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    Three my heart broke into tiny pieces, my emotions everywhere but all the angst and sadness are for nothing, I ache for the characters so much stars This is the first in my life that I got confused what I felt about a book and went back and forth between giving five or three stars It s like black and white but there were no grey areas about this book But then I decided to give three stars This is not about writing Actually the author was so talented enough to touch my soul, heart, mind at the same time But then she ripped everything and tossed them to the garbage I felt like somebody slapped me so hard after finishing this book and wanted to climb to the highest mountain and started screaming WHHHHHHHHY WHHHHY DID YOU DO THAT WHY YOU WERE SO MERCILESS TO YOUR CHARACTERS Since J.K Rowling killed Dumbledore or David E Kelly killed Billy on Ally McBeal series , I haven t want to yell at an author screenwriter for so long Okay, I also wanted to yell at GOT s writers, but for another reasons I think yelling is not gonna enough for them As soon as I read the blurb about Mia s dreaming about a man she s never seen before made me think I was going to read a book like Taylor Jenkins Reid s Maybe Another Time or Kristin Harmel s Life Intended I thought it s a romance about two people reach each other by dreams and fight against the all obstacles to find their HEAs.But this is all different Firstly our two heroes, husband Harrison and dream guy Oliver are amazing At some parts they re even greater than Mia who is suffering from three miscarriages and about to lose her mind because every time she closes her eyes, she sees Oliver They coincidentally meet at the market Then they saw each other at the hospital where Mia s husband works Oliver s sister is also the patient of Harrison Mia gets shocked as soon as she finds out, Oliver also sees her in his dreams, too and he tries to save her life but he cannot achieve that in any of them In the meantime Harrison fights with his inner demons because of the guilt he carries so long after he lost his patient He blames himself for deciding a risky operation which affects his relationship with his wife, Mia They start to drift apart Mia wants to try having a baby but Harrison is not ready, he still deals with the loss of his patient and suffers from depression Their problems and vivid dreams bring Mia and Oliver closer each day Even though she has questions about her marriage and undeniable attraction to Olive, Mia does the right thing and always chooses her husband over him When she finds out, Oliver and she spent time in same circles and common friends, the day she met her husband, she could have also meet with Oliver but he got stuck at his work place, she still stayed strong, restrained her feelings for him.Then she realizes no matter what she always chooses her husband over him So I thought Okay great so we got our closure Nope, not so fast Don t jump to the conclusions because there are to come And they re all HEAVY, NASTY, NERVE BENDING, TEAR JERKER STUFF The thing about telling the story for several different POVs we already have three main characters but as soon as I see the POVS of Caroline and Whitney, I got confused but finally I realized the author did it purposely for the ominous part of the book Yessss, there is a bloody, nail biter, OHHHH NOOO WHAT DID YOU DOOO part close to the ending Let s talk about ending I hate it Because any alternative universe options for these three characters will bring us and ugly cries, screams like OH come onnn, there must be a solution to fix it Mia is honest, noble, lost but at least finally she knows what she wants in her life But no matter what she wants, her heart is going to be broken I m sorry for Mia Sorry for Harrison, also so sorry about Oliver I was expecting a book about our different choices end with different consequences, finding your soul mate, learning about the secret world of dreams but instead of that, I got frustration, depression, deathly consequences, broken hearts Nope, the author might be so talented to feel so passionately for those characters but I never ever forgive the writer for being cruel to them At least some of them need their HEAs

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    4.5 stars rounded up In real life, I don t believe in psychics or premonitions or give much weight to dreams, but the joy of a well written novel is that I can suspend disbelief and see where the story takes me.I wasn t particularly interested in the storyline about Mia wanting a baby and her grief over having several miscarriages because I feel like I ve read that many times before What makes this story interesting is that Mia keeps having these dreams about a man she s never met, until she does meet him in the small town that she and her husband Harrison have moved to When she meets Oliver in real life, she learns that he has also been having dreams about her I liked that I couldn t predict the end Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book, which RELEASES JANUARY 20, 2020.

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    Not the way I wanted this one to go this ending killed me The story left me with definite mixed feelings to a degree It s even somewhat of a difficult story to explain other than it has to do with dreams.Have you ever dreamt of a person or situation and then it came true Or maybe you had a d j vu experience before That s usually from a dream that you probably didn t remember.This book is about dreams where two people who are random strangers, it appears, meet and discover many interesting things about themselves One is married and the other is single But there s definitely a connection that both of them feel.I was afraid of those feelings as I read this book About a third of the way in I already knew the story was not going to end the way I want it to.You see I absolutely loved Harrison and Mia together They have a deep bond A beautiful relationship that s very supportive of each other, or so it seems.Oakley wove the story in and out through the dreams, through this family connection, even through the community connections It was a guessing game page by page as they desperately try to connect how they knew each other and why there was this intense pull.And then little by little my heart broke I hate the ending Honestly I do And that is where I have mixed feelings.That s not to say Oakley didn t give us a highly complex, intricate story that is riveting and emotional She is a prodigious writer and certainly did But I so needed a happier ending This one left me craving and knowing her style now, that is probably what she wanted.Not to be missed Copy received for review considerationFull Review

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    Though the majority of the books that I read and review fall into the suspense mystery thriller category, I read any book that has a premise which intrigues meThis was one of those.Mia loves her husband Harrison.But, she has recurring dreams of another manone that she has never met.Until, one day, when she comes face to face with the stranger in her dreams and discovers that his name is Oliver, and he has been dreaming about her too.How can this be What can this mean Why have they finally met This book is a reflection on marriage, grief and fate It might make you cry.It will probably tick you off.But, as with ALL of Colleen Oakley s work..it will make you feel something And, isn t that why we read I have loved all of her work if you haven t read any of it yet it s time to change that Available Jan 7, 2020.Thank you to Edelweiss, Berkley and Colleen Oakley for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for a candid review

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    Many thanks to Berkley Publishing Group for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest reviewI requested this solely because I saw that it s set in Pennsylvania where my family is from and where I go every holiday season Goodreads Blog Pinterest Reddit LinkedIn YouTube

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    4 4,5 STARSA really unique,emotional and unforgettable story.I don t know what to say with this one, I think you should go blind.It s a book that will make you have so many feelings, and also wondering for things.I find the story brilliant, and realistic in the relationships.What I loved most about this story is that I couldn t decide how this story I wanted to end.This changed a lot through the end.I have different opinions.I m definitely going to read books from this author I love the writing and her story was compelling and captivating

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    Wow I m not sure where to even start with this one because I was not expecting that twist and I m just super emotional about it all I resonated with a lot of this book the vivid dreams and the raw emotions of a miscarriage the author did an amazing job detailing all of this I really struggled with the borderline infidelity in this book though I usually hate it I found myself rooting for the other guy for a large portion of the book but once I the issue in the marriage was discovered I was back on team husband again but not for long I think my only complaint about this book is there s a few parts in the beginning middle that I think could ve been cut out and I would ve liked added to the end to give me a bit closure but maybe the author wanted us to be left feeling empty I highly recommend this book I really truly adored it Triggers of infertility and miscarriages

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    I was very fortunate to have read an advance copy of this book and I think it s Colleen Oakley s best book yet A full review coming but in the meantime, please add this to your shelf and keep it on your radar This novel is truly special.

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    I finished You Were There Too late, late last night as I needed to know how this emotional and thought provoking book ended My initial reaction was, Huh That s it Over And I decided not to write my review and thought it best to let the story of Mia and her two loves percolate I now come back to the table with a stronger review than I would have written if I had rushed to it last night The premise of two people who may or may not be destined for one another having each been dreaming of the other in Mia s case, for years needs you to suspend reality and simply accept it A young, loving couple going through tough times is hard to read but very real The introduction to her waking life of a wonderful man from her dreams certainly complicates things You may or may not like the ending but it makes sense And you will cry Many thanks to Edelweiss, Berkley Penguin Publishing and Ms Oakley of an advance copy.

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    Dios Mia.Oh my, this book I haven t cried reading a book in years since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, truth be told , but this one put a giant ache in the middle of my chest.Whatever your beliefs are with regard to psychics, premonitions and the like, remember suspension of disbelief when you pick up this beautiful novel It s worth it.The story centers on Mia, her husband Harrison and the mystery man she s been dreaming about since she was a teen A couple of chance encounters and it s discovered that he, too, has had eerily similar dreams The two decide to look into the possible meaning of said dreams.Colleen Oakley s writing is superb, and her attention to detail and imagery are so spot on that on than one occasion I called to my husband to read him a perfectly written paragraph or two.Thank you to the publisher for allowing me to read this lovely book prior to publication I ll be looking for her other novels now.

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You Were There Too Acclaimed Author Colleen Oakley Delivers A Heart Wrenching And Unforgettable Love Story About A Woman Who Must Choose Between The Man She Loves And The Man Fate Has Chosen For Her In A Novel That Reminds Us That The Best Life Is One Led By The HeartMia Graydon S Life Looks Picket Fence Perfect She Has The House, Her Loving Husband, And Dreams Of Starting A Family But She Has Other Dreams Too Unexplained, Recurring Ones Starring The Same Man Still, She Doesn T Think Much Of Them, Until A Relocation To Small Town Pennsylvania Brings Her Face To Face With The Stranger She Has Been Dreaming About For Years And This Man Harbors A Jaw Dropping Secret Of His Own He S Been Dreaming Of Her Too Determined To Understand, Mia And This Not So Stranger Search For Answers But When Diving Into Their Pasts Begins To Unravel Her Life In The Present, Mia Emerges With A Single Question What If