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Reputation In This Fast Paced New Novel From Sara Shepard, The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Pretty Little Liars, A Tight Knit College Town Scrambles For Answers When An E Mail Hack Reveals Life Changing Secrets And ScandalsAldrich University Is Rocked To Its Core When A Hacker Dumps , People S E Mails The Entire Faculty, Staff, Students, Alums Onto An Easily Searchable Database Rumors And Affairs Immediately Leak, But Things Turn Explosive When Kit Manning S Handsome Husband, Dr Greg Strasser, Is Found Murdered Kit S Sister, Willa, Returns For The Funeral, Setting Foot In A Hometown She Fled Fifteen Years Ago, After A Night She Wishes She Could Forget As An Investigative Reporter, Willa Knows Something Isn T Right About The Night Greg Was Killed, And She S Determined To Find The Truth What She Doesn T Expect Is That Everyone Has Something To Hide And With A Killer On The Loose, Willa And Kit Must Figure Out Who Killed Greg Before Someone Else Is MurderedTold From Multiple Points Of View, Reputation Is Full Of Twists, Turns, And Shocking Reveals It S A Story Of Intrigue, Sabotage, And The Secrets We Keep And How Far We Go To Keep Them Hidden Number One Bestseller Sara Shepard Is At The Top Of Her Game In This Brand New Adult Novel

  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Reputation
  • Sara Shepard
  • English
  • 08 March 2018
  • 9781524742904

About the Author: Sara Shepard

Sara Shepard graduated from NYU and has an MFA from Brooklyn College She has lived in New York City, Brooklyn, Tucson, Arizona, Philadelphia, and now lives in Pittsburgh, PA Sara s Pretty Little Liars novels were inspired by her upbringing in Philadelphia s Main Line.

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    Three, this book bring out the split personalities hidden inside me by dividing my opinions into two different perspectives One POV of mine enjoyed this book and the other hated it because she wanted to punish all those characters for being so superficial, shallow, unrealistic like they re running out of a long time soap opera and accidentally jump into this book s pages, hello guys get out of this book and go hang out with CW series characters stars This is the first for me to have second thoughts about my decision I liked and I hated this book If you ask me why , please keep on reading UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BOOING THESE CHARACTERS When I read this book, some parts are really entertained me so much, I laughed till my tears overflew of course they were evil laughs, don t you expect anything different from me But some parts made me wish to be one of the characters on this book so I can use my hands and punches to give an amazing slap show to those caricaturistic characters And what about those male characters It hurts my mouth to pronounce them as heroes They are useless extras of the story, seemed like joined in this book for free meal Well boys, somebody should fire you I wish author would have given you spines so you may have been acting like decent functional human beings.When it comes to the women, most of them okay all of them are batshit crazy I love fierce, passionate, genius evil women characters but those are mostly just pure evil, irritating and annoying ones.SATISFYING BLURB The story was intriguing which made me dive into as soon as I read the blurb By hacking of university emails, revealed all those secrets, lies, forbidden affairs, scandals And one of the surgeon, Dr Greg Strasser captured the whole attention by becoming the murdered scapegoat Actually he is real cheater so he is not an innocent, na ve hero you may pity And his wife Kit is number one suspect of his murder So her estranged sister comes back to town and save her sister s reputation.Using Taylor Swift s Reputation album s song names for the chapters was interesting choice to attract YA s attention to this book.BENDING TWISTS GIVES YOU VERTIGO ATTACKS There are too many twists, never see it coming kind of sucker punches, surprises which made you not to put down the book from your hands and try to make peace with those unrelatable characters At least pacing is okay and author knows how to keep your curiosity rekindle But when I learn whodunit at the end I just say Hmm Okay It didn t affect me as I expected and shook me to the core.SUMMARY It was not one of my worst reading experiences, some parts were so enjoyable and this is my first waltz with this other I didn t read Pretty Little Liars and watched only a few episodes of TV series adaption but I didn t root for it Some clich s, over exaggerated parts and superficial characterization made me cut points I wish I could give stars because there is so much potential in this book and thankfully I never got bored when I was reading it I just got annoyed, that was all.But I plan to read of her upcoming words because it can be seen that author could write real entertaining thriller stories I m sure I could find something fits of my expectations.Special thanks to Netgalley and Penguin Group Dutton to provide me ARC COPY in exchange my honest review.

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    A hacker exposes secrets the cat is out of the bag for all those who have their private emails exposed for all to see This book had some Mr Robot a T.V series vibes I loved the series and the chaos the hackers would unleash In the book, a prominent surgeon, Greg Strausser is murdered Could it be some kind of payback or revenge Maybe he pissed someone off Who has a motive Greg s wife, Kit was pretty upset over his indiscretion And who is this Lolita person Plenty of secrets in this soap opera of a who dunnit I enjoyed the way the author weaved the story with many suspects that could have done it Some good cliff hangers and twists This one kept me guessing and changing my mind as to who the villain was Just enough U turns to keep my engaged Thanks to NG for my review copy This one is out on December 3, 2019

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    This book started out really strong for me I loved the description A huge university getting hacked All the previous faculty and student emails are out there for the world to see Ekkkk, can you imagine if the general public had access to every email you wrote Dear god, there would be hell to pay Yet some people were exposed than others scandals, affairs, shopping habits, you name it they are out there I especially enjoyed the catty sarcastic behavior of Lynn right from the start She is skimming through Facebook judging all her friends It actually was quite funny being privy to her inner thoughts that were not so nice yet, you know we are all a little guilty of that As the drama from the emails continue to build one of the main victims of the hack with the most popular views of his email because they were really steamy is murdered Now this is a book The suspects were endless because he has made quite a great deal of enemies with these emails Like I said this book started out really strong for me.I can t believe as a thriller lover I am going to say thisbut this book just had too many twists for me Literally every single character had a major mouth dropping twist or secret that they were hiding At first I was gasping at reveal after reveal Then it lost its shock value for me personally The twists kept coming all the way until the end and I should have been shocked by them but instead I was just like uhhh meh.I began to feel like I was watching a daytime soap where it just got out of control crazy twists I think I was all shocked out by the end With that being said many, many people will be sure to love this I did enjoy the book and I am glad that I read it, it is just a little too dramatic for me to personally rate it higher.Thank you so much to Dutton books for this ARC via Netgalley

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    Campy, fun a great whodunnit Touching on important topics relevant to the MeToo era while also not taking itself too seriously, Reputation is really the thriller I needed from 2019 Having been a mega fan of Shepard s since the first Pretty Little Liars Book and corresponding 10 after , I was excited to delve into the deliciousness that is Reputation Opening with a prologue named for a Taylor Swift song she does have an album named Reputation after all , the plot is soon revealed to us alongside a cast characters who all seem to have a motive for the crime, but who is the one who actually followed through withmurder I can honestly say until pages before the reveal, I had so many suspects in mind and enjoyed hedging my bets as I continued reading and the reveal was not an out of left field end which can be infuriating With thrillers a dime a dozen nowadays, this one was really a fun ride, which is quite refreshing Thank you to Dutton Books for an advanced copy All opinions are my own.

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    Book Review Reputation by Sara Shepherd 2 5 Stars I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review I m a little embarrassed to admit I couldn t finish this book But I have a rule with myself Life is too short to read bad books or drink bad wine This fit the bill There was a big internet scandal at the university Students, alumni and staff all affected Coverups ensued leading to murder Secrets revealed More secrets attempted to be covered up It was just too much Almost like reading a soap opera I am saving it on my Kindle for my 18yr old daughter to read Honestly, maybe I m not the age range for this 40 45 yr old

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    FULL REVIEW WILL BE ON DECEMBER 2.An e mail hack at a prestigious college reeked havoc on the campus of Aldrich University.The hack exposed every single e mail that administrators, doctors, faculty, and students had written.The e mails revealed secret affairs, unsavory situations, and other juicy details I do need to warn the reader, though, that there are some unsettling, upsetting situations.REPUTATION is a roller coast of a read with a cover that doesn t seem to fit with the story inside as well as a cover I m not particularly fond of 4 5This book was given to be by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    This was quite a ride to be honest Reputation concentrates around kit and her family Her father is the president of a ivy university and when the university is hacked everyone s business is out for everyone to see Affairs, gossip, everything is there on the website for everyone to look up by name.Kit is married to a highly respected doctor when the hack happens Her family is now thrust in the spotlight over what is in Greg s emails He has been having an affair, but the emails are full of vulgar sexual content with someone he is seeing When Greg is murdered everything starts to spin and you have so many theories and motives for people to have murdered Greg.Now this does center around the metoo movement as there are several discussions of rape in this book There are a few scenes that go into detail so be cautious if that s something you don t want to read about.I honestly didn t expect to love this one as much as I did but as you read the first few chapters everything unfolds so fast and the drama jumps out I loved how Sarah didn t wait half the book to start the hack and drama, they jumped right out with it.While I appreciate the me too movement discussions in the book and the conversations that were had The book also talked about reputations and how much we as a society gossip and care what people think of us and our families We feel we have to have the fancy houses and the nice cars and be this perfect image while we can be suffering from so much behind closed doors This was a real eye opener for that type of conversation and how perfection isn t something that needs to be looked up too.The writing in the book is sometimes repetitive as you have multiple point of views and I personally hate that but it was done fairly well.One aspect I hated and this is why it wasn t five stars for me is it felt somewhat like drama being played out on tv While I sympathized with some of the characters it just felt scripted and forced The ending all came together in a neat little bow which felt really unrealistic to me.Overall I give this four point five stars because while it felt like a tv show it was hella entertaining and I was honestly intrigued as to who actually killed Greg and why I can say I never expected the ending and who did it so I give the book prompts for not being predictable as I somewhat have come to expect with mysteries.Trigger Warning Body shaming, Murder, Grief, Talk of suicide, Molestation, Rape, Domestic Abuse

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    4 STARS Thank you so much to Dutton for the gifted ARC of Reputation Talk about a juicy drama filled thriller This was the perfect book to get me out of my reading slump because it was a lighter thriller that was so incredibly entertaining This book was filled with so many secrets and a ton of gossip, which made it the ultimate guilty pleasure book What I liked most about this book was that although there were a ton of characters, you really get to know and understand them by the end of the book This worked really well in this book because not getting to know all the characters fully until the very end made it that much harder to figure out the mystery I also really enjoyed the fundamental aspects of the plot because it definitely had Pretty Little Liars The Perfectionists vibes, which I loved I m always a sucker for thrillers filled with a ton of drama and this one was no exception The only issue I had with this one was that it was pretty slow in the beginning and I had a hard time getting in to it This did slightly affect my overall reading experience because I found it pretty slow the first 35% of the book, but after that I was fully immersed in the story Even though it was slow in the beginning, the ending was epic and definitely made up for it My jaw actually dropped at one of the plot twists because I truly would have never guessed it Overall, I would definitely recommend this book to you guys It was such a fun read and I can see a lot of people really enjoying this one Reputation will be published December 3rd so make sure you go grab a copy

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    This book is fun from start to finish a soapy ride I ve only read Sara Shepard s THE ELIZAS, but my guess is to readers fans of hers this will read like a grownup Pretty Little Liars than The Elizas good for those for whom The Elizas was too weird noir Shepard s has a gift with ultra specific yet mainstream normative characters that she gets you to care about, and interweaving multiple narratives twists The main story of the hack is compelling, but then it s the murder that lands like a gut punch and drives the rest of the book I loved all the layers with each character POV, and the twists I did feel like there were two potential dropped plots one I strongly wonder if it was there as the original twist killer and dropped when a different conclusion was decided on, and the other is minor but feels like a missed opportunity for a final gut punch But those are quibbles view spoiler But I ll say it here in case anyone else felt the same I feel like Paul was the original killer He had a motive wanting money credit for ghostwriting after his young wife cleaned him out in the divorce He gets really angry a few times, out of nowhere, with Willa And literally what purpose does he serve in the story, otherwise He shows up to help investigate and then disappears and is no longer important in the last third I say he was the original killer or one of the strong red herrings, and it was dropped that Willa never once suspects him is weird I also was expecting a final wham bam punch at the very end, re finding out who raped Willa Early on, I speculated it was Martin Imagine if that had happened Would have been chilling Shrug hide spoiler

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