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Vet in a Spin ➼ [Reading] ➾ Vet in a Spin By James Herriot ➱ – James Herriot has swapped his wellies for a flying jacket but he can't wait to get back to the practice and his old Darrowby friends James Herriot strapped into the cockpit of a Tiger Moth trainer fee James Herriot has swapped his wellies for a flying jacket but Vet in Kindle - he can't wait to get back to the practice and his old Darrowby friends James Herriot strapped into the cockpit of a Tiger Moth trainer feels rather out of place but he hasn't found a new profession and it surely won't be long before the RAF come round to his point of view James Herriot's sixth volume of unforgettable memoirs sees him dreaming of the day when he can rejoin his wife Helen little son Jimmy veterinary partner Siegfried the eternal student Tristan and all the old Darrowby crows both two legged and four 'He can tell a good story against himself and his pleasure in the beauty of the countryside in which he works is infectious' The Daily Telegraph 'Full of warmth wisdom and wit' The Field 'It is a pleasure to be in James Herriot's company' Observer.

10 thoughts on “Vet in a Spin

  1. Sharon Sharon says:

    Months of drilling marching and studying navigation in the RAF had finally paid off for James Herriot He was now about to take to the skies in a Tiger Moth This was certainly a change to doing his rounds as a vet James was feeling apprehensive but he thought he was up to the task at hand Once again we the reader were taken on a fantastic journey with James Herriot as he ventured into another part of his life as well as following him on his veterinarian rounds Vet in a Spin was the sixth book in the series All Creatures Great and Small I have loved each and every one of the books in this series but for me this would have to be the best by far my favorite so far There was a particular part in this book that truly had me uite emotional and had me really thinking about it for a long time after I’d read it I utterly loved this book and can’t wait to read the next book in the series

  2. Phrynne Phrynne says:

    Like all of his books this one is alternately funny and sad as James Herriot tells a variety of stories about his experience as a vet in the Yorkshire Dales in England As I was reading I kept visualising the actors who played the roles of the three vets in the television series I was surprised to see at the beginning of the book that the author died in 1995 Such a long time ago but his books live on

  3. YorkshireSue YorkshireSue says:

    Loved all the James Herriot books My parents began to read them when I was maybe 10 or so and they would laugh out loud but I was far too cool to read what my parents did until one day I had a miserable toothacheearache and to take my mind off it I began to read one of this series of books I too ended up laughing and simply being transported away to a different time yet with places that seemed comfortingly familiar I'm from Yorkshire originally and was living there at this time I wrote my first ever fan letter to anyone to James Herriot and he replied I was smitten and even investigated on my own to find out his real name I also loved how he began to write the books kind of from a dare from his wife And that he began them later in life All things encouraging there

  4. Lori Lori says:

    I have read re read and re read again That is how much I enjoy these books

  5. Judith Johnson Judith Johnson says:

    Sixth in my James Herriot box set Very enjoyable as always but will have to save the last two for any future times of great stress when a comfort blanket is needed

  6. Barry Haworth Barry Haworth says:

    uite as enjoyable as any other Herriot this book covers the period when he is in training with the RAF in World War 2 but keeps thinking back about his experiences as a country vet In most chapters there is only a bare outline of his RAF training before some chance observation leads to a story about life as a vet The only real flaw with this book and the reason for a four and not five star rating is that these segues were mostly very tenuous and the present day story of the RAF training was given in barest outline before going to the reminiscences

  7. Aruna Sathish Aruna Sathish says:

    So heartwarming and enjoyable As all other Herriot books this one too captivates our hearts The book gives a brief glimpse of the RAF training that the author had gone through during World War II The major part covers the life of Herriot as a vet back in Drrowby in elaborate detail Time and again I would read a Herriot book just to soothe my mind and this one follows the same pattern

  8. Jodie (J.C.T) Jodie (J.C.T) says:

    last year I found my self at a lost coming back from visting my mums I had finished my book which is something that never really happens to me anyway they had a book swap trolley at the bus station so I go this sadly though after reading a few pages I got ill and fell asleep on the bus I so which I had picked it up before now this was amazing sad in places funny in others so looking forward to the others and when visting my mum in a few months planning on dropping it of at the same book swap trolley for someone else to enjoy even though I now use a car not public transport I may even pick up another

  9. Andrea Andrea says:

    The first I've read of James Herriot and I really enjoyed this I have a huge soft spot for Yorkshire so this was a joy to read Herriot's writing is warm gentle and full of heart and I enjoyed all of the characters he encountered on his journey Bill Bryson has always been my go to for comfort reads and Herriot undoubtedly now will be too

  10. Rosalind Rosalind says:

    Enjoyable but not uite as good as the previous books in the series Some very tenuous links from his Air Force experiences to his tales as a vet which I didn't mind but the book didn't flow as well as usual because of that

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