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Deacon King Kong From James McBride, Author Of The National Book Award Winning The Good Lord Bird, Comes A Wise And Witty Novel About What Happens To The Witnesses Of A ShootingIn September , A Fumbling, Cranky Old Church Deacon Known As Sportcoat Shuffles Into The Courtyard Of The Cause Houses Housing Project In South Brooklyn, Pulls A From His Pocket, And In Front Of Everybody Shoots The Project S Drug Dealer At Point Blank RangeThe Reasons For This Desperate Burst Of Violence And The Consequences That Spring From It Lie At The Heart Of Deacon King Kong, James McBride S Funny, Moving Novel And His First Since His National Book Award Winning The Good Lord Bird In Deacon King Kong, McBride Brings To Vivid Life The People Affected By The Shooting The Victim, The African American And Latinx Residents Who Witnessed It, The White Neighbors, The Local Cops Assigned To Investigate, The Members Of The Five Ends Baptist Church Where Sportcoat Was Deacon, The Neighborhood S Italian Mobsters, And Sportcoat HimselfAs The Story Deepens, It Becomes Clear That The Lives Of The Characters Caught In The Tumultuous Swirl Of S New York Overlap In Unexpected Ways When The Truth Does Emerge, McBride Shows Us That Not All Secrets Are Meant To Be Hidden, That The Best Way To Grow Is To Face Change Without Fear, And That The Seeds Of Love Lie In Hope And CompassionBringing To These Pages Both His Masterly Storytelling Skills And His Abiding Faith In Humanity, James McBride Has Written A Novel Every Bit As Involving As The Good Lord Bird And As Emotionally Honest As The Color Of Water Told With Insight And Wit, Deacon King Kong Demonstrates That Love And Faith Live In All Of Us

  • Hardcover
  • 371 pages
  • Deacon King Kong
  • James McBride
  • English
  • 07 April 2017
  • 9780735216723

About the Author: James McBride

James McBride is a native New Yorker and a graduate of New York City public schools He studied composition at The Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Ohio and received his Masters in Journalism from Columbia University in New York at age 22 He holds several honorary doctorates and is currently a Distinguished Writer in Residence at New York University He is married with three children He lives in

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    This took a lot longer for me to finish than I was anticipating It s not particularly long or dense, but was just difficult to get back into once I put it down The characters are charming, fleshed out and full of life, but initially it was hard to connect with what they were doing Honestly I was over halfway through Deacon King Kong wondering what it was even about I mean, I knew what was happening, but I didn t understand what James McBride was trying to say I had no idea where it was headed, even as pieces began to overlap and fall together The seriousness of the catalyst and crime, Sportcoat shooting a 19 year old drug dealer in broad daylight, was played against the absurdity of the life he s leading I didn t know how I was supposed to react should I be on the edge of my seat or should I be cackling at the hijinks of the Cause Houses residents Was Sportcoat s utter confusion at the crime he was being told he committed funny or sad I think those questions ended up being indicative of the skill in James McBride s writing In places of poverty and where the only real ways to get ahead are on the wrong side of the law, you have to be able to find the bright spots or you ll be drowned in the dark places You can t just live to survive.While I did feel kind of aimless in the first half, the back half was nearly impossible to tear myself away from I kept hoping for not just an ending, but a resolution Despite not seemingly having anything in common with a majority of the characters like I originally felt, I became engrossed in their lives Deacon King Kong is one of those novels whose brilliance sneaks up on you I haven t been this pleasantly surprised by a book in a while, and I ll be looking to pick up by McBride going forward Thanks to Penguin Group Riverhead Netgalley for an advance copy

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    Deacon King Kong is a crime novel centering around life in the projects in the 1960 s New York City What makes this novel such a standout achievement is not so much the action or plot so much as the writing which tells a whole life story in one paragraph If not in each sentence Often the characters are revealed in poetic street raps about how they earned their nicknames and what s going on McBride is an author I d never heard of before, but one worth checking out.Look, the lead character in this novel is an old codger who works here and there as a handyman and part time church deacon His nickname is sport coat and he s on a lifelong drunken binge on hooch his friend cooks up and affectionately calls King Kong Sport coat is haunted by his dead wife s ghost who one night followed the lights off the pier Sport coat doesn t always remember what s going on He hangs out mornings by the flagpole where the old folks gather, which is claimed in the afternoons by the local drug dealer One day he walks up to Deems and plugs him a good one Other characters include an Italian mobster who runs deliveries out of a container in a storage yard and whose father had a soft spot for the church by the projects All these multi faceted characters are brought to life by this story No ones a superhero, a star, a gunslinger in the old west.

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    4.5, rounded upI would like to thank GR giveaways and Riverhead Books for an advanced readers copy.James McBride has written an entertaining and very funny, witty novel with laugh out loud dialogue and even a touch of slapstick However, while humorous, this is also a very serious and disturbing novel as McBride confronts issues of racism and the problems that often spring from public housing such as poor conditions, violence and drugs A tricky balance, but one that McBride handles successfully, as he has in his previous work.Set in 1969 New York, a large cast of characters populate the book and give voice to the story those living in public housing and its church members, police, drug dealers and those involved in Italian organized crime McBride excels here, his characters come to life, some nearly jumping off the page While the characters can often be comic in nature, McBride also writes scenes that are heartfelt and true, scenes of great poignancy I must return to the dialogue in regards to the characters The affectionate verbal sparring between the central character, Sportcoat, and his friend Hot Sausage, two elderly drunks, is simply priceless The next time a friend is talking crazy nonsense, I hope I remember the expression Is your cheese done slid off your cracker I had never heard that one and it, along with many others, delighted me As far as the narrative itself, this is where I could pick at things and I needed to step back for a few days before a final rating and review McBride takes the reader on a wild ride Unfortunately, at times, I thought it all a bit convoluted with a raise of an eyebrow at certain turns in the plot While completely enjoying the ride, I had some mixed feelings on structure and whether the story worked completely I had to stop and remind myself that this really is, in essence, a comedic novel and that what I was apt to criticize was generally in keeping with that basic concept In the end, I decided that I had such a good time that I could ignore that need to pick at the plot details Overall, this is an engaging novel that shouldn t disappoint McBride fans.

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    4.5 starsJames McBride is an incredible storyteller His characters are always fully realized and he allows readers to learn everything about them through subtle but powerful development His upcoming release Deacon King Kong is a stunning look at African American and Latinx residents of the Cause Houses in south Brooklyn during the 1960s.Members of the Five Ends Baptist Church are concerned about their deacon, Sportcoat, after the death of his wife Hettie The old man has been an alcoholic for years, nipping the homemade liquor called King Kong in the basement, but he s quickly spiraling Bad health has followed him his whole life, from South Carolina to New York, and yet the man continues to cheat death.Then comes the day that Sportcoat walks up to the flagpole where the young man called Deems is dealing drugs and shoots him with an old.38 Death is sure to find Sportcoat now that the top drug dealer in the Cause has been shot.What follows is the incredible story of the people affected by the shooting from the victim and the witnesses to the local police officers and the Italian mob All the characters eventually connect in surprising and clever ways to share a poignant and often hilarious tale of faith and change in the whirlwind of 1960s New York.The characters and their community are crystal clear in my mind and I didn t want their story to end If you re a fan of James McBride, literary fiction, or are just searching for an atmospheric story to get lost in, you ll want to pick up Deacon King Kong.Thanks to Riverhead Books and Edelweiss for providing a DRC in exchange for my honest review Deacon King Kong is scheduled for release on March 3, 2020.For reviews, visit www.rootsandreads.wordpress.com

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    Brooklyn 1969 A housing project with a view of the Statue of Liberty Heroin is beginning its invasive inroads into the population That s the setup Populated with the most colorful, diverse cast imaginable, award winner James McBride has accomplished the difficult feat of making each character come alive, every set up believable and relatable As their stories are revealed and intertwine, the rascals and heroes of these mean streets are presented with such heart and beauty, I was sorry when it wrapped up The writer who came to mind most clearly during the reading was Jimmy Breslin, who shares his insider s love of New York, his journalistic background, his talent for dialogue and beautifully wrought farce Which is not to omit the larger implications behind the humor Well done.

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    McBride always brings the fire, and this one is no exception A host of quirky characters drives this neighborhood novel brilliantly told with vigorous prose that ties in neighborhood history More to come. Updated 10 20 James McBride is showing his love here for the black church, though some may find his treatment as lacking in love, as the Five Ends Baptist Church in the Cause House projects in Brooklyn, NY is the center of this novel of love and intrigue Deacon Sportcoat is derisively referred to as Deacon King Kong after the homemade hooch made by his friend, Rufus Obviously being a frequent imbiber of the liquor had earned him this moniker Sportcoat was never fond of the name, but that never stopped him from overindulging.With characters such as Hot Sausage, Sister Gee, Sister Bum Bum, Pudgy Fingers, and others, the zaniness of the goings on is endearing to readers The church is not perfect and neither is their favorite deacon, Sportcoat The fact is, unbeknownst to the residents of the Cause, the death of Cuffy Jasper Lambkin which was Sportcoat s real name had been predicted long before he arrived at the Cause Houses When he was slapped to life back in Possum Point, South Carolina, seventy one years before, the midwife who delivered him watched in horror as a bird flew through an open window and fluttered over the baby s head, then flew out again, a bad sign She announced, He s gonna be an idiot, handed him to his mother, and vanished, moving to Washington, DC, where she married a plumber and never delivered another baby again Sportcoat cleaned the church two days per week but had other jobs around the Cause houses When Sportcoat shoots the local drug dealer, everyone fears for Sportcoat s life He remains unfazed Sportcoat feels like he has established enough of a rapport with Deems Clemons the local drug dealer that should give him some latitude How will this play out There is a mini side plot going on in the novel, and though it adds some mystery I didn t think it was entirely necessary and serves as a minor irritant McBride s prose is keen and snappy keeping the action humming and doesn t allow the irritant to become a full out distraction The way McBride allows this to unfold is gorgeous, heartening in its denouement This was thoroughly enjoyable and sure to be an early 2020 favorite Thanks to Netgalley and Penguin Random House for providing an advanced DRC Book drops March 3, 2020

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    Yup, that s the new James McBride, pub date March 2020

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    This book was fantastic I m a bit lost for words on how best to describe the story and give it the justice it deserves, but I m going to try This story is about New York in the 1960s as neighborhoods transition and its inhabitants wrestle with the identities thrown on them rather than bring who they are It follows multiple perspectives of people who live in around a neighborhood called the Cause Houses It s not the most glamorous neighborhood, but the people make do They have their own traditions, urban legends, and a fierce sense of loyalty to their fellow neighbor The story kicks off when Sportcoat, a local drunk, who, in a blackout state, shoots a local drug dealer, Deems Clemans, who was once the kid everyone thought would make it to the major leagues in baseball This sparks a series of events that all lead the people of this neighborhood to reconsider what they have as the status quo and how they d like to keep it that way, or change it The characters in this book are so well fleshed out Each one has a role to play in the story from the bum in the corner to Sportcoat They all pull at your emotions and turn this story into one you can almost see playing out in your backyard It s a timeless tale of community and the people who make it run as well as the people who like to throw wrenches into things My favorite character was The Elephant, an aging Italian smuggler who just wants a simple life Crime is anything but simple though I would recommend this to anyone who liked Let the Great World Spin or those who like literary fiction where the characters dictate how the story goes.

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    Oh my, what a fabulous book James McBride is an exquisite writer

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    I d highly recommend Deacon King Kong for readers who ve enjoyed

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