenting collection because I can see it really helping parents answer a lot of these very hard questions.Totally worth reading and I am very glad I left my fiction comfort zone and gave this nonfiction book a whirl No regrets Follow me on Facebook Blog Instagram Twitter

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    October 5, 2019 Um, I didn t expect to get this many likes before I even have the book in my hands, so I thought I d update everyone I pre ordered the book, which of course means I get a signed copy and a pin of Caitlin s face I haven t picked them up from the post office yet, but thanks Caitlin for being you April 5, 2019 All hail the mother of all deathlings I know, I know, I still haven t read her previous books Better get to it soon And no, I would have no problem with my still imaginary cat eating my eyeballs if I had died alone in my apartment and she was starving.

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    This is the third book by the millennial mortician, and I ve taken perverse glee in reading them all Smoke Gets in Your Eyes explains cremation and combats misconceptions about death From Here to Eternity surveys death rituals from around the world This new book seems to be aimed at morbid children, but for me it was like one of those New Scientist books Why Don t Penguins Feet Freeze or Why Do Men Have Nipples Some of the questions are serious than others, but with her usual punning wit and pop culture references Doughty gives biologically sound answers to them all For instance, she explains what might happen to a corpse in space, why the hair and fingernails of a cadaver appear to keep growing, and why the quantity of ashes from a cremation is about the same no matter the dead person s girth all the fat burns away what would make your ashes weigh is being taller and thus having longer bones I was most interested in the chapter on why conjoined twins generally die at roughly the same time.Doughty also discusses laws relating to the dead, such as abuse of corpse regulations and whether or not deaths at a property have to be reported to potential buyers it depends on what state or country you live in and what happens in countries that are literally running out of space for burials In highly population dense places like Singapore, but also in countries such as Germany, one is considered to rent grave space, which is then recycled after 15 years and the previous set of remains cremated Or graves might get stacked vertically.This is good fun, and features lots of cartoonishly gruesome black and white illustrations by Diann Ruz If you ve got a particularly curious niece or nephew who might appreciate a dark sense of humor, this would make a good Christmas gift for one who is an older child or young teen.Originally published on my blog, Bookish Beck.

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    Ahhhh Would you look at this WOULD YOU LOOK AT THIS I must have it.

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    Ahoy there mateys Kids ask the strangest things I first read this author s book, smoke gets in your eyes, and loved it So of course I had to read this one too In this the author answers children s questions about death including the question that is the title I read most of the book out loud to the First Mate There were just too many cool facts not to My two favourite chapters were What would happen to an astronaut body in space and Can we give Grandma a Viking funeral The basic answer to the first question is that sci fi books tend to get it wrong And the second question is that the flaming floating boat is a Hollywood trick The First Mate s favourite was Why don t animals dig up all the graves Reasons I love this book because it be funny, answers concisely and clearly about even the hypotheticals, and really does any excellent job explaining the whys and laws involved The chapters be short but the book is a blast Society should be able to discuss death instead of it being taboo Arrr Check out me other reviews at

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    What would happen if you died on a plane The flight attendant would open the plane s emergency door and toss your body out, attached to a parachute Before you head out the door, they d place a little card in your pocket that lists your name and address and says, don t worry I m already dead People, especially kids have this weird obsession with learning about the dead and the afterlife I know that I do And our favorite Aunt, Caitlin is here to answer all those questions and Caitlin takes the hilarious approach on answering these morbid questions thrown at her by children You re having so much fun reading her responses that you don t even realize that you re learning so much If the fantastic title and cover won t win you over, the writing inside will definitely change your mind This was interesting, wacky, and eye opening Caitlin has never steered us wrong yet

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Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?: Big Questions from Tiny Mortals About Death Best Selling Author And Mortician Caitlin Doughty Answers Real Questions From Kids About Death, Dead Bodies, And Decomposition.Every Day, Funeral Director Caitlin Doughty Receives Dozens Of Questions About Death What Would Happen To An Astronaut S Body If It Were Pushed Out Of A Space Shuttle Do People Poop When They Die Can Grandma Have A Viking Funeral In Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs , Doughty Blends Her Mortician S Knowledge Of The Body And The Intriguing History Behind Common Misconceptions About Corpses To Offer Factual, Hilarious, And Candid Answers To Thirty Five Distinctive Questions Posed By Her Youngest Fans In Her Inimitable Voice, Doughty Details Lore And Science Of What Happens To, And Inside, Our Bodies After We Die Why Do Corpses Groan What Causes Bodies To Turn Colors During Decomposition And Why Do Hair And Nails Appear Longer After Death Readers Will Learn The Best Soil For Mummifying Your Body, Whether You Can Preserve Your Best Friend S Skull As A Keepsake, And What Happens When You Die On A Plane Beautifully Illustrated By Diann Ruz, Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs Shows Us That Death Is Science And Art, And Only By Asking Questions Can We Begin To Embrace It.