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The Devil Wears Black ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ The Devil Wears Black ❤ Author L.J. Shen – From USA Today bestselling author L J Shen comes a second chance romance about love loss finding yourself and getting lost in the right personMaddie Goldbloom stitched up a plan to ensure everything i From USA Today bestselling author L J Shen comes a second chance romance about love loss finding yourself and getting lost in the right The Devil PDF/EPUB ² personMaddie Goldbloom stitched up a plan to ensure everything in her life was perfect—from a career in fashion to a chic NYC apartment to a pediatrician boyfriendWhen her ex Chase Black storms back into her life with an outrageous reuest her immediate reaction is to refuse him But he only wants to fulfill his father’s last wish So even though he’s the man who broke her heart playing his fiancée shouldn’t be hard especially if it means she gets to watch the arrogant devil suirm a bitWhat ensues is a chain of events that detonates Maddie’s life—and when Chase’s walls come down they both are forced to face realityThey say keep your enemies close But what if your enemy is also the man you love.

  • Kindle Edition
  • The Devil Wears Black
  • L.J. Shen
  • English
  • 09 December 2016

10 thoughts on “The Devil Wears Black

  1. Bookgasms Book Blog Bookgasms Book Blog says:

    The minute I started The Devil Wears Black TDWB I knew it would be something special But I truly did not expect that I would be so deeply obsessed and enthralled with Chase Black Jesus Christ If you loved Vicious and Dirty Headlines then YOU WILL DIE for TDWB  Chase is EVERYTHING His cutting and sarcastic personality coupled with his intense connection with Maddie made this story completely UNPUTDOWNABLE This is one of my favorite LJ Shen stories hands downEveryone who knows me knows that the fake fiancée trope is my jam But when you add in a bastard hero through and through and a sassy spitfire of a heroine you just checked every box I die for And what a story this was Chase was pompous arrogant and nothing less than a cutting straight shooter But his match? Maddie Goldbloom his previously meek and agreeable girlfriend now his fierce and formidable ex decides the gloves are off and it's high time to show her ex who she really is and where he can stick his outlandish reuest But what follows is a sexy swoony and powerfully emotional story that took my breath awayGAH After reading this story I can say without a doubt LJ Shen broke the mold with Chase and Maddie This story is filled to the brim with amazing banter like only this author can deliver blisteringly fiery sexual chemistry and witty comebacks and sarcastic retorts that will leave you captivated and speechless What I loved than anything however was how Shen once again showcases the healing power of love between two people who were once afraid to show who they really are and the powerful bonds of family that hold us together when the world is turned upside down This story was truly outstanding and a notable best by this fantastic author 5 stars Ratula ❤

  2. Selma Selma says:

    ARC received through NetgalleyMontlakeThe Devil Wears Black is without a doubt the best book LJ Shen has ever written I'm truly madly deeply and all consumingly in love with this story I just want to shout it from the rooftops until my throat is sore and my lungs are burning This epic masterpiece needs to be on everybody's TBR list TDWB is a complete standalone second chance at love Rom Com which doesn't have the same level of heavy angst like the usual LJ Shen novel It's much lighter despite some heavy topics and a true feel good book This story is hands down outstanding is so many ways from the highly entertaining and fast paced plot witty and funny dialogue intriguing and well developed characters to the beautiful and poignant writingI've read and loved many books by this amazingly talented author who has managed to create her own brand of romance heroes she is well known and admired for damaged broken bad boys who hide their kind caring hearts behind a thick wall of arrogance sarcasm and cynicism Devilishly handsome playful and sexy guys who you want to punch in the face and then kiss it better while uestioning your own sanity and taste in men Madison Goldbloom is a wedding dress designer who loves her job She is living in a small studio apartment in New York and dating a pediatrician Now imagine her surprise when her ex who broke her heart suddenly shows up at her door months after their painful break up and asks her to play his fake fiancée in order to fulfill his father’s last wish Chase Black is a successful business man and the CEO of the Black Co empire He is not used to beg for anything but he adores his old man and would leave no stone unturned in order to make his family happy Even if it's to take advantage of his former girlfriend's kindness and compassion Maddie agrees to his horrible plan while promising herself to not fall victim to the Chase effect again But when the usually closed off commitment phobe stars lowering his walls she will realise that she is still not over him While Madison lives her life in technicolor Chase deliberately chooses to stay in his neat all Black universe Madison likes to dress in bright colors and eye catching patterns showing off her uirky and artsy personality proudly while Chase is a stuck up corporate guy who is wearing expensive watches and you guessed it right black designer suits Madison is called Martyr Maddie by her friends because she doesn't have a mean bone in her body She has this need to please everyone and to not get into any kind of conflicts Chase is the complete opposite he is used to people catering to his every whim He is very stubborn extremely unreasonable at times and can be a moody and rude jerk But he is also hard working loyal and devoted to his family He deeply cares although he would rather get his teeth pulled than admit it Chase is terrified of falling in love and making himself vulnerable but with Maddie's help he will realise that love makes you stronger and a better person I thoroughly enjoyed the banter between Chase and Madison with all the sexual induendo They also had combustible chemistry inside the bedroom which made for some really hot scenesI could gush about this fantastic story for hours but the key massage I want to convey is that this book is absolutely worth your time and money Please do yourself a huge favor and one click The Devil Wears Black LJ Shen did a terrific job with her first Montlake Publishing novel and I truly look forward to of them in the future Standing ovations for Leigh and this 5 stars must read and a new top favorite read of all time

  3. Sejla Sejla says:

    arc received through NetgalleyMontlakeHere I am with tears in my eyes thanking mastermind LJ Shen for writing one of the most funniest epic and heartbreakingly beautiful stories I ever had the pleasure to read The Devil Wears Black I've been a fan of this incredibly talented author for a while now and know firsthand that she's a very versatile wordsmith She can make you laugh like crazy in one second only to make you cry your eyes out in the next one And don't get me started on the angst because she can write that well too But this book is compared to her others less angstier In fact it's lighter while still bearing the typical LJ Shen trademark hilarious and highly entertaining banter an arrogant sexy jerk of a hero and a loveable smart and sweet heroine I loved the way she told this enemies to loverssecond chance romance in dual POV and incorporating letters from the heroine's motherMaddison Goldbloom has been obsessed with weddings since her childhood As the daughter of a flower shop owner she loved watching her mother arrange beautiful bouuets for brides Now at twenty six she's living her dream and is working as a wedding dress designer in New York Just when she starts to date Ethan a pediatrician and epitome of prince charming the devil himself knocks at her door Chase Black Her super rich and super evil ex The guy she dated for six months The one who cheated on her and broke her heart Now he's back in her life and asking for a favor He needs her to act as his fake fiancée for his dying father's sake Can sweet Martyr Maddie who can't say no and always puts others first pretend to be a fiancée in love when all she wants to do is to strangle Chase for everything he's done? And is Chase Black really the heartless devil in a suit everyone is taking him for? Or is there to the young and successful businessman who's sworn to never get trapped by marriage? If you've read some previous books from LJ Shen then you definitely know that nobody writes bad boys better than her I was ready to hate Chase right from the start but I had no idea how many facets his character would have I must confess that I misjudged him All I saw at the beginning were his flaws like his stubbornness arrogance and manipulation of Maddie But deep down he had a good heart that he was desperately trying to protect Chase loved his family and deeply cared about his parents and sister as well as his cousin and niece When he met Maddie she turned his world upside down and made him feel things that scared him Once he let the walls around his heart drop and allowed me to see him for who he really was I started to love him with all my being Damn you LJ Shen for always making me fall hard for your heroes I adored Maddie instantly How could I not when she was such a sweet compassionate and loving person? Despite everything Chase has done she agreed to act as his fake fiancée to make his father happy even though she was scared to be hurt again Having lost her mother at a young age she knew the devastation of losing a parent In the end she wasn't only helping Chase she was also there for his entire family at their darkest hours No wonder they all loved her so much I could never understand why she felt like she wasn't enough for Chase Because she was the best thing that ever happened to him I was so proud of her for overcoming her insecurities and realizing her own worth in the end One of the best parts about this book was the funny witty and sexy banter between Maddie and Chase They had great chemistry and were simply made for each other Like two broken pieces that made a perfect whole It took some time until they both dealt with their issues but once they did everything klicked into place I could gush about The Devil Wears Black all day After all it isn't just my top favorite LJ Shen book it's also one of the best rom coms ever written I highly recommend it to everyone because it's beauty and epicness will touch you in a way you won't be able to forget I seriously can't remember ever laughing and crying so much at the same story Thank you Mrs Shen for writing this masterpiece about love loss and finding your true self I loved everything about it and will keep it close to my heart forever and always 5 stars

  4. Vanessa (When Vane Reads) Vanessa (When Vane Reads) says:

    Englishspanish versionThe Devil Wears Black is epic beyond words It is so hilarious sexy so emotional and angst LJ Shen is the creator of a new trope ROM ANG COM It is so addictive I spent two days sitting on the couch reading without stopping obsessed with the characters and what was going to happen I HAVE NO WORDS FOR HOW MUCH I LOVE IT It is kindle crackChase Black wants Maddie his ex girlfriend to help him by pretending to be his fiancée for a while and Maddie can't say no but now she is not willing to put up with anything from him and she is going to show him that she is not the submissive girlfriend that he used to know this couple is so amazing Chase is EVERYTHING he is sarcastic arrogant and jerk but he also loves his family so much gahhh I die of love for him and Maddie is a sassy heroine who will steal your heart and as the chapters go by dear god I swooned so hard they warmed me up and melted my heart at the same time This story is uniue intense and powerful it is a roller coaster of emotions multiplied by a thousand The banter and intense chemistry between them are everything almost melted my Kindle And the sarcastic dialogues I laughed out loud with them Insuperable But beyond all this what left me completely captivated is that the story shows us that there is nothing powerful than love its strength breaks any barrier no matter how high it is LJ Shen made me live an epic experience she has the ability to awaken the most intense feelings in the reader a round of applause an ovation to the author this is the best romcom I've ever readVersión en español¡The Devil Wears Black es épico más allá de las palabras Es tan divertido sexy tan emocional LJ Shen es la creadora de una nueva tropa ROM ANG COM Es tan adictivo estuve dos días sentada en el sillón leyendo sin parar obsesionada con los personajes y lo ue iba a pasar NO TENGO PALABRAS PARA DESCRIBIR CUANTO LO AMO ¡Es Kindle crackChase Black uiere ue Maddie su exnovia lo ayude fingiendo ser su prometida por un tiempo y Maddie no puede decir ue no pero ahora no está dispuesta a aguantar nada de él y le va a demostrar ue ella no es la novia sumisa ue él solía conocer esta pareja es tan increíble Chase es TODO es sarcástico arrogante e idiota pero también ama tanto a su familia gahhh me encantó y Maddie es una heroína ue te robará el corazón a medida ue pasan los capítulos uerido Dios me calentaron y derritieron mi corazón al mismo tiempoEsta historia es única intensa y poderosa es una montaña rusa de emociones multiplicadas por mil La intensa uímica entre ellos es todo casi derriten mi Kindle Y los diálogos sarcásticos me reí a carcajadas con ellos Insuperable Pero más allá de todo esto lo ue me dejó completamente cautivada es ue la historia nos muestra ue no hay nada más poderoso ue el amor su fuerza derriba cualuier muro por más alto ue sea LJ Shen me hizo vivir una experiencia épica ella tiene la capacidad de despertar los sentimientos más intensos en el lector un aplauso una ovación a la autora esta es la mejor comedia romántica ue he leído

  5. jessica jessica says:

    this is classic lj shen if you have read any of her other books you know exactly what that means and what you are getting with this story her books are usually hit or miss with me and luckily this one is leaning towards a hit i still have a difficult time reading about MC love interests who are rude and use bullying as a form of affection while chase does have jerk tendencies i wasnt massively put off by them i think it helps that maddie could stick up for herself overall a cute albeit predictable story that is easy to read and gets your mind off of the world for a little bit if you enjoy enemies to lovers with a rich boy a hole who tries to redeem himself then this is the perfect story for you thank you to montlake for the ARC↠ 35 stars

  6. Nilufer Ozmekik Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    Enemies to lovers fake fiancé arrangement sizzling steamy pants dropping eyes popping chemistry extremely entertaining smart banters favorite cultural references Yes I’m sold We’re talking about LJShen one of the brilliant romance authors of the century Of course I was dying to have an ARC I was not patient enough to wait for release date Oh I know her last standalone romance novel definitely didn’t work for me but I had a real good feeling about this one as soon as I saw the cover and read the blurb Guess I didn’t get wrong by listening my intuitions Book started as a three starred read then characters started to grow on me and it turned into four and second half of the story the romance parts melted my heart So yes I cannot wipe the stupid smile on my face which will probably stay at my face for a week so you may guess a three starred reading turned into five sexy heartwarming and extremely starred absolutely satisfying adventure This is a first I assure you it didn’t happen to me beforeAt first I felt fifty shades of hate to Chase Black as soon as he was introduced His cocky smile arrogant pretentious mansplaining egotistical style made me see red I stopped reading and fantasized five billion ways to torture him He’s a real target carrying a dartboard glued to his forehead And let’s meet with lovely Maddie Goldbloom an eccentric smart artistic sweetheart but also deserves her nickname as martyr because she doesn’t stand for herself and she is a real people pleaser I want to drag her out of this story to position her in a different romcom with a gold hearted hero who can treat her better And of course before I start my reading I got spoilers telling me the douchebag hero may be cheater Another punching point went to hero So my suspicions start to grow and I uestion myself if I chose the right romance book for me But a few chapters later MAGIC started to happen I slowly start to understand our black souled heartless very punchable hero may be not the villain I really thought He and Maddie had a relationship and Maddie thought he cheated on her and called the uits and six months later he wants her acting like her dead fiancée as a dying father’s last wish taking her to family house in Hamptons to spend time with the entire Black clan That’s why I felt this was regular three starred read at first because I got angry at Maddie not to let douchebag grovel He wanted a real big favor and he manipulated her because he knew she had a good heart and she could never reject a dying man’s wishBut as soon as I learned about their past relationship and heroine’s insecurities reading to Chase’s POV see I stopped calling him jerk or any other offensive nicknames He’s still not my favorite hero but he turned into a tolerable one everything made sensible I loved Chase and Mad’s post it messages nonstop teasing texts discovering different sides of each other at the family gatherings their newly formed friendship extremely hot chemistry passion the way of facing their insecurities and changing Oh let’s not forget letters to Maddie written by her mother before dying from cancer telling the real meanings of flowers and giving important life anecdotes to Maddie which made me cry a lot This is not erotic romance or standalone romance This book is hilarious emotional entertaining laugh out loud and poignant rom com I can tell you this is the most enjoyable smart and funny book of the author I know there were cliches and some parts were foreseeable but I adored the characters yes surprise even the hatable douche aka Chase Black stole my heart at the end interestingly I also adored Chase’s family his interactions with his all time nemesis cousin and half brother Julian And I loved to see how Maddie blended with their lives Summary of my words I LOVED IT SOOOOO MUCH and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT to true romance rom com lovers Special thanks to NetGalley and Montlake for sharing this incredible Arc with me in exchange my honest thoughts

  7. Yeasmin Alo (Red Sparrow) Yeasmin Alo (Red Sparrow) says:

    Update 20 October 2020Chase BlackH “I promise to spare your heart Now may i please have the rest of you ? My Toxic Trait As anticipated he is As¥ole Douchebag Alpha Male 🥳🥳🥳 Bring it on baby😎😎 two can play the game March hurry tf up 🤧😭I NEED CHASE MORE THAN OXYGEN PERIODITTTTTTTT20 Sep 2020My home girl's another standalone 😭😭?Why am I getting major Asle Alpha aka Daddy vibes from the blurb 😂😂😂😂? Omg hell yeah 😭😭😭 Gimmeeeeeeeee nowwwwww Chase Blackalready I freaking love his name 💣 I hope you will set my heart on fire bae 🔥🔥🔥🔥 And Maddie 😍 pls?

  8. Chelsea Humphrey Chelsea Humphrey says:

    A standalone enemies to lovers fake dating trope? And it's being published through Montlake so it'll still be available on KU? The blessings Hurry up and get here March

  9. Wendy& Wendy& says:

    September 15 2020 He Was The Closest ThingTo Corporate PornI'd Ever Seen In My LifeJuly 172020 Maddie Goldbloom Has A ProblemIt Isn't Her CareerThat Is Coming Along PerfectlyShe Doesn't Have A Housing ProblemHer NYC Apartment Is To Die ForShe Even Doesn't HaveThe Usual Issues with DatingUnder Boyfriend See PediatricianNope Everything Was Going Along PerfectlyUntil Chase Black Her Ex ResurfacesIf There Was A ThingCalled Corporate PornHe Would Be The Poster BoyYeah Chase Black Was SomethingAnd When He Entered Your Force FieldThere Was No Stopping HimNow He Wants Maddie's HelpAnd It Isn't Really For HimIt Is A Wish Fulfillment for His FatherNow Maddie Has Roped HerselfInto Playing His FiancéeAnd The Only Thing Maddie Knows For Sure Is The Devil Wears Black March 9 2021 May 28 2020 Oh Ms ShenYou Tease Us SoScorching Enemies to Lovers CheckA Sweet Smart Wedding Dress Designer CheckA Favor Needed CheckA Reason to Make An Ex Boyfriend Turn Into a Fake Fiance CheckNaturally Montlake Has Another Winner On Their HandsAfter All It Is LJ Shen Writing The Devil Wears Black March 9 2021For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways

  10. Jade Violet Jade Violet says:

    First thing I’d noticed about Madison Goldbloom when I’d hit on her in Crouis’s elevator? Her beautiful hazel eyesOkayFineIt was her titsSue meI have a boyfriendYeah He checked his watch Give it a couple hours and you won'tCHASE BLACK IS A #%#%#Coming March 17th 2021

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