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A Woman to Blame ➳ A Woman to Blame Read ➻ Author Vincent Panettiere – Thomashillier.co.uk Hours after a thoroughbred racehorse collapses and dies after finishing last in a race he was favored to win, his trainer—a young woman with a promising career—is found dead on a suburban Chicago Hours after a thoroughbred racehorse collapses and dies after finishing last in a race he was favored to win, his trainer—a young woman with a promising career—is found dead on a suburban Chicago beach To the police, it's a simple case of murdersuicide But Mike Hegan, veteran police A Woman PDF or detective, refuses to believe the official story Instead of retiring like they want him to, he embarks upon a search for the truth, and finds himself on a Caribbean island where scores are settled—and lives are lostFans of James Patterson and other crime fiction writers will find a new hero in Mike Hegan—a detective who defies convention to make sure that justice is served.

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  • 15 October 2018

About the Author: Vincent Panettiere

vincentpanettiere He is a former licensed and bonded literary agent in Los Angeles representing writers and directors in TVFilm At the same time he was an agent certified by the Major League Baseball Players Association to represent major league baseball players and did so As a writer early A Woman PDF or in his career he wrote and sold several film projects that in the byzantine world of motion pictures went unproduced He began his career as a reporter for the wire service UPI and Boston Herald, a daily newspaper.

10 thoughts on “A Woman to Blame

  1. Grady Grady says:

    A bristlingly fine mystery

    Los Angeles author Vincent Panettiere began his colorful career as a sports writer for a wire service and Boston daily, altered his path by accepting several executive positions at CBS and Fox Network, wrote several film scripts yet to be produced and served as a literary agent for television and film writers and directors, and as a sports agent for major league and professional baseball players. He is the author of THE INTERNET FINANCING SOLUTION, and while that book is an expose of Internet scams, it is also the experience of the author and his personal unfortunate experiences with the Internet global scams. With the success of that first outing with writing he followed with a well-sculpted mystery thriller THE SCOPAS FACTOR, and continued success with THESE THY GIFTS, and this revised edition of A WOMAN TO BLAME.

    The impact of this novel rises from the exceptional art of the cover and proceeds with Vincent’s facility with language allowing him to say so much in so few poignant words. And example of this is his opening paragraphs – “What’s the mystery?” Mike Hegan asked as his boots shuffled a path through the newly fallen snow. They were not words he would use when called to the scene of the most recent homicide in Chicago. As the icy winds of January sliced into the city from Lake Michigan, Hegan cared less about this destination. He wanted the slog to end so his cheeks, all four of them, could thaw. “You’ll See. We’re almost there,” a warm, female voice answered with barely a trace of shiver. Hegan knew the voice belonged to Lucy. As they made their way up Michigan Avenue, she was barely visible. Her head was bent against the wind and snow sprinkles. Her body was swaddled in a floor-length, cranberry-colored down coat. “I heard a voice, but all I can see is cranberry Bubble Wrap”… And with this entry Vincent reminds us of his main character’s droll qualities – ‘Humor had saved Hegan from uncomfortable moments and situations since he was an adolescent. Now, he felt his comedic chops emerging to rescue him again.’

    The concise summary offered before reading is adequate to place us in the realm of the gist of the tale. `Hours after a thoroughbred racehorse collapses and dies after finishing last in a race he was favored to win, his trainer—a young woman with a promising career—is found dead on a suburban Chicago beach. To the police, it's a simple case of murder-suicide. But Mike Hegan, veteran police detective who defies convention to make sure that justice is served, refuses to believe the official story. Instead of retiring like they want him to, he embarks upon a search for the truth, and finds himself on a Caribbean island where scores are settled—and lives are lost.’

    This edition shows a polished Vincent Panettiere, further substantiating his remarkably solid stance as a writer of substance. His insights, sensitivity to issues - contemporary and enduring ones, and his eloquent prose place him near the top of today’s authors’ peak. Highly recommended.

  2. Stephen R. Stephen R. says:

    Vincent Panettiere’s A Woman to Blame is perhaps the author’s finest work to date. The book is a slow burner of a mystery that hooks it reader in during the early stages and then takes down on a rollercoaster ride through to the conclusion.

    Panettiere’s strength lies in his exceptional character development. The characters in A Woman to Blame are all fully formed and complex, and its this believability that really helps drive the novel forward. The novel works both as a thrilling mystery and an intensely personal character study.

    Panettiere is also not afraid to tackle some darker themes in the novel. Domestic violence, anger, and law enforcement politics are tackled head-on in the novel and its Panettiere’s unwavering commitment to delivering a story that feels authentic that really makes this one a must-read.

    A Woman to Blame is perfect for those who enjoy detailed and vivid character descriptions as well as a mystery and an excellent crime novel.

  3. Nadene (Totally Addicted to Reading) Nadene (Totally Addicted to Reading) says:

    It’s been a while since I have indulged in reading a good mystery and I made it my goal to read more mysteries in 2015. When I read the synopsis for A Woman to Blame, I thought this would be a good start to achieving my goal. Based on what I read I honestly believed that this would be an exciting and entertaining read. The fact that I had no knowledge of the author did not deter me from making my choice. The incentive for me was that this book involved the hero solving a murder and I could not wait to get in between the pages. After completing this title I knew I had made a good choice and I would definitely read more of this author’s work. A Woman to Blame had me hooked from the first page and it had me eagerly turning the pages as I attempted to figure out who did it. There were many suspects and just when you think you have it figured out, Mr. Panettiere throws in a twist that has you questioning your initial deductions. The characters are colourful and interesting and the way they are portrayed kept me on my toes. The male protagonist is Mike Hegan a veteran cop who was forced into retirement as a result of an injury he received off-duty. He, however, was not willing to turn his badge until he solved the murder of Ariel Sutherland. To say he was obsessed with this case is an understatement. He is willing to risk life and limb to prove that she is a victim of foul play and not suicide as the powers that be would want the public to believe. Mike is not the type of cop who sees things as being black and white, instead he thinks outside the box. He is a strong believer that all is not as it seems. This is what makes him a good investigator. He is joined in his quest by the victim’s sister Portia Sutherland. Portia is determined to avenge her sister’s murder. She is stubborn and she has an acerbic attitude as such, she did not have much friends. However, Mike was not going to let that deter him has he needed her help in solving this murder. They are complete opposites with the same goal. The story possesses all the elements that makes is a good suspenseful read. The plot is well paced and there are enough twists to make your head spin. This is a great read and the best I have read so far in 2015. The only problem I had and it prevented me from giving it 5 stars is the editing. There were several typos and grammatical errors. If you enjoy a good mystery and you are looking for a story that will keep you guessing at every turn, then A Woman to Blame is the script for you.

  4. Tara Phillips Tara Phillips says:

    Vincent Panettiere was a literary agent and a legend to his profession, representing writers and directors in televIsion and film. In 2014, Panettiere reported in an interview, he was certified by the Major League Players Association (MLBPA) to represent major league baseball players. Previously he was an executive with Twentieth Century Fox and CBS.

    A Woman To Blame riles every core of exasperation, routing for justice, grief, anger, unprecedented events that create layers of truth and deception. How can all of the adjectives fit together? How can a man stumble on 2 murders and be brave enough to play detective and seek out the truth? Not only a person's murder but the a defenseless horse.

    In the interview, https://thepenmuse.net/blog-tour-woma... reports this novel was a rejected screenplay, Panettiere dug out of his hard drive years later and decided to attempt at writing his first novel.
    Kudos indeed.

    Crime fiction writers will find a new hero in Mike Hegan—a detective who defies convention to make sure that justice is served. says the author.

    Mike Hegan's intuition has never been dull even after a work related injury, nothing will stop his pursuit of investigating the wrongdoings of criminals hurting the ones he loves. Even in retirement, he does not tire to be the most beloved, well rounded character in the book. While the facts are facts, seek your own intuition to the truth.

  5. Scott Scott says:

    I personally love a book with a great cast of characters and a plot that keeps me guessing. I will admit, when I first picked up A Woman to Blame, however, I was left trying to figure out where Vincent Panettiere was going. The plot jumped around a bit at the beginning but as I got further into it I realized that it was because he was writing the novel as if it would be a screen play. The jumping around also provided me with the background information that I needed about the main characters in order to follow what was going on. Once the plot got going I really enjoyed Panettiere’s ability to keep me on my toes with his writing style.

    Our hero is a Veteran cop whose career ended with medical disability after an incident. Our hero, Mike Heagan, had a rough go of it between the physical altercations and the emotional events that take place throughout the novel. Any normal person wouldn’t be able to take all of the struggles thrown at Heagan. The way that Panettiere writes this novel makes you fall in love with not just Heagan but all of the characters that he writes about all the way down to the minor characters that we only see briefly.

  6. Robin Perron Robin Perron says:

    If you are a fan of novels that keep a good pace and also keep you thinking then A Woman to Blame by Vincent Panettiere will be right up your alley. The main character is Mike Heagan, tough guy cop whose career ends because of medical disability. His life was no cup of tea either. After announcing his engagement to his fiancé he loses her. He has substantial conflicts to deal with within in his family. And he’s a cop, it can’t get much harder.

    The story opens with Mike on a small Carribean Island investigating a homicide that he disagrees with the official ruling on. His quest for the truth takes him places from Chicago to the Carribean and introduces to characters from all walks of life. Even the small characters that we only see briefly are well developed and interesting. The characters are so engaging that I would love to see Mike Heagan as the center of a series. Well done.

  7. Booksiren Booksiren says:

    Veteran police detective Mike Hegan investigates a murder-suicide as he struggles to come to terms with a personal loss in Panettiere’s latest well-crafted police procedural.

    When a champion thoroughbred racehorse collapses and dies in mysterious circumstances after finishing last in a race while his trainer goes missing and is later found dead miles away on a suburban beach, Detective Mike Hegan knows a crucial link is missing in the case. While the police rule the case as a murder-suicide, Hegan sets on to search for the truth on his own and finds himself entangled in a deadly game of deception and revenge.

    The pace of the book is smooth and the prose elegant, but it’s characterization at which Panettiere truly excels. All the characters, including major and ancillary, are sketched with utmost precision and come alive in the reader’s mind. Hegan’s police career is at a low ebb following his injury in a shooting incident and his ongoing discord with his brother-in-law, and his unhappy personal life (with the loss of his fiancé) makes it even harder to bear. Lucy doesn’t get much space in the book but succeeds in making her place in the reader’s heart, whereas Hegan’s friends make for an endearing lot. The main antagonist (Johnny Faraci) comes out as a formidable figure, while the other villains are equally menacing.

    Panettiere explores complex themes of domestic violence, anger issues and includes plenty of law enforcement particulars with details of police bureaucracy and mafia politics to please crime lovers. Full of both subtle twists and swift revelations, the narrative is fueled with a hefty dose of tension as the brutal killings continue and separate narrative threads come together as the story advances. Although the murderers are known to the reader right from the beginning, the tension keeps on building with the progression of the story as the motives of the killers remain unknown. It’s only at the end that the reader is able to piece together the loose ends and learns of the actual solution.

    This is a slow-building, complex, and elaborate mystery, but Panettiere keeps a relentless grip on his readers as new motives arise throughout the story. With its top-notch characterization, elaborate backstory, and a hefty dose of relentless tension, this rich, engrossing novel will delight lovers of slow-building, intricate mysteries.

    Highly recommended to fans of Elizabeth George, Peter Robertson!

  8. Kieran Kieran says:

    A well-written mystery novel is highly dependent on its cast of characters. If they are not well-rounded, there will not be as much intrigue regarding who is guilty. If they are not interesting, then the reader will not care who is guilty and who is innocent. The way in which the characters are introduced is fairly interesting as well. From early on, the novel will occasionally appear to shift viewpoints slightly. While some reviewers have claimed that this can get confusing, it also teaches the readers to stay on their toes. It is also a much more sensible style of writing when one considers that the author, Vincent Panettiere, used to work on unproduced screenplays.

    The main character is definitely one of the most interesting of the bunch. Mike Hegan is supposed to be ending his career, but he cannot let go of a case that he feels has been wrapped up too neatly. He decides to delve further, and turns out to be right in doing so. Some reviewers have stated a desire to see this tough, stubborn detective as the basis for a longer series. Whether or not this comes to fruition, the depth of Panettiere’s character writing would certainly validate further mystery novels by this impressive author.

    “A Woman to Blame” would have made an excellent movie had the original idea been picked up for a screenplay, but it might make an even more excellent novel as it is now. This incredibly well-written mystery is worth checking out for those who like a truly gritty tale with a sense of intrigue that seems torn straight out of yesteryear and fashioned in a way that modern audiences should be easily able to appreciate.

  9. Re:Views Re:Views says:

    'A Woman to Blame' by Vincent Panettiere is a cracking crime novel with a plot that has twists and turns that you will never see coming. Mike Hagen feels compels to investigate when a champion horse mysteriously collapses and dies, and its trainer is found dead soon after one. Hagen knows there is more to this case than meets the eye and instead of wrapping up his career after a serious injury, he finds himself drawn back into danger once again. His quest for the truth takes him to the Caribbean and deep into a murky tale of revenge and betrayal, that may just swallow him up too.

    The fast-paced read, kept me entertained all weekend. It was full of tension and suspense, with a twisting plot that expertly interweave several subplots until the thrilling conclusion. Mike Hagen is a great protagonist – one of those classic hard-nosed, persistent, and fearless detectives that will risk everything to uncover the truth. I loved it!

  10. Robin Surface Robin Surface says:

    Great story – should be a series

    The characters, even those who only put in a brief appearance, are three-dimensional and fleshed out well. The main character, Mike Hegan, is a tough guy who’s had a rough time of it emotionally – and the punches, literal and mental, keep rolling for him throughout the book. All of this makes you want to take his side in every fight.

    With this mystery, the reader is taken on a roller coaster ride that weaves in and out of the lives of several different people from varying walks of life, including mobsters, horse trainers, artists, policemen and florists. The setting also changes often – from racetracks to mobsters’ homes to Caribbean islands. All of this combines to make the story anything but boring.

    I would love to see this turned into a series. Hegan and his large florist friend would make an interesting PI duo, especially if the author added some more humor to the mix.

    The only thing that keeps this novel from being a truly great book is the lack of proofreading done on the manuscript. Please, for the love of God, get someone to fix the manuscript and resubmit it so that readers can truly enjoy the experience of reading this great story without the irritation of typos, incorrect punctuation, etc.

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