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  1. Cheri Cheri says:

    Christmas can never go by without my remembering a certain little cat I first saw her when I called to see one of Mrs Pickering's much loved Basset hounds A children's Christmas story by James Herriot with illustrations by Ruth Brown that set the uaint charming scene of this story of the gift of a life that arrives along with loss

  2. Wendi Wendi says:

    This book was a Christmas gift from my sister one year when i was little sometime in the 80s I loved it and still do It's one of my favorites from childhood and the hardcover copy my sister gave me so many years ago is still on my bookshelf today đź’–đź’–đź’–

  3. Rachel Rachel says:

    5 starsI remember taking this to school when I was about 8 years old for show and tell This was a favourite of mine The story is beautiful and the illustrations are just absolutely gorgeous This is one of those comfort books that you want to read while outside it's raining and you are curled up on the couch with a blanket and pillow all cozyUPDATE So I decided to read this It's just as sweet as I remember but what surprised me is that I realised this was one of those books that as a child because of all I had been through in my life already up to the time I was able to read this my brain had blocked the sadness in this story While it ends happily there is a deep sadness to it I always knew there was something about this that my brain wouldn't allow me to understand I guess now around 25 years later I read this in some strange way for the very first time The sweetness was there but the sadness was too I was able to take it all in The cloud around this has lifted and I still think it is a beautiful storyBut right now I'm definitely in a strong need of something NOT sad to read

  4. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    I haven't read any of Herroit's work yet so I can't compare to his famous novels but this is a nice old fashioned story about the dear country vet who happens to help out with a stray cat who visits a village lady around the holidays Ruth Brown's illustrations are warm and wonderfulSPOILER ALERTThis may not be the best story for all readers since the original cat passes away on Christmas day although she brings her new kitten to the hearth of the lady whose home she often visited and the kitten grows up big and strong bringing lots of joy to the lady making him the best Christmas present ever Still it's uite a sniffle alert when the mommy cat passes

  5. Jessaka Jessaka says:

    Please choose meWhat animal loving child wouldn't want to read a Christmas book about animals? What adult wouldn't If I had a child I would give them books on nature and animals unless they only wanted electronics and then I would send them outside like my mother did me Of course some children don't have rivers streams or even the woods to play in We have lost so muchThis is a sweet book by James Herriot about a mother cat that has a kitten The pictures in the book are as wonderful as the story It will remain on my bookcase until next Christmas and the year after and after

  6. R.J. Rodda R.J. Rodda says:

    This is touching read out loud story about a stray cat dubbed Debbie There is a sad twist to this tale which was not understood by my four year old The story ends on a happy Christmas note with a dash of remembered grief It has the feeling of a true story

  7. Luisa Knight Luisa Knight says:

    I just loved these uaint stories from a British country vet when I was a child Keep an eye out for all of his illustrated stories and add them to your children's libraryAges 4 8Like my reviews? Then you should follow me Because I have hundreds just like this one With each review I provide a Cleanliness Report mentioning any objectionable content I come across so that parents andor conscientious readers like me can determine beforehand whether they want to read a book or not Content surprises are super annoying especially when you’re 100 pages in so here’s my attempt to help you avoid that So Follow or Friend me here on GoodReads You’ll see my updates as I’m reading and know which books I’m liking and what I’m not finishing and why You’ll also be able to utilize my library for looking up titles to see whether the book you’re thinking about reading next has any objectionable content or not From swear words to romance to bad attitudes in children’s books I cover it all

  8. Lauri Saplad Lauri Saplad says:

    Charming children's picture book about a stray mother cat who brings her tiny kitten to a country house where she'd been stopping intermittently for food and warmth When mama cat dies the lady of the house decides to keep the kitten Longtime country veterinarian James Herriot brings us this true story as only he can It's touching and beautifully illustrated

  9. Kathy Kathy says:

    Unlike my sister Ellen who could read as soon as her eyes opened I am dyslexic and could not read without assistance until I was about 10 The great thing about that disadvantage was that my parents and siblings read to me constantly I have so many wonderful memories of being read to as a child One of my favourite children’s holiday books was “The Christmas Day Kitten” by James Harriot Heartwarming and wonderful If you have an animal loving child or adult on your holiday list this year I recommend anything by James Harriot but especially “The Christmas Day Kitten” Kathypost on Tidewater Books

  10. Marie Flanigan Marie Flanigan says:

    Be careful reading this to kids unless you've read it first It's a good story but you've got to know your audience and their relationship to and experience with cats

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The Christmas Day Kitten [KINDLE] ❀ The Christmas Day Kitten Author James Herriot – Christmas can never go by without my remembering a certain little catSo begins The Christmas Day Kitten another true story from James Herriot's rich experience as a country vet As always the tale incl Christmas can never go by without my remembering a certain little catSo begins The Christmas Day Kitten another true story from James Herriot's rich experience as a country vet As always the tale includes a vivid group of characters on two legs and four Mrs Pickering and her three stately Basset hounds James himself and Debbie the self possesed stray cat who makes a special contribution to The Christmas Kindle - Christmas at the Pickering house This is one of James Herriot's own favorite stories and it is sure to be one of yours.

  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • The Christmas Day Kitten
  • James Herriot
  • English
  • 20 April 2015
  • 9780312097677

About the Author: James Herriot

James Herriot is the pen name of James Alfred Wight OBE FRCVS also known as Alf Wight an English veterinary surgeon and writer Wight is best known for his semi autobiographical stories often referred to collectively as All Creatures Great and Small a title used in some editions and in film and television adaptationsIn at the age of he ualified as a veterinary surgeon with The Christmas Kindle - Glasgow.