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Song of the Crimson Flower From The Acclaimed Author Of Forest Of A Thousand Lanterns Comes A Fantastical New Tale Of Darkness And Love, In Which Magical Bonds Are Stronger Than BloodWill Love Break The Spell After Cruelly Rejecting Bao, The Poor Physician S Apprentice Who Loves Her, Lan, A Wealthy Nobleman S Daughter, Regrets Her Actions So When She Finds Bao S Prized Flute Floating In His Boat Near Her House, She Takes It Into Her Care, Not Knowing That His Soul Has Been Trapped Inside It By An Evil Witch, Who Cursed Bao, Telling Him That Only Love Will Set Him Free Though Bao Now Despises Her, Lan Vows To Make Amends And Help Break The SpellTogether, The Two Travel Across The Continent, Finding Themselves In The Presence Of Greatness In The Forms Of The Great Forest S Empress Jade And Commander Wei They Journey With Wei, Getting Tangled In The Webs Of War, Blood Magic, And Romance Along The Way Will Lan And Bao Begin To Break The Spell That S Been Placed Upon Them Or Will They Be Doomed To Live Out Their Lives With Black Magic Running Through Their Veins In This Fantastical Tale Of Darkness And Love, Some Magical Bonds Are Stronger Than Blood

About the Author: Julie C. Dao

www.juliedao.com is a proud Vietnamese American who was born in upstate New York She studied medicine in college, but came to realize blood and needles were her Kryptonite By day, she worked in science news and research by night, she wrote books about heroines unafraid to fight for their dreams, which inspired her to follow her passion of becoming a published author Forest of a Thousand Lanterns is her debut novel Julie lives in New England Follow her on Twitter jules_writes.Julie is represented by Tamar Rydzinski of the Laura Dail Literary Agency.

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    YA fantasy romance is a genre that rarely serves me, a lesbian, this well, but Julie C Dao understands tenderness and was ready to give it to us This was excellent She looked up and saw the love in Bao s eyes the love that had never left him, not even in his anger and she couldn t help feeling that it might all be worth it It wasn t just the right thing to do she knew now that even without a spell, it was what she wanted to do. As Song of the Crimson Flower begins, upper class Lan is in love with Tam, a wealthy nobleman, who, though he keeps delaying the wedding, also sends her letters and she thinks plays his flute every evening for her When she first finds out that it was never real, that she was never loved by Tam, she is angry and upset and takes it out on Bao, the boy who truly loves her When she goes to apologize, she finds that Bao has been cursed, and they must journey much further to attempt to break his curse Julie C Dao avoids the trap of simply berating Lan for this of course nasty action Instead, she is given room to understand the true nature of the world the fact that there are men and people in general far nobler and kinder than her ex fianc And along the way, she discovers that she may truly want different things than she has allowed herself to hope for Lan s character arc is subtle but very wonderful, revolving around her journey learning to separate herself from selfish men, and the grounding force of this whole book I really really appreciate that this romance does not depend on Lan having to figure out that she was wrong to ever not want Bao instead, it depends on her falling for him, independent of guilt Bao is a well written character in his own right, one I found instantly easy to sympathize with He is in a bad situation but still manages to be kind and caring and considerate towards others, and it is this that endears him both to Lan and other characters A wide cast of side characters were easy to root for, as well one is a character who I did not particularly like in Forest of a Thousand Lanterns, but found easy to empathize with here While the major conflict involving side characters is perhaps not particularly narratively relevant, I enjoyed both of the characters enough to get invested anyway I absolutely loved how concisely and cleanly the beginning set the tone and mood of the book I was instantly hooked Bao s character introduction in particular immediately made me love him, establishing him as kind and generous and already finding ways to solve his desperate need for a family Bao and Lan s scenes together are equally perfectly paced and well timed, gaining your sympathy for them both and growing your appreciation for Bao s kindness The opening also establishes the world through conversations that feel like genuine explanations we learn about this world s problems as Lan does, in a way that is satisfying to the audience.I say this all because Forest of a Thousand Lanterns had me struggling slightly with pacing of plot and character development With this book, however, Dao was right off the bat fixing that issue I ve never stopped caring for you, he said shakily I don t know if I ever could Well, then, she said, stop taking your affection out on me This romance was just so tender Bao is kind and undemanding in his love for Lan on a level that I think really resonated with me And I really really loved seeing their relationship build over time spoilers on a romance I stan view spoiler I loved the bit where Bao is checking Lan s legs for injuries and she s like god I wish your hands were higher Also, the bit where Lan is like are you afraid you ll see my ankles and be seduced and Bao says I already have WAIT, I MEANT SEEN YOUR ANKLES is so so cute hide spoiler

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    This Review Blog Twitter Instagram Actual Rating 3.5 stars Love isn t waiting for someone to remember me Love isn t dreaming about them all alone Love is talking together, forgiving each other, finding common threads in the lives we want I ve learned that now You taught me I picked this book in a moment of excitement when it was available for downloading on Edelweiss for everyone I was having second thoughts as I started to read less YA books and I did not want to be harsh and unfair to this book So I kept procrastinating reading it until I was finally in the mood recently This is my second book by the author, I read her Forest of a Thousand Lanterns last year and it was good I liked her anti hero protagonist This book takes place in the same world and we got glimpses to some of the characters but this can be read as a standalone and it has totally different vibes to it Speaking of vibes, this had the same vibes that the old fairy tales I grew up with had, this book made me nostalgic and this explains why I enjoyed it If you look at the synopsis you may understand why It is basically a love story with a magical curse The guy is trapped into a flute by a witch Weird and new and unique Book The bloodpox disease is a dangerous disease where people ooze blood from every orifice they have Me, a doctor It is called DIC Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation The characters were well written but I confess that Lan, the female MC was hard o love at first because she was being so rude, but she realizes that and tries to fix it through the story so bonus points for her growth The writing was good, I can t say that the plot surprised me, just like the fairy tales I mentioned The ending could be guessed as soon as you are oriented to the story and it is under 300 pages so it was not hard to go through Summary This book made me go back to my first reading days The story was simple, predictable and well written with characters that grow through the story I can recommend for fans of fairy tales You can get books from Book Depository

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    ARC provided in exchange for honest review

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    I m ready

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    ARC received in exchange for an honest review thank you So, confession time I didn t actually finish this book I wouldn t normally rate it, but I did get 55% of the way through and I knew I would end up giving it this rating anyway, even if I managed to struggle all the way though to the end So, why such a low rating Because the heroine is a COW Lan is the daughter of a wealthy government official, Minister Vu She comes from rich and happy family home, filled with family who loves her and everything she could possibly want She even has the requisite romance Tam, the son of her father s friend, is courting her, and it s a relationship approved of by both their parents Yes, Tam is taking distressingly long to choose a wedding date but at least he rows beneath her window every night to read her beautiful love poems, right Wrong Because it isn t Tam at all it s Bao, a poor orphan apprenticed to Tam s father Bao has been in love with her his whole life, and when he seizes the opportunity to reveal the truth, he expects to at least be met with a courteous refusal, if not a reciprocal admission of love.Lan reacts to his confession badly I can forgive her for that she, having just discovered that the boy of her dreams was nothing than a figment of her imagination, falls sick but not before viciously reminding Bao of his poverty, orphan hood, and negligible social status.Mean Yes But like I said, with the shock she d just suffered, I could understand and accept it Only, Lan NEVER stops being the biggest bitch on the face of the planet Bao gets cursed into a flute by a river witch, and Lan s the only person who can keep him in his physical form, so she agrees to travel with him to find a way to break the curse This is her penance So far, so good But the blurb claims that Bao now despises her , and I was expecting something approaching apology and humility from her, considering she d absolutely destroyed his heart for no good reason.Bao does not despise her Not even a little bit He continues loving her, and it s painfully obvious He gets a little miffed off with the bitch, for having been a raging bitch to him, but then HE APOLOGISES TO LAN FOR IT Lan keeps flouncing around expecting apologies, even though she s supposed to be the one doing penance, and she has no right to be upset with Bao for trying to protect his heart The bit where I completely gave up on their romance comes about 45% in Lan informs Bao that he s sulked enough over her having shattered his heart She thinks it s time he stopped being rude to her He was never rude to you, you absolute spoiled cow But he just folds and AGREES WITH HER Ugh.Assorted other reasons for the low rating There was no sense of urgency to the action , even though Bao has two weeks before the curse becomes permanent This is partly because they don t even get underway in the journey until halfway through the book Admittedly, I haven t read Forest of a Thousand Lanterns, the prequel to this one But I know it features a romance between Xifeng and Wei Even though Xifeng is dead now and I never read her story, I didn t like seeing Wei falling in love with someone else Things, and people, were poorly described Since this is supposed to be a standalone, not enough worldbuilding was done for those of us who are new to the series.The two star rating is only because I felt so sorry for Bao, and also because the concept of a Vietnamese fantasy world was fascinating It s just a shame the book didn t live up to it Blog Bookstagram

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    A Vietnamese YA fantasy that reads like a fairytale and includes mentions of characters and events and details of a world I m already familiar with Yes, please This book was one I flew through in what basically amounts to one sitting, and I truly enjoyed the experience The characters, the story, the world everything came together really well

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    This best way I can describe this book is simple The writing is simple but pretty Its has a slow in the beginning but picks up after the love interest gets turned into a flute its that kind of fairy tale The two main characters are simple and fun to read I think this is the first time I have read of the boy love interest being awkward and bumbling instead of the girl The other characters were just background noice and I think might have meant if I had read the other two companion novels Also the ending isn t particularly strong, if you ve read the synopsis you can probably guess the entire ending Actually you could probably guess the whole book Besides the romance and writing nothing about this book is particular engaging Its just a simple and quick read for those whole like fairy tales.

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    So excited for a book steeped in Vietnamese culture D

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    You can find this review on my blog Shades of Paper Soon, she would make Ba and Mama proud, and she would have everything a lovely, elegant wing of the Huynh s home, servants to tend to her every wish as a cherished daughter in law, and Tam, the handsome young man who wove his love for her into the melody o a flute beneath the moon After completely falling in love with Forest of a Thousand Lanterns two years ago I knew I had to read everything Julie C Dao publishes, and since this book was a standalone set in the same world as her debut novel, I got even excited.It took me a while to get into the story because I was a bit confused at the very beginning by what was happening It took me a couple of chapters to start to understand everything that was going on, because even though I was a bit familiar with the world, the book started a bit suddenly, but once I kept reading I found the story to be fast paced and easy to get into.My main issue with this book was that it was too short All the actions that took place in Song of the Crimson Flower happened very fast and I feel it didn t have time to build up anticipation or to make the reader engaged enough in the story to want to keep reading I feel if the novel was longer and the pacing slower in a way, the reader could have gotten time to grasp everything and become connected with the story, but with the way it was done I feel a bit underwhelmed by everything that was going on.For example, I think the book had so many great subplots that were unexplored, because the story was a bit too focused on the romance I think the bloodpox thing was a very interesting element to add to the story, but overall was unexplored and frankly a bit forgotten by everything that was going on There were certain times where nothing was really going on and it felt like the story was dragged, instead of flowing smoothly as I hoped I m going on an adventure at last, B n i, she thought, looking up at the sky Just like we always talked about The ending happened a bit fast, and though it was very action packed and it s solve the conflict of the story and wrapped up the plot nicely, I would have preferred it to be slow burn than what it was Though I have to say that I really enjoyed those last few chapters and think that s where the essence of the story was the most, so even though I had my issues with the pacing and would have loved to get to know certain things a bit , the story had its redeemable qualities.Though I ended up liking these characters, and was so happy to see some cameos from Forest of a Thousand Lanterns in there, the characters felt a bit flat sometimes It s true that we know a basic information about them and their motivations and the journey they went through, but there was something missing about them It took me a while to see any chemistry between the two main characters, and so that made the romance appeared quite forced to me Though I ended up liking some of their dynamics and interactions and I could totally see a romance happening, I would have liked for them to be complex.Overall, I think Song of the Crimson Flower had its good and bad things I adored Julie C Dao s writing and think it was so lushed and beautiful, and even though I had my issues with the length and the pacing of the book, I think it had some elements that I really enjoyed seeing in a book.TW abandonment I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review This doesn t change my opinion whatsoever All thoughts are my own. Tam had not written her the love song.Tam had not played her such beautiful music.Tam had not bothered to come and see her Thank you Philomel Books for the ARC.Blog Twitter Instagram BlogLovin

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    3.5 starsI really, really love the concept of this book and I was so ready 5 star this until it started telling over showing important plot and character details While I m completely behind how the story DOES end, the progression to that ending feels unnaturally truncated To reiterate, I fully support how the whole plot was outlined However, the Bao and Lan relationship along with Mistress Vy s characterization suffered the most from this truncation It s like the writing had a great plan but ran out of steam while trying to get to the finish line.Positives Lan and Bao have great character concepts Lan almost has a Moana like arc, where she s expected to fill a certain role but her iconoclast grandmother encourages her to do otherwise She becomes outspoken about her personal desires and takes action to protect what is important to her Love that local noble youth story line I gobble it up everytime Bao s got some abandonment issues and clings to an idealistic vision of what it s like to be loved Despite harboring deep feelings of abandonment and being looked down upon by the upper class, he still remains a good boy at heart Over the course of the story he has to come to terms with the reality of his family and others around him The setup for Lan and Bao s character arcs and romance was sooooo good The initial misunderstanding was so juicy and well done The reveal about Gray City and Bao s origins Wei finally gets a happy ending after like 25 years wow He stuck the landing The scene where Lan rejects Bao was so emotional I was gripping the book hard Jade and Koichi view spoiler are expecting their first kiddo And Jade is empress while Koichi is supporting his wife as consort hide spoiler

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