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    While Where the Light Enters is a follow up to Donati s previous novel, The Gilded Hour, this beautiful book can stand on its own.Dr Sophie Savard is an obstetrician returning to Manhattan in the late 1800s Her husband has passed away, and in many ways, she is starting over.Sophie s dear cousin, Anna, is also doctor, and the pair plan to continue working with disadvantaged women who are often forgotten.Anna s husband is a detective and seeks their help in solving cases One is a wife who has disappeared, while the other is a deceased woman with unusual wounds.With the changing roles of women, it seems their being victims is continuing to happen Sophie and Anna will do all they can to keep their patients safe.Oh my, if you are looking for strong female characters, look no further Sophie and Anna are completely inspiring, and not just because of their smarts Their devoted friendship to each other and their care and advocacy for their patients are awe inspiring.Where the Light Enters is a chunk of a book, but no worries because it s not overwritten It s simply that epic If you are a mystery fan, there is a big, involved one here Why are these women showing up murdered And at whose hands Sophie and Anna intend to find out.Overall, Where the Light Enters is a must read for historical fiction fans, though I think mystery fans, and just about anyone will love this story There s grittiness and atmosphere, as well as two main characters with a strong passion for doing what is right, no matter the cost.I received a complimentary copy All opinions are my own.Many of my reviews can also be found on my blog www.jennifertarheelreader.com

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    First off, I won this as a goodreads giveaway Thank you Berkley and Penguin Random House.This book was jam packed with plot twits, and I rather enjoyed that It turned out to be a very complex story.The story takes place in New York City when the Dakota building was being built and when Comstock was still in power It is also a family story that shows who will always be there for you in your time of need I m not going in depth with the plot and characters in this review , for this is a book that needs to be read and shared Once you start it, you won t want to stop until it s done.

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    There are 661 pages in this book and almost as many characters just kidding DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED This book is that good.A wonderful historical fiction that centers on two cousins that are women and doctors And yes, the year is 1884 I had no idea that there were female doctors in that year Since I started this book, I found out that the first female doctor, Elizabeth Blackwell, started practicing in 1841 This book has so many story lines to commend it The most important is the death of women when the abortion of their child turns into their own murder It is intimated that the doctor performing the procedure is morally incensed by their request for abortion and kills them by a slow and painful death The cousins are involved in the investigation of these murders Could not put the book down 5 stars

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    Multilayered, fascinating, and incredibly absorbing Where the Light Enters is a gritty, compelling tale set in New York City in the mid 1880s at a time when the island was bustling, female doctors were still discounted and frowned upon, reproduction and childbirth still had high mortality rates, and women looking for help with unwanted pregnancies had little or nowhere to go.There are two main memorable characters in this novel Dr Sophie Savard, a young multi ethnic obstetrician who returns to the United States to open a scholarship program and home for girls looking to study medicine after her husband succumbs to Consumption and Dr Anna Mezzanotte, a young surgeon who spends her days operating on those less fortunate and helping her detective husband Jack as he hunts for a serial killer who preys on women seeking an abortion.The prose is eloquent and rich The characters are strong, independent, intelligent, and genuine And the plot using an intriguing mixture of narration, letters, newspaper articles, and reports immerses you in a riveting, suspenseful tale of familial dynamics, duty, friendship, passion, loss, love, sexism, violence, murder, and the roles and struggles faced by female physicians in early medicine.Where the Light Enters is once again another hefty novel by Donati, with just under 700 pages, but it is so remarkably atmospheric and beautifully written that before you know it the story is finished and you re yearning for .Thank you to Penguin Random House Canada for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    Some sequels try too hard to squeeze in a synopsis of previous books or to fill the timeline gap with internal monologues from various characters Where the Light Enters is not one of those We come back to Anna, Sophie and their extended families with an exchange of letters and news articles Donati draws you in from the start with this simple and elegant opening Where the Light Enters answers, in heartbreaking ways, some of the burning questions that The Gilded Hour left us with, while leaving mysteries of its own behind Ones that I look forward to returning to in future books As with The Gilded Hour and previous books in the Wilderness Series, Donati draws the past and present together Issues that we faced as individuals and as a country a century and ago are still relevant today Beautifully researched and rich with historical detail, Where the Light Enters will make you feel as if you ve stepped onto the sidewalks in 1884 to walk alongside strong, intelligent female physicians and students and cunning New York Detectives Advanced reading copy from publisher.

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    An epic of a historical fiction Two trail blazing female doctors in the 1880s I found myself Googling parts throughout the read always a good sign set in NYC when The Dakota was just being built This meticulously research story focuses on an obstetrician and general sergeant, and the many obstacles they must overcome, especially Sophia who s half African American Plus so much Both doctors are called to help consult on a police case where a women has been found tortured Opening up to a larger case a serial killer who is brutally killing pregnant women, who ve forgotten their purpose in society Reminiscent of The Alienist Galley borrowed from the publisher.

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    I have previously read The Gilded Hour by this same author I was so surprised to learn that I won ARC from Goodreads through Penguin Random House I enjoyed The Gilded Hour and I couldn t wait to read the continuing story I was not disappointed Where the Light Enters is an epic historical novel This book is set in NYC in the 1880 s when the Dakota building was being built, along with many medical mysteries and police investigations We meet again Dr Anna Savard and her cousin Sophie who is also a doctor Anna is married to Jack Mezzanotte who is a detective sergeant with the New York City police Dept Sophie has recently become a widow and has returned to New York from Europe The story continues with Anna and Jack and Rosa and Lia and baby Tonino We learn about the mystery at the end of The Gilded Hour Although this book is the second book in the sequel it can be read as a stand alone but I recommend reading the first book in the saga.This book was very well written with historical details, including details from newspaper articles and letters from members of the family I loved how the female doctors helped the NYC police Dept solve some of their medical mysteries and murders This is an enjoyable read for all

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    What a story Although a follow up to THE GILDED HOUR released in 2015 , this could be read as a standalone, though I d definitely not recommend it Indeed it is captivating and mesmerizing in its scope and depth of life in New York City in 1884 The hefty novel 670 pages is great historical fiction and focuses on two very strong women, the Drs Anna and Sophie Savard, cousins who are two of the few practicing women physicians during this time period Related through a very complicated bloodline, Anna is white and Sophie is mulatto, and their family tree is as diverse as can be imagined Their relationship to their huge family is so complex that it requires a section in the front of the book listing all the primary characters You may need to refer to it especially if you haven t read the first book Regardless, the author is very adept at explanations and detail to help keep them straight.The novel begins with Dr Sophie Savard Verhoeven s return to New York after accompanying her husband, Peter Cap , to Switzerland where he died of tuberculosis She has kept up with her extended family though many letters during her absence, and comes back to claim her husband s estate and to, hopefully, establish a scholarship program for colored girls who want to study medicine Sophie, a specialist in gynecology, quickly reconnects with her cousin, Dr Anna Savard Mezzanote physician and surgeon who has married Detective Sergeant Mezzanote of the New York Police In no time at all, Sophie and Anna, along with Jack and his partner DS Oscar Maroney, become embroiled in a mystery that seems to have a link to a case that stymied them in the first book, the unsolved Multipara Homicides Nine different women sought out illegal operations abortions and were essentially murdered by whomever performed the procedure the deaths of these women were intentional The perpetrator was never caught or convicted though Jack and Oscar have their suspicions When another victim turns up in the morgue showing signs of imprisonment and torture, Jack, Oscar, Sophie and Anna step up their investigation Meanwhile, there are many family dramas and other activities to keep them all very busy NO SPOILERS I really enjoyed this book and it took me far longer than usual to read because I savored every page and kept rereading certain parts I love historical fiction, especially if it has anything medical in it, and there was so much within the narrative to provide the descriptiveness and information that I crave I loved the characters and their quirks there s nothing like a large family to add some spice and flavor to a story It s a great saga and I hope that there will be another book to follow as I still have a huge interest in them all and want to know Any fan of a good mystery cloaked in historical detail will be completely engrossed It can t be over Thank you to NetGalley and Berkley Publishers for this e book ARC to savor and review Don t miss it

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    This is the longest book I think I have ever read Good plot but mixed feelings 3.5 stars I have to start this off with a warning of sorts This is a massive book Easily 3 to 4 times the size of a normal fiction story.With that said, the author did an amazing job developing infinite and minute detail in every piece of the story In my opinion, this book is actually two books in one Let me explain.First of all, it would be helpful to read the first book in the series, The Gilded Hour, which I did not do There are multiple details the author assumes you know that are coming in from the other book.Secondly, the list of characters is quite large and it does take a bit to keep track of everyone Even the housekeepers and other attendants have ample say in this story.Now back to why this is two books in one On one hand you have the murder mystery and all of that which surrounds the detail.Then in the next chapter you re learning about the women and their medical stories and their daily work The murder mystery pieces are forgotten for many, many, many chapters We get intricate conversation about daily happenings, the hopes and dreams of one character, even hiring people are detailed conversations There s also a side story of orphaned children tied into this whole humongous family unit.I m not saying this is a bad thing But I was looking for a story about the murder mystery which to me was intensely interesting The time, the history, the fact that the female doctors including a black female and midwives were involved greatly interested me.But it seemed that portion was diminished amongst everything else surrounding it until the very end when it became key The second part of the story and all of the supreme detail about the family unit was not what I was expecting But some details did cross over into the murder mystery.Overall, the story is beautifully laid out, very interesting to read, and perfect for someone that loves family sagas, with a twist of love, murder, and history Just be prepared to dedicate quite a while to read this book.I have to admit it was difficult for me but looking back, it was a pleasurable read with some nice twists that keep you engaged, especially the last half copy received fore review considerationFull Review

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Where the Light Enters From The International Bestselling Author Of The Gilded Hour Comes Sara Donati S Enthralling Epic About Two Trailblazing Female Doctors In Nineteenth Century New York.Obstetrician Dr Sophie Savard Returns Home To The Achingly Familiar Rhythms Of Manhattan In The Early Spring Of 1884 To Rebuild Her Life After The Death Of Her Husband With The Help Of Dr Anna Savard, Her Dearest Friend, Cousin, And Fellow Physician, She Plans To Continue Her Work Aiding The Disadvantaged Women Society Would Rather Forget.As Sophie Sets Out To Construct A New Life For Herself, Anna S Husband, Detective Sergeant Jack Mezzanotte Calls On Them Both To Consult On Two New Cases The Wife Of A Prominent Banker Has Disappeared Into Thin Air, And The Corpse Of A Young Woman Is Found With Baffling Wounds That Suggest A Killer Is On The Loose In New York It Seems That The Advancement Of Women Has Brought Out The Worst In Some Men Unable To Ignore The Plight Of New York S Less Fortunate, These Intrepid Cousins Draw On All Resources To Protect Their Patients.