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    Well researched, and for the time includes a great deal of precise, culturally specific content that was gathered with respect for the Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Natchez It is a long read, one that you might shorten if you re able to pinpoint what you re looking for in the index While there is contemporary research done by members of their own community that now might overshadow some of these older works it is important to continue to use these references Cushman did a go...

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History of the Choctaw, Chickasaw and Natchez Indians H B Cushman, The Son Of Missionaries Working At Mayhew, A Choctaw Indian Station In Mississippi, Observed The Indians Heartbreaking Removal From Mississippi Between 1831 And 1833 Later In Life He Continued To Be Associated With Them, When He Lived In Texas Just Across The Red River From The Choctaws And Chickasaws.In 1884, In An Attempt To Criticize White Exploitation Of The Indians, Cushman Embarked On Writing His History Of The Choctaw, Chickasaw And Natchez Indians From The Indians Point Of View He Spent Six Years Renewing Contacts, Visiting Cemeteries, Observing Indian Councils, And Studying Indian Records In The Original Languages Published In 1899, His History Is Extremely Valuable For His Firsthand Observations On The Removal And Later History Of The Choctaws And Chickasaws As Well As For Its Material On The Natchez Indians, About Whom Little Is In Print.