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  1. Dita Dita says:

    Ho oh oh oh oh ly cowThis book is brilliant just brilliantCrammed full of secrets surprises twists and misdirection it just ramps and ramps and ramps to a spectacular conclusionI have always been a DJ Palmer fan but this may be his bestThank you to St Martin's Press for giving me a widget It was my pleasure to write an honest review

  2. Paromjit Paromjit says:

    DJ Palmer's latest psychological thriller proves to be a brilliant and addictive read the highlight of which for me was his impressive research into the mental health condition of Disassociative Identity Disorder which might be familiar to readers as Multiple Personality Disorder that he illustrates with his character of Penny Fragile teenager Penny Francone has been arrested for brutal and horrifying murder covered in blood and with the murder weapon in what appears to be a slam dunk of a case and placed in a locked ward at the Edgewater State Psychiatric Hospital Penny is the adoptive daughter of Grace and Arthur who have two sons Jack and Ryan a much wanted child after being found in mysterious circumstances growing up in a loving and caring household Grace is doing what mothers so often do feeling guilty but she is the ultimate protective and determined mother she believes her daughter is innocent and nothing is going to stop her getting to the truth aided by Dr Mitch McHugh a man with issues of his own However this is going to bring danger not to mention the fact that she faces a hostile public and threats to their livelihood Are one of Penny's alters such as Eve Ruby or Chloe responsible for the killing? Is Penny lying about her condition? Penny's unknown background includes a traumatic childhood with her drug addict mother as the reader is left reeling with twist after twist in this tale of deception secrets betrayal and lies This is complex edgy and multilayered storytelling with stellar characterisations particularly that of a Penny with her complicated and stressful mental health issues and which explores with skill the legal processes and medical issues within the form of a tense and suspenseful psychological thriller Highly recommended Many thanks to St Martin's Press for an ARC

  3. Nilufer Ozmekik Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    Holly hell My jaw dropped my nose hit the floor Before losing other parts of my face I’m screaming this is freaking fascinating This is like eating Wagyu steak accompanied with one bottle of St Emilion Grand Cru and a thick slice of Sweet Lady Jane’s chocolate cake This is uite thriller feast for meI found all my dreamy thrilling elements such as brutal murder unreliable narrators dissociative identity disorder mental hospital theme intense slow burn pace And of course mind shattering writing style which deceives you with new theories and sudden changing directions make you uestion your own reality And that pulling the rug up it from under you kind of extra WTH final that revelation earned extra star from me For million years I could never see it coming The author punched me so fast and I barely gathered myself uick summary of the story I’ll do everything not to give spoilers and ruin your reading adventure Actually I’m really wondering how your face expression will change as you reach the last blowing chapters When Grace returns back to her home after busy working day at family Italian restaurant she realizes something must be wrong because her deceased husband’s car is not parked in front of the house and her daughter Penny is not at home Penny already deals with psychological issues and she was so close to get arrested after her murder bucket list she has written was gone viral So she has no permission to leave her without informing her mom and drive her father’s car But she did them both Somebody knocks the door Grace thinks her daughter came back but no there is a police officer waiting outside to inform her they arrested her daughter for murder charge She is found standing in front of her death birth mother covered in blood The murder weapon is covered with her fingerprints Grace doesn’t want to believe her daughter can commit such a brutal crime and actually her daughter Penny is long gone her body is invaded by her alter persona Eve who has no idea why she’s at the police station Penny Eve gets locked at the state hospital till her court date for detailed observation of her mental situation Her new doctor Mitch McHugh is expert about DID cases As other personas like Chloe Ruby starts to appear Mitch gets confused to give a diagnosis Penny’s one of the personas insist she wasn’t alone during the crime scene Could she tell the truth? Could somebody who knows her mental state to put the blame on her? Or could she be a psychopath who plays game with them by acting like she’s suffering from DID? Time to shut my big mouth This is good This is smart This is so far my favorite book of the author I highly recommend it to the author’s fans and psychological thriller crime thriller lovers By the way I mostly enjoyed Jack’s POV Penny’s brother who is Emerson College student plans to make a movie about his sister’s case His narration was dark smart sarcastic entertaining I loved his relationship dynamics with his sister Overall It deserved my five gazillion stars with its ultra smart writing style Special thanks to NetGalley and St Martin’s Press for sharing this digital reviewer copy with me in exchange my honest opinions

  4. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    I wish to thank NetGalley and Saint Martin's Press for this compelling and puzzling psychological thriller At its centre is a teenaged girl Penny She is believed to have a rare mental condition Disassociative Identity Disorder DID This was formerly called Multiple Personality Disorder that became known to the general public through two movies 'The Three Faces of Eve'the 1950s and 'Sybil'the 1970's There is still much unknown about the disorder and its cure that involves the integration of the separate personalities Penny was adopted at an early age by Grace and Arthur who happily welcomed her into a loving caring family with their two sons Her mother was a drug addict and her father was unknown It was assumed the child suffered from a traumatic experience before being found abandoned in a park Several years after her adoption Penny began to demonstrate mental problems when three other personalities began to emerge Eve Ruby and Chloe She was arrested for a frenzied brutal murder and found drenched in blood and holding the murder weapon She was imprisoned in a locked ward in the State Psychiatric Hospital while awaiting trial Grace is loving and fiercely protective of her daughter She is determined to have her found not guilty of the horrific murder There is much controversy about her diagnosis The prosecution would like to claim that the girl is a psychopath and is lying about her DID She was first diagnosed by the hospital psychiatrist as having a borderline personality disorder Grace wants the new psychiatrist Dr Mitch McHugh to prove she has DID and the possibility that one of her alternate personas committed the murder while Penny was unaware and unable to tell right from wrong This would make her not guilty by reason of insanity The possibility of a sudden psychotic break was also explored Dr Mitch is very cautious sympathetic and methodical in his assessment of Penny and in no rush to make a final diagnosis He has his own problems with his troubled son There are many twists turns and shocking surprises when the shy introverted Penny must testify in court This was a tense suspenseful and mystifying story with a complex well researched plot

  5. megs_bookrack megs_bookrack says:

    I've read about perfect girlfriends wives sons but never daughters I'm readyThank you St Martin's Press for the ARC I haven't even read the synopsis but if DJ Palmer wrote it I'm gonna read it

  6. Books Just 4 Me Books Just 4 Me says:

    The Perfect Daughter starts off with a bang Murder psychiatric hospitalprison multiple personalities a family in turmoil and an exhausted psychiatrist seeking the truthOH MY The descriptions are vivid and the emotions were palpable as Grace learns her teenage daughter Penny has been arrested for murder This was a highly addictive story I had a hard time putting it down because each chapter left me with anticipation for the next one It’s a story with multiple narrators who complement and share differing perspectives of the story I LOVED it The suspense twists and descriptive scenes had me right there with them The ending was awesome and full of excitement Touching epilogue too with real life issues being addressed which I remember follows suit with the epilogue from The New Husband as well I can’t wait to for from DJ Palmer Comes out in April 👏👏Thank you to Saint Martin’s Press and DJ Palmer for the opportunity to read this in exchange for my honest opinion

  7. Wendy& Wendy& says:

    October 23 2020 It Always Has Come DownTo This uestionNature Versus NurtureIt Has Been DebatedAnd Will BeBut For GraceHer Guilt Her PainFor Her Teenaged Daughter PennyIs Locked As Tight In Her HeartAs Her Daughter IsIn The Locked WardOf A Decaying State Psychiatric HospitalWith All Of The Evidence Pointing to PennyIt Was Necessary To Conclude Her Guilt In A MurderBut There Is More To This PicturePenny Was An Abandoned ChildNo Past to KnowBrought to Grace and ArthurLike A Miracle From AboveYet Soon Penny Was Not UsualShe Grew and Developed Others InsideDifferent Personalities Acting OutGrace And Arthur Did All They CouldTo Understand and Help Their DaughterNot Accepting DoubtersThey Finally FoundThe One Doctor Who Was Able SeeMore Than All The Other PersonalilitiesIt Puts Grace In JeopardyBecause With All This InvestigationShe May Need To ConfrontThe Perfect Daughter April 20th 2021 A gifted copy was provided by St Martin's Press via NetGalley for an honest review For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways

  8. Authentikate Authentikate says:

    Four ⭐️ Finished reading 10262020 another great offering from DJ Palmer and once again the author demonstrates a mastery of understanding the subject matter; this time—DID dissociative identity disorder Again it’s obvious careful research was conducted to understand the disorder including its controversies subtleties and nuancesA few years ago I was fascinated by DID also formerly known as multiple personality disorder I did what I call a “brain crawl”—diving in to books articles documentaries and YouTube testimonials from people purporting to have DID Especially with the latter two I observed subtle changes in those who claim to have DID as they “switched” from one identity to another Palmer depicted this interesting aspect to a T What a terrifying prospect to have multiple—often competing—aspects to one’s own identity that are at odds with the others Amnesia time loss and confusion are hallmarks of the disorder and Palmer captured the terror deftly Who has cause to be concerned? Grace the adoptive mother or Penny the young woman split off from herself Or is it herself at all? Did Penny commit then murder? Is she hiding something covering herself in fantasy or are others hiding something from her?Pick up a copy and discover the twisted truth Thanks to The publisher who sent a free copy in exchange for my unvarnished opinion #StMartin’sPress #Netgalley

  9. Dianne Dianne says:

    She was her daughter by choice not birth but Grace couldn’t have loved Penny That love and belief in her daughter as well as a mother’s unwavering determination to protect her child could be the only thing that saves Penny when she is accused of brutally murdering her birth mother and must face a trial that could ultimately destroy her fragile mindDoes Penny suffer from multiple personality disorder? Are the different personalities she exhibits real or is she a clever actress where the world is her stage? Who killed her mother? Is Penny a victim or a monster? Will she be able to piece together the fragments she sees in her mind? As Grace fights an uphill battle to prove her daughter’s innocence it seems the world is against her a she faces threats and the destruction of the family business her sole means to support her family Nothing will stop her from getting to the truth not even the Penny’s alter egos who may hold the key to the mystery man in the shadowsTHE PERFECT DAUGHTER by DJ Palmer is a taut and edgy suspense that will have readers falling down a rabbit hole of twisted darkness and plummeting into the abyss of mental health public ignorance and the terror of knowing that by the grace of God our minds have not endured the horrors that could split the human mindNail biting suspense that never lets upI received a complimentary ARC edition from St Martin's Press This is my honest and voluntary reviewPublisher St Martin's Press April 20 2021Genre Suspense ThrillerPrint length 384 pagesAvailable from | Barnes NobleFor Reviews Giveaways Fabulous Book News follow

  10. Kathryn E Hagen Kathryn E Hagen says:

    First this is a wonderfully written mystery Second if you are as affected as I am by reading about graphic animal cruelty you may either want to prepare yourself before starting this book or forego it altogether That said only one episode of this cruelty occurs in the storyThe plot is uite novel the birth mother of a teenager Penny Francone is found dead The teen is still at the scene of the crime covered with blood To add another twist this girl has been diagnosed with what we used to call multiple personality disorder Did she kill her birth mother? Despite all the evidence her mother Grace believes she is innocentPenny and her alters are sent to a forensic hospital to await trial A kind motivated psychiatrist works with her Her attorney is attentive Penny's adoptive mother works tirelessly at times ignoring her own safety in an effort to find information that might help her daughterIf you're like me you won't see the final twist coming I recommend this book with the reservation noted above I realized even at the time that some adults who hurt others start out by hurting animals but the episode is extremely difficult to read

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The Perfect Daughter [Ebook] ➠ The Perfect Daughter By D.J. Palmer – The Perfect Daughter is a thriller that explores the truth or lies behind a teenage girl's multiple personality disorder from DJ Palmer the author of The New HusbandGrace never dreamt she’d visit he The Perfect Daughter is a thriller that explores the truth or The Perfect ePUB ½ lies behind a teenage girl's multiple personality disorder from DJ Palmer the author of The New HusbandGrace never dreamt she’d visit her teenaged daughter Penny in the locked ward of a decaying state psychiatric hospital charged with the murder of a stranger There was not much uestion of her daughter’s guilt Police had her fingerprints on the murder weapon and the victim’s blood on her body and clothes But they didn’t have a motiveGrace blames herself because that’s what mothers do—they look at their choices and wonder what if But hindsight offers little than the chance for regretNone of this was conceivable the day Penny came into her life Then it seemed like a miracle Penny was found abandoned with a mysterious past and it felt like fate brought Penny to her and her husband Arthur But as she grew Penny's actions grew disturbing and different personalities emergedArthur and Grace took Penny to different psychiatrists many of whom believed she was putting on a show to help manage her trauma But Grace didn’t buy it The personas were too real too consistent It had to be a severe multiple personality disorder One determined psychiatrist Dr Mitch McHugh helped discover someone new inside Penny—a young girl named Abigail Is this the nameless girl who was abandoned in the park years ago Mitch thinks Abigail is the key to Penny’s past and to the murder But as Grace and Mitch dig deeper they uncover dark and shocking secrets that put all their lives in grave danger.

  • Hardcover
  • 384 pages
  • The Perfect Daughter
  • D.J. Palmer
  • 11 March 2015
  • 9781250267924

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