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Memories in the Drift [Ebook] ➠ Memories in the Drift ➦ Melissa Payne – Melissa Payne, bestselling author of The Secrets of Lost Stones, returns with another haunting and hopeful novel about redemption, the power of memory, and a woman’s will to reclaim her life
Free Unlimited eBook It’s September I know what I’m doing and why I am here…for nowTen years ago, Claire Hines lost her unborn child—and her shortterm memory—following a heartrending tragedy With notebooks, calendars, todo lists, fractured pieces of the past, and her father’s support, Claire makes it through each day, hour by Memories in Kindle - hour, with relative confidence She also has a closeknit community of friends in the remote Alaskan town where she teaches guitar to the local children It’s there, in the remindersAs determined as Claire is to regain all that’s disappeared, she’d prefer to live without some memories of her before life—especially those of her mother, Alice, who abandoned her, and Tate, the exboyfriend who broke her heartBut when Alice and Tate return from the past, there’ll be so much for Claire to relive And to discover for the very first time Through healing, forgiveness, and second chances, Claire may realize that what’s most important might not be recreating the person she was, but embracing the possibilities of being the person she is.

About the Author: Melissa Payne

As a middle child, Melissa Payne was born to tell stories What started with blaming her brother for breaking the car window evolved to a graduate thesis that she desperately wishes she could rewrite to blogging on motherhood and marriage Now she likes to imagine stories set in wild and beautiful places with characters in flawed and imperfect relationships, whether that’s between a mother and a d.

10 thoughts on “Memories in the Drift

  1. Jeff Jeff says:

    Prepare To Cry. Holy hell y'all. This book is one of the more tragic and yet also visceral books about memory loss I've encountered to date, bringing you into the mind of the person more than any other I've yet encountered. And it is also the one that made me *BAWL* unlike any since Barbara O'Neal's 2019 WHEN WE BELIEVED IN MERMAIDS. Which was over 300 books ago for me. If you're looking for a great story and a good cry, you've found one here. And just to be crystal clear, it isn't like the things that make you cry are hidden - in both cases I picked up on them about a quarter ish of the book before Payne actually explicitly revealed them. And yet the execution on the actual reveal was so gut punching both times... wow. Very much recommended.

  2. Jamie Jack Jamie Jack says:

    Uncommonly Beautiful Book

    The author hooked me right away with this book, as we are dropped right into Claire’s life as she is trying to make sense of her day. Why is this difficult? She suffered an accident years ago that essentially makes her forget what happens to her each day moving forward. The way she picks up situational clues and has it set up her world of notebooks, to-do lists, and calendars is surprisingly riveting. She only remembers her past in good detail; every day is new. She had a troubled life before, including a mother who left and a man who did not treat her right. When they both reappear in her life, what will that change for her? I loved the sense of community the author showed in vivid detail; everybody is wonderfully helpful and understanding of Claire's predicament. Claire is so resilient and hopeful even though she has this hard-for-us-to-fathom problem. This book certainly examines how to be the best you can be, no matter the difficult circumstances you might face. The book, too, will likely make you cry in places; I love heartfelt, emotional reads like this one. The author has created such a complex, sympathetic character, showing us how she triumphs over her day-to-day struggles as well as her problems from the past. An exceptionally well-done novel.

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  3. Pamela Scott Pamela Scott says:


    I’ve looked forward to another book by this author since I read The Secrets of Lost Stones, so I knew this had to be my Amazon First Reads choice this month. The premise really intrigued me as I’ve read and enjoyed books about memory loss and amnesia in the past. I was looking forward to seeing how the author dealt with the subject. I really enjoyed this aspect of the book, Claire copies by writing everything down, setting up a detailed schedule for every day and setting up reminders on her phone. It also helps that she lives in a small town where everyone rallies round her to be her memory, help her and nobody is bothered by how many times they need to introduce themselves. I fell in love with the town and the people who cared so much. This is a real tear-jerker. A great read.

  4. Barbara Barbara says:

    An interesting story about a woman with an impossible problem--her short-term memory is gone. How can you survive when you can't remember anything but your old memories for longer than five minutes? The answer is you take careful notes and let the people you love help you.

    This story was set in a real but unusual small town in Alaska where everyone lives in apartments in one tall building.

    In addition to dealing with memory loss, the novel dealt with alcoholism and child abuse. So it's a complicated but ultimately warming story.

    The only objection I had was the relationship between the main character and a young girl that is revealed at the end of the book. It was a stretch to believe it and how everyone had gone along with the painful charade for ten long years.

  5. Georgina Wyatt Georgina Wyatt says:

    I got this on Amazon Prime first reads and although it isnt my usuall genre, it seemed the most interesting of all the choices that were on offer.
    It was interesting and I'm glad I read it as it kept me guessing and curious throughout.

    I guess for me the only let down is that I would have loved to know how Maree reacted to the fact that Claire was her mother, I felt that that was a pivotal part of the story that was left out, we know from the end of the book she was happy about it but what about when she first found out? Just a few pages on that and how she was told etc I feel would have added to the story and made it much better, just a personal opinion though.
    I believe this author has other books so I will definitely check them out

  6. Janice Scott Janice Scott says:

    Absolutely fantastic

    One of the best books I have read (and I read many!) So different, poignant, beautiful, as well as opening to me with gentleness and humour a medical condition I’ve never met before, and introducing me to a location completely new to me. The characters are so genuine, warm and supportive of each other, with a huge depth of understanding. And little Maree is adorable, with a depth of empathy beyond her years. I want to read many more by this author.

  7. Candyce A. Candyce A. says:

    Beautiful storytelling

    I read this book on a long flight and was riveted. I’m so glad I had the time to finish it. The author’s ability to express what the main character was feeling was beyond amazing. It was so insightful to understand what it must feel like to have amnesia. I loved all the characters and the setting. The quotes that she used were very inspirational as well as the beautiful notes that her mother gave her. One of my top favorite books this year.

  8. P. P P. P says:

    Thank you amazon

    for allowing me to preview this book. Having previously read a book by this author, i thought i'd give another shot....... but, NOPE! though both books were well written they were just too predictable. I am not a fan of lifetime movies but if i were, this book would be a great choice. I felt the plot dragged on too long once it was figured out-----around chapter two. Doubtful i'll purchase a book from this author.

  9. Connie Eldridge Connie Eldridge says:

    Extraordinary and thought provoking!

    This book was amazing! I've never considered how it would be too loose short term memory. The twist and turns were happy, sad, brave, and scary. A wonderful read that will make you appreciate your life and abilities with new awareness. I recommend it to everyone! You won't be disappointed!

  10. Emma Emma says:

    Heart-warming, did remind me a little of the film 50 first dates which covers a similar theme. Thought this books portrayal of memory loss was really accurate, emotional memory remaining when events emotions are connected to are not. I would highly recommend it.

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