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Burned [Ebook] ➡ Burned By P.C. Cast – Zoey Redbird, vampyre High Priestess in training, seems to have lost herself Her awesome powers over the elements were not enough to save someone close to her, and now her group must help her reclaim Zoey Redbird, vampyre High Priestess in training, seems to have lost herself Her awesome powers over the elements were not enough to save someone close to her, and now her group must help her reclaim her centre and find herself again But evil has its own plans, and these won't wait for Zoey to return to full power.

10 thoughts on “Burned

  1. Michael Michael says:

    I really don't know why I keep reading these books. Maybe I'm hoping they'll get back to being as good as the first five books in the series. They were, I don't know, cozy. But not anymore.

    The whole point of this book is to deal with the events that happened at the end of Tempted. And really, that's it. It is painfully obvious that P.C. and Kristin Cast threw in that ending so they could cash in on another book resolving that ending. Quite literally, the first 250 pages of this book is every single character expressing their love for Zoey and how they must save her before the earth falls into some dark oblivion. To say the least, it was painfully boring.

    For the last two books, the Casts, for some reason, have thrown in these God-awful point-of-view changes. I'm all for hearing the story from different characters' points of view. But at least do it for a purpose. The Casts switch from character to character every five pages for no apparent reason. I mean, seriously, if Stevie Rae and Rephaim are in the same room, there's no need to change the POV mid-conversation. Also, almost every character's POV is given. Kalona, Stevie Rae, Zoey, Heath, Stark, Rephaim, and Aphrodite all have their turn up at bat. It was maddening. I understand two or even three POVs, but seven is a little much.

    Also, this cover is a little too fitting for this book. Stevie Rae (who was never a favorite of mine anyway) somehow becomes the main character of the story. I never, ever, thought I would say this, but I missed Zoey's point of view. She probably had ten pages of narration in the book, besides the end. Besides that, it was almost all Stevie Rae (of course, with other POVs randomly peppered in).

    And what is up with all the pathetically stereotypical characters? This is basically about the whole series, but I thought I could point it out while I'm ranting. First of all, Kramisha. P.C. and Kristin, just because you throw a black character into your book doesn't mean you have to make them sound completely uneducated and idiotic. Seriously, every quote from Kramisha has blatant grammatical errors in it. And why? Because she's supposed to be a typical black teenager? Please. And also, Jack and Damien's relationship bothers me to no end. I'm all for homosexuality in books (and in general) but don't make it that irritatingly stereotypical. Their relationship is like a rainbow personified. And if I could shoot Jack in the face, I would.

    Okay, one last thing to rant about. The glaring grammatical errors. Do these people have an editor? There were too many points where they didn't punctuate correctly, didn't punctuate at all, or had random quotation marks in the middle of nowhere. I can accept simple comma errors and the like (don't we all misuse them from time to time?), but they pulled me out of the story.

    However, the ending was pretty good. Maybe it's because the ending was the only part where anything of substance happened, but still, it saved this book from getting one star.

    So, overall, this book failed. The only thing it did was solve a conflict the last book created. Nothing new at all. In my opinion, just skip it and read the next book if you feel inclined to do so. You'll catch up very easily.

    My love for this series has been shot to the ground, so I'm not excited for the next one. But will I buy it? Probably. :/

 affinity for electricity? Seriously?!

  2. Katie Katie says:

    These books are fine and all but has anyone else realized that there are going to be TWELVE of them in total?! After Burned you have Stolen, Burdened, Touched, Cloaked and Wanted. No wonder they are starting to tell the story from multiple perspectives. (Speculation is now at fifteen books).

    Loving the U.K. cover by the way, disappointed its not Stevie Rae like the U.S. but it will look good on my shelf anyway.

    Finally, time for me to actually review it. Okay, so this took me a while to read seeing as I have to study for the state exams the Irish government insist I take.

    Well, I enjoyed this far more than I thought I would, I really did. I still hate Zoey, and speaking of hate, I despise Damien, Jack, and the Twins too.

    But now for things I like, Stark for one, and pretty much anything to do with Stevie Rae and Rephaim, I hope that ends well.

    This book still has the shameless pop culture references and I hate the really over the top And I suddenly realised what I must say... moments but all in all, its a good book.

    Lets just hope Rephaim, Stevie Rae and Stark get their happy endings now.

    Oh, I must also compliment the authors for the research they did, although I obviously don't speak Scottish Gaelic, I definitely recognised the words that are identical to Irish.

  3. ~Poppy~ ~Poppy~ says:

    4.5 Stars

  4. Kassi Kassi says:

    P.C. Cast has gone way beyond the talent she has shown in previous books in her writing of the most recent installment of the House of Night series. The multiple perspectives, introduced in the 6th book worked masterfully in telling this book's unique story. The way that the storyline is told is both surprising as it is breathtaking. There was a point in this book where P.C. Cast tricked me and I absolutely loved it! When the realization hit, I was in awe of how well written the revelation was. And satisfyingly enough the reader will be just as challenged as the characters are while reading this book. As a friend once put it, these books are like snacks. With that comparison, this book is not a snack the way the others are, and it isn't a full course meal either. Instead, it sits the reader down and shows them how to cook.

    But lets go back to the first 6 books. Because without them, this book wouldn't be nearly as pointed. During the House of Night series, the reader feels a need and demand that the characters learn, make decisions, and grow. Books 1 through 6 hasn't really shown us the volume to which these characters can change. While we know that they have, we haven't ever been as intimate with the characters until this 7th book, where we are forced to look at these multi-dimensional characters and acknowledge the depth of them. Heath, Zoey, Aphrodite, Darius, Stevie-Rae, Rephaim, Stark and the big baddies (Neferet and Kalona) are the main focus and while fans of the Twins and Damien and Jack might be disappointed, the focus on the characters listed is key to this book. What's marvelous about that, though is not all characters are developed in the present, not all are even truly in the book, but each and every character mentioned takes on more meaning and becomes so much more clear than in previous books.

    Now I'm a huge Stark fan and by the end of this book I don't see how anyone couldn't be, but that's not where I think this review should focus. What's more important is that I'm not a huge Zoey fan. I'm not a huge Heath fan. But by the end of this book I was. Zoey's character changes so much that the reader may expect whiplash yet the story is crafted so that her extraordinary progresses reads naturally. Heath's character is developed simply by reviewing the constants in his relations with everyone in the book. It does not serve to make any reader feel stupid, but rather does cause a reader to stop and think about how Heath really doesn't change so much as our understanding of him did.

    Stark. Where to even begin. We learn his history, his future and glimpse into his mind in the present all at once while somehow carrying his load for him. His role in this book is so well written and so well played that this character really shines.

    Those of you interested in Stevie-Rae and the inevitable dilemma of Rephaim will not be disappointed by how this story-line, so loosely and tightly mingled with Zoey's is developed and expressed.

    And that firecracker Aphrodite? If you think she had a strong voice in all of the rest of the books, her voice is even stronger, if that can even be conceived, in this one. Another spin in the story line helps develop her character in remarkable ways as well.

    Here are the most important themes of the book: The act of wishing vs. doing, disguise, the power of mistakes, the power that everyone has inside of us born out of the path we choose, and ultimately, the power not so much of free will but more of choice. Every choice in this book counts.

  5. Elaina Elaina says:

    I absolutly loved the book before this book. The only problems I had with it were that.................. 1.) Zoey and Stark didn't seem like they got enough time together which made it seem like they were growing apart. 2.) Stark and Zoey need to be together. Period. 3.) I am zo glad Heath died. He was a totally unimportant character. he just got in the way. 4.) How in the fricken world could Zoey DIE????????????? I really hope that in Burned Zoey lives and she ends up with the right person (Stark.)

  6. Brandi ;) Brandi ;) says:

    I swore to myself that the last House of Night book would be my last. I just couldn't take Zoey and her multiple annoying boyfriends and her just as annoying friends. When Burned came out, I figure what the hell, it looks relatively Zoey relationship free Well, yes it was relatively that, but I guess BFF Stevie Rae just had to step up and fill Zoey's vacant shoes and have the boyfriend issue, but not with boys, but with a boy and a bird. Sorry, half bird, half man - whatever, he has a friggin beak, he's a bird. But of course there's some hot indian boy hiding in him that I'm sure Nix will turn him into in the next book or 2 so Stevie Rae can also have a hot boy. They all have hot boys, can't leave her out. Can't be a part of House of Night without a hot boy. Can you tell I'm sick of this story and now declare that I WILL NOT READ ANOTHER OF THESE STORIES, SO HELP ME GODDESS! This book was NOT for me - this series was NOT for me, yet i suffered myself through it as far as i could go. My disclaimer as always, it might not have been for me, but it could be for you - read it and find out, if you can stomach it.

  7. Linda Lemons Linda Lemons says:

    Just want to see how the story end.

  8. Ember Ember says:

    I love this series. I have never felt so connected to a set of characters. Whenever I'm reading one of these books I always feel like I'm right there and that zoey and her gang are my friends. These books bring me happiness, sadness, anger, serenity, & laughter. I always regret finishing one and always enjoy picking up another. I am ecstatic to hear that there are more books to come and even more ecstatic to hear that they are working on making them into films. I say keep up the good work P.C. Cast. Keepthe books coming and bring on the movies!!

  9. Sophia Triad Sophia Triad says:

    The book starts right after the dramatic events that happened at the end of Tempted. So expect again lots of teenage drama in this book.

    Heath is gone and Zoey's soul has been shattered. She is transferred to the Otherworld where she has only a few days to return or be lost forever. Everyone will try to save her.

    This is the first time Zoe is not featured on the book cover and that's because Stevie-Ray has become somehow the centre character of the story. She cannot really help Zoe, but her lovelife is blooming.
    I love the Stevie Rae-Rephaim romance in this book!

    Also if you are a fan of Stark, you will not be disappointed by his presence in this book.

    “Zoey, my Ace, my bann ri shi’, my queen—I choose to accept it all and to follow the way of honor. That’s the only way I can be the Warrior you need me to be. This I swear.”

  10. Khalia Hades Khalia Hades says:

    ***SPOILER ALERT!!!***

    Zoey's soul is shattered and it will only take two people in her life to save her soul; Heath and of course Stark. To be honest, I pretty tired of the whole 'I can't leave you Heath! I love you!' I was jumping up and down on my bed when Stark finally was part of her life.

    Aprodite of course was hilarious! It was kind of cool for her to have some parts and see her point of view in this whole mess. We got to know her better and loved her even more.

    Stevie Ray has a couple of parts (most of the book) that shows her point of view and lets us know a little bit about her life. Honestly, with the who Rephaim being a monster, just reminds me of the beauty and the beast. I sort of gotten annoyed with Stevie Ray and her rambling.

    Erik Night. Idiot. Period.

    The gay love birds, Damen and Jack, lovely and sweet. Loved them.

    The Twins? Annoying.

    Neferet. Can somebody kill her already?

    Kalona. And avenging fallen angel. Sexy. Hot. Obsessed with Zoey. Is he going to turn good anytime soon?

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