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フルーツバスケット 14 Isuzu Loves Snooping Through Shigure S Life, Especially When She S Totally Convinced That He Is Hiding Something But When Tohru Finds A Passed Out Isuzu In The House, She Tries To Drag Isuzu To The Hospital Meanwhile, Yuki Goes To The ASB Student Council Room Only To Find It Trashed Again But As The Secrets Of Who Vandalized The Room Come Out Of The Closet, Yuki Accidentally Gets Locked In One Who Will Be The One To Help Him Get Out The Answer Is Right Inside This Next Volume Of The Super Popular Fruits Basket, The World S Most Popular Shojo Manga

About the Author: Natsuki Takaya

Natsuki Takaya Takaya Natsuki, real name Naka Hatake is the penname of a Japanese manga artist best known for creating the series Fruits Basket She was born on July 7, 1973 Tanabata Takaya is left handed and once revealed that she wanted to be a mangaka since first grade, when her sister started drawing She was born in Shizuoka, Japan, but was raised in Tokyo, where she made her

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    After the emotional vol 13 this one was a lot slower again and I guess that s okay It unfortunately didn t mean that my heart wasn t broken by some of the characters though _ The entire Sohma family is a mess and I blame it all on Akito hmpf Can t help but wonder how this is going to end one day Highlights of this volume Don t jump around so much, don t run, and make sure to watch where you re going Think of the next generation Yes, sir Haha Knowing Hiro s mother I really wonder why he had so much trouble accepting Tohru as Kisa s Onee chan I swear his mum is exactly like Tohru Sweet, gentle, caring, cheery and clumsy as hell lol Still, it was so cute that he s worried about his mum and sibling 333 Rin thinks that she s been bad But who do you think is the one who s being BAD here Little Haru defending Rin was one of the best things ever I love those two and I really hope they can be together again It killed me to see how much Rin hurts because of Akito and I ll cross my fingers that Tohru and her will find a way to break that curse _ Kind people are clung to They re sought out and taken advantage of By people like me That s why I won t get them involved I can do it on my own I will keep running on my own ARGH When will Rin see that she s no burden but a blessing for Haru It s so obvious he loves her and it was so sad to see her break down in Tohru s arms T_T Seriously, with all those broken Sohma s I really don t know which to hug first Saying you won t do it any doesn t solve the problem Both parties have to understand why you do it I love Yuki and the student council lol They are a bunch of crazy people and their interactions are so nice to watch XD I really hope I ll read even about them because they all seem to be very intriguing characters.

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    I loved this volume Yuki s realization at the end makes sense specially in light of the events in this volume Tohru, in following her mother s footsteps, has been a mother figure for all these kids Even though she s the same age as most of the zodiac charcaters, and in some cases even younger, she acts as a surrogate mother Tohru s unconditional love for these characters and the way she takes care of them is a stark contrast to Akito s contrast abuse and manipulation Where she wins them over with affection, he binds them to him by force I think its telling that Akito is threatened by the easy way Tohru attracts them to her Oh another note, I quite love the romantic pairings in this manga This author is particularly good at showing mature, steady love as opposed to the flashy, superficial ones we so often see in shoujo mangas Specially Haru and Rin who have grown on me as a couple this last few volumes There s something about loving someone so completely, passionately, and unconditionally that just gets me There relationship is almost an indication of what Tohru and Kyou could have one day And with the way things are progressing, it seems that day is getting ever closer This volume contains chapters 78 83 4 stars.

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    4 5 stars.

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    HJCFBJDGBCFYHDGCJDBHVIKDHUJDHCUFHDUVHDUHCVUDHCUDHVUDHVCUDHCVUDHFUIDHFVIHDCFUIHDUFVHDUIGHPPOIOOIWUEUUQUQUWHD THAT WAS SO CUTE SO CUTE I love this volume It was so amazing I mean I was pretty depressed when I first started to read it I felt like being emo for a very long time But then the ending Squees The ending was sooooo worth that sadness Oh my word I m I m speechless How can I tell you how great it was without spoiling it The thing is I can t It s impossible for me to tell you Oh but please Please believe me when I say it s so wonderful Absolutely wonderful Flails Takaya sensei She did excellent in this book Brilliant Amazing And all them other words that means she s a genius How ever did you manage to make something that made me want to cut myself into something that made me want to scream for joy Oh my Lord I am so happy I really am so happy I felt so bad for Rin and I still do but even that ended in a way that made me want to jump for joy My God I am so ecstatic And maybe it s because I was for a certain something but that doesn t matter It all makes sense now No wonder Just no wonder I must sound like a nut to you all but I am a nut so nothing new really I m sure Takaya sensei thinks I m nutty, too Yay for not being alone If I could marry this woman, I would in a heartbeat XDRin broke me she broke my little beating heart I WANT TO HUG HER She s so badass that when you see her so vulnerable you have no choice but to want to hug her I m so glad she had Haru when growing up If not who knows what would have happened to her Haru is truly a knight Boos and hisses Oh what What Call me a romantic But don t Boo me _ In any case, Haru and Rin are so gorgeous together Man, they even yes, I m still on that It was shocking, okay I was like, Falls over it was that good Wow I m just amazed that these two can love each other so strongly Sighs I hate romance but the romance in this manga I approve It s so amazing It even makes me want to PFFFT Nope Not gonna happen X3 In any case, Rin s story got to me And it also enhanced the fact that Akito MUST SUFFER A SLOW AND HORRIBLE DEATH What the hell is his problem I don t get it And he hates women Well, that was obvious but still what What kind of bullshit is this Ugh I hate this person With a burning passion of hatred He s disgusting, revolting, stupid, and I don t like him Interfering with my loves Asswipe _ Well, enough of that crap On to other stuff Shigure is revealing a little bit about himself It makes me wonder that, out of everyone, he s the biggest enigma of all I really which he would say but I have my suspicions but, as I ve said before, nothing I guess is right until proven so by the author Another thing I must say, it was nice seeing of the Student Council We now know about Manabe and Machi s past It makes me happy I understand a bit about them now Hoo Ha Now, if only I fully understood Machi And is it me or are Machi and Yuki Hmm we ll just have to see, won t we Speaking of Yuki SQUEES THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL MAN BEAUTIFUL I can t tell you guys enough He says something that leaves you speechless Although, it makes so much sense Everything Giggles I am so happy I like where this is going I truly do Oh, you need to read it If my rant doesn t make you want to read it then I should just slap you You know what s better Tohru was so close So close to admitting something but held back There s something about her, too, that s not being revealed yet but I ll keep reading in order to find out I want to know Besides, Kyo is being the absolute best WHY ISN T HE MAH BOIFREN Slams head against the wall I want him and Haru and Hatori to be my lovers Argh So upset I m not a character in this book _Fantasies aside I love getting lost in this series You know, sometimes, when reading, I got so sucked into the story that I actually picture myself there Is that strange Yes yes it is BUT I DON T CARE This manga is so amazing that I can t help myself I love that the characters keep growing, the environment is always changing, and my hatred for Akito keeps increasing It s a win win no matter how you look at it X3 I encourage you all to continue reading this fantastic series It moves you and helps you become a better person Seriously, this manga helps you grow as a person I m telling you, it s because of this manga that I, myself, am growing I ve learned to look at things much clearly I I haven t been the best mot for a very long time but reading this it s inspiring me Hopefully, I can continue to grow as do everyone else who reads this So please won t you join me in the next volume Smiles warmly

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    This one was odd We randomly get a look at why Rin is the way she is and her sexual relationship with Hatsuharu I thought it was weird Almost like a filler episode It had no real impact on the story thus far I feel bad for Rin and I really wanted to smack that little bastard, Akito, throughout most of it Who does this to people and is allowed to get away with it I really don t understand at all why no one ever stepped in to help Yuki He was horribly abused Naturally the focus shifts back to Rin and ends on a good note Mostly Looking forward to 15.

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    I mentioned in an earlier review that Rin is seriously misunderstood and that there s complexity than what we ve been shown This volume explores those layers and provides Rin s background It s impossible not to feel for her Most Sohma parents are shit We also see the beginnings of something between her and Tohru.We have a few moments with Hiro at the beginning of this volume, and I have to admit he was actually likable in this book We see a different side of him He cares and is protective of than just Kisa The student council story was also tolerable, mainly because we re seeing a Yuki open up with someone outside the zodiac beyond Tohru He s disclosing elements of his true self and growing closer to Kakeru In that regard, I suppose new unlikely friendships is the theme of this volume Oh, and the revelation on the last page was a curve ball.

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    No Yuki you don t love someone in a mother way

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    Overall Rating A to the cute power Synopsis Fruits Basket is a sh jo manga series created by Natsuki Takaya that follows the life of Tohru Honda When the series begins, Tohru is living in a tent in the woods after being recently orphaned when her mother died in a car accident Somehow, Tohru is able to remain optimistic despite all the shit she has had to go through While wandering through the forest she s living in, she runs across the house of the Sohma family As it happens, Tohru goes to school with Yuki Sohma, who is known as the Prince, because of how fucking hot he is Yuki and his cousin Shigure take pity on Tohru and invite her to live with them in exchange for doing the cleaning and cooking for them Soon, Tohru learns that the Sohmas are hiding a terrible secretthey turn into cute animal versions of the zodiac if they are hugged by a member of the opposite sex that isn t also a Sohma Things just get crazier when she meets of the family. Fruits Basket is the best kind of romance series, the kind with lots of crushes, but nothing overt, and interesting relationships not necessarily the romantic kind Take, for instance, when Kyo Sohma shows up As I mentioned in the summary, the Sohmas all turn into cute versions of the zodiac when hugged by a member of the opposite sex Yuki is the rat, Shigure is the dog, and Kyo is the cat You may be thinking that there is no cat in the zodiac, and you would be right However, there is a legend that says the cat would have would have been in the zodiac, if it had not been tricked by the rat into missing the induction feast As a result, Kyo hates Yuki, and constantly tries to fight him Unfortunately, for Kyo, he can t even land a decent hit on Yuki, let alone beat him up It s easy to love this series The back story on the various members of the Sohma family is interesting why does Kyo hate Yuki so much and trying to figure out which member of the zodiac new characters are is lots of fun I love the Dragon s zodiac form If you re looking for something light and fun to read, Fruits Basket is a good choice Beware though, the series is 23 volumes long For manga and anime reviews, please check out Hobotaku.

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    Fruits Basket volume 14 has another big character study It s Rin s turn Like most of the members of the zodiac, she has had a horrific life Her parents were repulsed by her For years, they put on a happy show, but one day the switch just flipped and they made sure she understand how awful she was and how no one wanted her But it turns out that one person did want herHaru They were in love I love how Takaya drew them together Full of passion and painful desperation to be together Their relationship was short lived Akito wouldn t stand for it And as the god of the Sohma world, what Akito says goes Rin is now haunted She shuts out the world, because so no one will get close to her.Leave it to Tohru to worm her way into someone s life who wants to be left alone Tohru won t give up Rin When Rin is in the hospital, Tohru insists on visiting her no matter how unwelcome Rin makes her feel Tohru does this out of her innate goodness, but also because she recognizes that she and Rin have something in common Rin wants to break the curse just as much as Tohru and appears to be the only Sohma member who is actively looking for a way to do it.The rest of the volume is scenes from Yuki s student council meetings I m not a big fan of these meetings They detract from the main plot and introduce lots of extra characters It s getting to the point that I m having trouble keeping track of people.I missed Kyo in this volume He hardly showed up at all Volume 14 isn t my favorite, but it still develops the story.

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    Most of this volume is focused on Rin, who is very ill and fighting her urge to confide in Tohru She s very conflicted, wanting to be friends with Tohru, but also wanting to be independent She hates admitting that she needs help or comfort from a friend She thinks it s a weakness to need others, and she s determined to be strong, but it s really just her pride holding her back I loved finding out about Rin s past with her parents and with Hatsuharu Their love story is so wonderful and sweet One of the members of the student council trashes their classroom, and Yuki tries to figure out what made her do it He s such a compassionate person, and he s always ready to give people another chance Yuki gets locked in a closet and has some bad memories resurface from being claustrophobic, but is rescued by an unlikely person.Favorite scene is when Tohru gets a little fever, and when everyone is worried about her, she says it s because all the space in her head is too full up Kyo laughs and asks if she has a thinking fever , and he feels her forehead So cute

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