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A Child Called 'It' One Child's Courage to Survive [PDF / Epub] ☃ A Child Called 'It' One Child's Courage to Survive By Dave Pelzer – Thomashillier.co.uk Also see Alternate Cover Editions for this ISBN ACE ACE #1 This book chronicles the unforgettable account of one of the most severe child abuse cases in California history It is the story of Dave Pelz Also Called 'It' One Child's PDF/EPUB ² see Alternate Cover Editions for Called 'It' Epub ß this ISBN ACE ACE This book chronicles the unforgettable A Child eBook ✓ account of one of the most severe child abuse cases in California history It is the story Child Called 'It' PDF Ç of Dave Pelzer who was brutally beaten and starved by his emotionally unstable alcoholic mother a mother Child Called 'It' One Child's ePUB ½ who played tortuous unpredictable games—games that left him nearly dead He had to learn how to play his mother's games in order to survive because she no longer considered him Child Called 'It' One Child's ePUB ½ a son but a slave; and no longer a boy but an it Dave's bed was an old army cot in the basement and his clothes were torn and raunchy When his mother allowed him the luxury of food it was nothing than spoiled scraps that even the dogs refused to eat The outside world knew nothing of his living nightmare He had nothing or no one to turn to but his dreams kept him alive—dreams of someone taking care of him loving him and calling him their son.

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  1. Laura Laura says:

    This book is very likely made up from start to finish The events in it read like Pelzer imagined the worst child abuse possible and then said And it all happened to me Yeah right His brother and grandmother said in an interview that it was all rubbish too which casts doubt upon the whole thing Pelzer also bought his own book in bulk so the sales numbers would put it on the bestseller list he just doesn't have a whole lot of credibility Perhaps worse than the fact that Pelzer is shall we say probably somewhat fluid with the truth is the fact that he's a dreadful writer I no longer own the book didn't put it through a shredder like I did with A Million Little Pieces but I got rid of it as uickly as I could so I can't list any examples here but I do recall that I've seen better writing in sixth grade themesAfter deleting I don't know how many comments calling me names I'm adding this note because it will save both me and a bunch of other people from wasting time I'll delete any comments that I consider abusive or that I think constitute ad hominem arguments so do keep that in mind if you're thinking about composing a long screed Thanks

  2. Eric Eric says:

    this book was the 'hostel' or 'saw IV' of memoirs i don't really know why i read it it was free first of all and i guess like any normal human being i cannot look away from a trainwreck 'a child called it' is not very well written you walk away with uestions than you do answers you don't really learn anything you do however come away with having read some very disturbing and disgusting passages that describe in detail a case of horrendous child abuse i'm not exactly sure what the book's intention is it doesn't work very well as a memoir there is no advice that would put this in any sort of self help category and if its intention is to provide hope to victim's of abuse i don't know what the take away is other than 'if i lived through this you can live through just about anything' i really don't know what to make of this book as a piece of literary work it's not much of one i don't know if it ever set out to be one you get little if any insight into the dynamics of the brothers you read one moment that the narrator hates his father then loves his father then hates his father you read that the narrator cannot remember the color of his mother's hair or eyes yet he describes in great detail many settings images etc you really don't get any insight into the mother's descent into mental illness and alcoholism one day she's the best most loving mother in the world the next she is straight out of a bosch painting you get a feeling that pelzer is being very selective with what he shares with us characters are never anything but inherently good or inherently evil he's either being abused horribly or being embraced lovingly there seems to be very little grey area in pelzer's book the grey area is exactly what needs to be illuminated in a book about abuse we learn far from a book about becoming an alcoholic than we do from a book about being a drunk the latter is voyeuristic and exploitive the former can illuminate and possibly save livesthere has been uite a bit of controversy surrounding the accuracy of this book i can't speak to that there is a blurb about the book being up for the pulitzer at some point pelzer submitted it himself which anyone can do details like this do nothing but add an aura of snake oil the dime store self help book jacket design doesn't help matters the last thing i'd want to do is come down on a dude who's lived through the type of hellish abuse described here even if his descriptions were 110th true it would still be than any human being should have to endure i am not claiming that this guy did not suffer but we need from books than a simple retelling of events we get that in the newspaper every morning

  3. TK421 TK421 says:

    This book was horrible Period A waste of my time You see what really pisses me off with this book is this I have known kids that have come from horribly abusive situations that are genuine than Pelzer is in his memoir The stories of his life in this book contradict one another are extremely over the top and dare I say fabricated some Now before anyone wants to crucify me look at the factsHis family members were interviewed and stated that this was pure fantasy I can concede that the family members may have liedHe bought numerous copies of his own book to inflate sales records so that the book would have a better chance at getting on bestseller lists Again I can concede that he was only helping his writing along by wanting his book to be seen by a greater audienceHowever and here is the kicker for me if this story is true then shouldn't just writing it and getting the story told redemption enough for Pelzer? A story of this magnitude should be told there's no doubt about that But it should be told with grace and humility Pelzer should have approached this book as an avatar to the thousands of other kids out there that don't have a voice Instead Pelzer grandstands and makes the issue of child abuse seem like a sensationalistic piece of family trivia Very disappointingWASTE OF TIME

  4. Briynne Briynne says:

    Easily the most terrifying book I've ever read I think I had literally repressed the memory of it until I randomly happened across the title this week I experienced this book in a fairly odd way during a week long cheerleading camp my sopho year of high school My coach was reading it and somehow ended up reading the entire book aloud to my suad during breaks and at night Once she started we were all addicted and spent every free moment listening with rapt and horrified attention I remember with almost painful clarity the way in which we sat at her feet listening to this story of a boy who endured a long childhood of astonishing sadistic abuse at the hands of his mother Girls were crying for long stretches and not being a crier myself I listened in a sort of shell shocked wide eyed paralysis After every single part of the reading I was convinced it couldn't get worse that she couldn't possibly do anything worse to that little boy And every single time I was wrong I'm not sure I would actually recommend this book or not It is good very good but reads with the sort of harrowing inhumanity of a Holocaust memoir Not light reading and not a feel good I survived the odds story It kind of just makes you want to go home and tell your parents that you love them and then bawl your eyes out

  5. Kohei Kohei says:

    A Child Called It HCI 1995 995By Dave Pelzer ISBN 1558743669 One very common issue that goes around in our world is child abuse it happens everywhere and it is something that is horrible and cannot be stopped Dave Pelzer the author of the autobiographical book A Child Called It shows the very dark corners of child abuse by viewing to the readers his horrific life as a young boy living with his mother that constantly abused him Dave Pelzer who lived with his unstable disturbed alcoholic mother in a town in California during the early 70's explains his story about his torturous unforgettable years as a young boy Throughout the story he does his best to survive from his mother and tries to stay alive from the pain of hunger bruises and cuts he receives The only thing that keeps him alive are his dreams wanting a happy and safe family and also being someone It’s terrifying to think after reading this that this really had happened to someone it isn’t fake This made me say to myself “wow life can be so messed up but you can survive even the most horrible things as long as you follow your dream and keep it with you as close as possible” I believe this is the message Dave Pelzer is trying to reach out not only to the people who get abused consistently but also to those who suffer a great deal of pain from something terrible everyday Once you have read the last word of the story and closed the book you will definitely know that this book has just changed your life and your perspective of issues like these around the world trust me that is a fact

  6. Maria Elmvang Maria Elmvang says:

    I did not like this book But that's okay You're not supposed to like it It's a horrible horrible book A trainwreck of a book I wanted to look away but just couldn't I know it's the first part in a trilogy but I doubt I'm going to read the other two books It was too too depressingActually the person I got most angry with was the father The mother was obviously sick and needed help There's no other explanation for the awful things she subjected her son to But what's the father's excuse? He just stood by and did nothing? No that's not true he stood by and did nothing and THEN he abandoned the family I don't get it Nowhere in the book was it stated that he seemed afraid of his wife so why did he allow her to treat their son so horribly? You don't just stand by and let your SO practically kill your son you just don'tThere were two things I would have liked to know 1 What made David different from the rest of his brothers? Why was he the one who was treated so horribly? If his mother had had some kind of reason just something that set him apart it would at least be part of an explanation even if it's no excuse but it seemed totally random I guess it was after all sick people often don't need reasons for doing as they do 2 What happened to his mother afterwards? Did she get some kind of help? Were her other boys taken away from her too? The book ended in a cliff hanger fashion which annoyed me Too many loose endsI don't recommend it Most of you would never treat a child like that anyway and if you would no amount of reading about it would change your opinion that you're in the 'right' The only time I would encourage reading it is if you know somebody you fear may be subjected to child abuse or if you want to be convinced that you should become a foster parent

  7. `. kateelynn * `. kateelynn * says:

    Oh my god what can I possibly say about this book? When I first started reading this book last year I was just so hooked to it and I just wanted to know everything about this book It was all about this author's childhood gone horrible with the extreme abuse the torture and suffering I really couldn't believe my eyes the author described like everything he went through all the pain he had to go through how he felt and everything I could really understand how he felt but one thing about this book I don't get at all is how his own mother transformed from a loving mother to a nightmarish abusive mother so uickly I mean the author was only like a little boy when his mother started abusing himThis book is extremely emotional and can make you feel so bad for the author and even cry so This book was all about the author's childhood and how he survived through such abuse starvation and neglect This also showed how bad things happen to good people the author's own father didn't even help out at all he was once a fun loving fireman turned into an alcoholic carless father The only way for the author to get help was through school but the only thing that kept him from telling the school the truth was his fear of his mother going after him and make his life last through hell forever; even though the school sort of already knew from all the bruises on him him stealing the children's food because of hunger from his mother starving the author and how he constantly uses identicalunreasonable lies about his bruises and wounds He was pratically stabbed in the belly and had to go through such pain His faith and hope kept him going he never let his mother win this sick game In the end he told the school the truth and he was finally taken out of the horrible home with the abusive mother two brothers that weren't treated horribly at all and the careless alcoholic father and put into a much better home foster home I loved this first book so much that I even continued on to the next bookA lot of thanks goes to my teacher for lending me the books it's one of my most favorites

  8. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    I've sat with this book on my desk for a couple weeks unable to decide what I would write for a review I'm wholly torn between this being one of my most asked for and least favorite ever titles I wish the amount of times I heard this was the first book I liked and the amount of times it's been billedstolen from the library corresponded to its uality but I truly found it very short on redeeming ualities Eric's Goodreads review says pretty much what I would say The writing was cliched and the plot moved along by way of one day one Sunday or later There was never any explanation attempted for the mother's instant transformation from idyllic homemaker to savage abuser unless you are supposed to infer that it's alcohol's fault in which case talk a little about alcoholism There is absolutely no process of recovery or explanation or psychological background and the book leaves huge uestions open saying Please understand that many of your uestions will be answered in the next two books in the trilogy series That made me want to throw it across the room It's a great marketing gimmick for fiction but not for a supposedly true story That kind of self exploitation leaves a bad taste in my mouth As for truth the NYTimes article Dysfunction for Dollars sheds some very interesting light on Dave's story All that being said I am going to try to take this book for what it is an excellent awareness raiser about child abuse; a survival story that may help many think if he can get through that I can get through anything; and a simple uick can't look away from the train wreck read that kids and teens have given a cult following May they then move on to something better

  9. Whitney Atkinson Whitney Atkinson says:

    It feels wrong uantifying this with a star rating but this book was one of the oldest on my TBR and I'm glad I got to it I do with that this trilogy was consolidated into one book with the author's current day perspective sprinkled it because as is it's a short collection of what happened to him without any real perspective or understanding of it until a tacked on epilogue It was still heartbreaking and confusing and I can't tell who I hate the abusive mom or the dad who stood by and watched This is packed full of description and action but lacked the hindsight and explanations I wanted as a reader who isn't necessarily interested in the entire trilogy so I wish it would have unpacked of it in this single volume

  10. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Why the hell did I pick this book up? It was depressing as hell and it was poorly written It chronicles the abuse this little boy named David went through as a child And I think abuse is too mild a term for what he went through It was horrible Reading the torture he endured at the hand of his own family was painful I came away from this book depressed And I had several thoughts that kept running through my head What was the point of this book? It almost seemed like a shrink told him to write out the horror of his childhood and then he turned around and sold it There was no reflection on the events that happened so there was only horror What is the point of that? The only thing I could think of was to expose to the world that such treatment did happen to someone at some point in the recent past I guess that is the crux of my disappointment here was that so much could have been done with this book It had the potential to be educational or thoughtful and instead it was just a car crash from cover to cover

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