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Tales of the Unexpected Contents Taste Lamb To The Slaughter Man From The South My Lady Love, My Dove Dip In The Pool Galloping Foxley Skin Neck Nunc Dimittis The Landlady William And Mary The Way Up To Heaven Parson S Pleasure Mrs Bixby And The Colonel S Coat Royal Jelly Edward The ConquerorRoald Dahl S Tales Of The Unexpected Is A Delightfully Dark Collection Of Sixteen Stories, Each With A Startling End Among The Unforgettable Characters Lurk The Homicidal Wife And Her Deadly Leg Of Lamb, A Conniving And Lecherous Wine Connoisseur And The One Eyed Brain At The Mercy Of His Vengeful Spouse Tales Of The Unexpected Is An Astonishing Assortment Of Twisted Treats From The Master Storyteller

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    I must admit that when I first purchased this book, I really thought it was a book for children Why did I think this Well, mostly because I ve only read childrens books by Roald Dahl This is not a book for children This is another review in progress, starting with the very first story Taste is the story of two men, Mike Schoefield and Richard Pratt They have this curious tradition that Mike finds a wine, a really good wine, and then Richard has to guess what it is However, at this particular dinner party the stakes are raised Since this is a story with a twist, I won t reveal the ending, except to say that it kept me at the edge of my seat all the way to the end I ve not felt my heart beat like this for a long time while reading a story 4 stars Lamb to the Slaughter is the story about how Mary Maloney got away with murdering her husband What still puzzles me is what her husband told her why was he leaving her Yeah, the answer is probably a solid story, fast paced and entertaining 3 stars Man from the South is another betting story, this one involving a boy, a man, a cadillac and a little finger This story must absolutely have inspired the director of Four Rooms yet might not turn out exactly as you expect it to Awesome story 4 stars My Lady Love, My Dove is the story of a couple that run some kind of a hotel The are bored and the woman wants to play a trick on her customers, so they install a sound system at one of the rooms so that they can listen and make sounds However, the couple that moves in may have plans of their own The weakest of the bunch so far, but still a good story 2.5 stars Dip in the Pool has a strange premise A cruise ship is crossing the atlantic ocean and the people aboard are betting how long they get each day One of the travellers is looking to earn a a lot of cash and is willing to do something REALLY stupid Awesome story that really kept me at the edge of my seat Oh, and there is a twist that you didn t see coming 5 stars Galloping Foxley tells the story of William Perkins, a contented commuter However, this is about to change as another man enters Williams comfort zone and there is something familiar about this one A good and solid read 3 stars Skin is one of the morbid stories in the book so far It tells the story of a tattooist who one drunken night decides to get a tattoo of his own It is supposed to be a masterwork of his wife, by a young upcoming artist The tattoo is a masterpiece but the big question is, how do one sell such a masterpiece 4 stars Neck is about well I am honestly not sure It was a strangely incoherent read that didn t really grip me in any way It is about the relationship between a weak man and a dominating woman Other than that, you need to read it for yourself However, I can t recommend it 1 star

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    Goofing around with Google Translate on Roald Dahl s 100th birthday and the result was quite well unexpected

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    The problem with this book is that all of the endings were expected This would be a great book to use as a model for lessons in irony with a creative writing class, because that is the purpose of every story to provide an ironic ending to an otherwise relatively mundane story I like irony as much as anyone else, but none of the endings were surprising It s hard to stay engaged in a suspenseful short story when you can predict the ending from page two Luckily, I like to see execution, so I did read the book as a sort of self exercise.I d recommend this book to creative writing teachers, but not too many other people The verbiage is lovely I d use the words quaint or old fashioned to describe the style It makes me think of those work by Beatrix Potter mixed with Hemingway The irony is well executed, but other than thinking, wow, that was well set up I did not have much of a reaction to the stories.

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    An unexpected Dahl9 March 2019 Well, it seems that Roald Dahl wrote a lot than simply stories about chocolate factories, eccentric millionaires, BFG s what ever those letters mean I have some ideas, but won t repeat them in this family space, not that it s stopped anybody else , and giant peaches The thing is that a part of me was expecting this to simply be a collection of short children s stories Actually, not a part of me, all of me, so you can imagine my surprise when, as I was reading it, I discovered stories about this guy who goes around cutting off people s fingers, a woman who leaves her husband trapped in an elevator for two weeks, because he is just a pain in the neck, and this guy who thinks that it would be a jolly good idea to experiment on his brain after he dies to see if they can keep it alive Yeah, I don t think this is a collection of children s stories In fact, I feel that they are like a collection of stories that you would expect to find on the Twilight Zone minus the science fiction elements of course Well, there are some with some science fiction elements, just not all of them However, one thing that I can say is that they do tend to be rather grisley, and in some cases quite disturbing Or, like the guy that made a stupid bet, discovered that he has lost his bet, and then proceeds to attempt to rectify the situation by jumping overboard, only to discover when it is too late that the only person who witnessed him jump overboard happened to be a woman with dementia actually, this sounds like somebody who deserves a Darwin award The thing with a lot of these stories though is that Dahl doesn t always spell things out directly They all have twists that is the main theme that runs through all of them, but these twists aren t always spelt out directly a lot of them are implied This is probably another reason why they aren t actually children s stories because a lot of these implications are something that only some adults might be able to pick up not all, just some The other interesting thing is that a lot of these stories are actually familiar, despite the fact that I swear that I have never read this book before I guess that maybe it has something to do with there also being a television series based on the book as well I do remember something along those lines, but once again it was quite a while ago so my memory is a bit fuzzy Well, as for the book, it certainly gives you a completely different side to Roald Dahl, a side that is certainly, well, unexpected Actually, come to think of it, I guess this is why this book is called Tales of the Unexpected , namely because we wouldn t be expecting Dahl to write stuff like this despite the fact that a lot of these stories appeared in magazines long before he wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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    Ok so we all know that I don t like short stories so why am I reading this book Well, I WANT to like them and I thought if anyone can write short stories I ll like surely it would be Roald Dahl I just loved Tales of the Unexpected TV series admittedly that was many years ago.Unfortunately, it didn t work there are a couple of good ones but mainly I remain baffled.The stories are too abstract and random for my taste.

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    Unfortunately i only got to page 119 when i had to return it to the library, so i ll continue the rest of the book at a later time.Still, those stories I read, I really liked Very dahl esque, quirky stories that read very fast so don t ask why i didn t manage to finish it in the normal library loan time All kind of weird events, such as chopped fingers and even people who literally sell their skin, but they re all embedded in a very normal world And even though none of these stories really blew me away, they were fun It is always good to read something that originated in Roald Dahl s brain.

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    I decided to forgo reading the 900 page volume of all of Roald Dahl s short stories and purchase a smaller collection to make sure I actually liked them first And I did Tales of the Unexpected is full of just that tales with so many unexpected events This is Roald Dahl at his morbid best His children s books may be morbid, but they re nothing in comparison to his adult short stories I particularly liked Lamb to the Slaughter it was funny in a bleak sort of way Man From the South is of course, genius It s about a ridiculous bet that happens Taste also deals with a huge, and plain foolish, bet Dip in the Pool was really good too There were that I loved, but it would take too long to list them here But Roald Dahl is a genius In about 10 pages, he manages to make you drawn into the story, makes you feel chilled, and makes you gasp All of the stories take place in the ordinary world, but what lurks beneath it is stunningly portrayed Human nature is laid bare, events are laid bare, and Dahl draws heavily from his own childhood experiences in many of the stories.The stories also never end in anything definitive Dahl gives just enough of a conclusion to keep you wonder and guessing and thinking In Nunc Dimittis for example, the ending is such a teaser The story itself is wonderful, and at the end, you think you know what happened, but you can t be 100 % sure Roald Dahl s tales really are unexpected there were many instances when the story took a twist that I was shocked by, a twist that I hadn t expected at all And that makes the stories all the delicious They re aptly named, that s for sure, and I loved them.I don t know if I have a specific favorite story they were all really good, and all really chilling and effective Some of them were perhaps a bit too effective Parson s Pleasure for example had me literally gasping out loud at the end No, gasping isn t the right word like, exclaiming It was just soevil, the ending I could almost hear Roald Dahl laughing as he wrote it.Often but not always , Roald Dahl writes from the first person, but the narrator is a witness to the events Man From the South , one of his most famous and chilling stories is narrated by someone who witnesses the sinister bet that takes place They re not actually a main character in the events, but they just happen to see it all However, not all of his stories are told like that.I really, really loved this collection of stories, and Roald Dahl was really a genius writer I ve been reading a lot of morbid fiction lately mostly Roald Dahl , so I think I might take a break and read something lighter Still, I would highly recommend this one.www.novareviews.blogspot.com

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    This fine, darkly funny, collection by Roald Dahl contains all the stories previously published in the two volumes Tales of the Unexpected and More Tales of the Unexpected The back cover of my edition describes it as a superb compendium of vengeance, surprise, and dark delight and that s as good a characterization as any I can come up with Continuing with my shameless plagiarization of the cover blurb, it describes the recipe for a typical Dahl tale Take a pinch of unease Stir in a large dollop of the macabre, add a generous helping of dark and stylish wit, and garnish with the bizarre Again, that gives you a pretty good sense of what you will find in this terrific collection of 25 stories Though it perhaps fails to convey just how funny they are Not to mention well constructed and well written Dahl has a particular knack for knowing just which detail to include and just as important knowing what to leave out Many of the best stories in tbis book stop just on the threshold of the truly dark, because the author knows that it s far effective to leave the details unfold and reverberate in the reader s imagination.These tales may remind some readers of the stories of Patricia Highsmith My sense is that they are not as dark as Highsmith s, nor meant to be, because where one feels that Highsmith s misanthropism ran through to the bone, Dahl s is worn lighter You can almost feel him winking to the reader, as one nasty character after another meets a suitably macabre fate it s only a yarn, chum I suspect Dahl actually liked other people quite a bit than Highsmith Upon reflection, a better comparison for these tales might be the stories of Saki H.H Munro.Either way, it s a hugely enjoyable, often hilarious collection, which I consider the best of Dahl s work I may be one of the few people on the planet who doesn t get Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , which I find excessively weird, both the book and pace, Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp fans both film versions And some of Dahl s other work, e.g the frankly misogynistic My Uncle Oswald , doesn t do it for me either Though you gotta love Matilda , and I ve never read the story on which the Fantastic Mr Fox movie is based.Almost all of these stories have been adapted for TV, by directors ranging from Hitchcock to Tarantino Even if you ve seen the series Tales of the Unexpected , the stories themselves are well worth reading My personal favorite is probably the little old lady taxidermy story, though the one about Liszt reincarnated as a kitty has to be a close runner up Or Royal Jelly Or Lamb to the Slaughter or Parson s Pleasure But this way madness lies, because really, there s not a dud in the bunch.

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    I wish I could give this a 3.5 Roald Dahl is one of my favorite authors, and I love all his children s books However, I was not sure what to expect from this collection of short stories aimed at older readers I think the main problem, was the first few stories were EXCELLENT, and set the bar way too high for the remaining tales That is not to say they were bad Every story was good and enjoyable, its just the first few were truly marvelous By far my favorite of the stories was Lamb to the slaughter , the ten page story of Mary Malony, who murders her husband with a chicken leg then calls the police over to investigate This story is easily some of the best ten pages I have ever read Other magnificent stories were Man from the South its about an man who loves betting fancy cars for peoples fingers Dip in the pool a man jumps over board on a cruise liner, just to win some money Skin A man has a tattoo worth millions of dollars on his back Parsons Pleasure A business man tries to buy a priceless antique for 20 pounds These were the ones that really stood out and amazed me, but each and every story in here was magnificent Tales of the Unexpected is highly recommended

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    3.5 starsAn entertaining book, some stories were very predictable but others were great.My personal favorites are The Landlady, Nunc Dimittis, and Skin And the best one The way up to Heaven.I didn t like the fact that the author portraited every women in the book in such a grotesque way but most of the characters were very interesting, the stories were original and the imagination of the author is noticeable.I want to keep on reading his work.