Teeth The South Pacific Trilogy #1 MOBI é Teeth The

  • Kindle Edition
  • 445 pages
  • Teeth The South Pacific Trilogy #1
  • Timothy James Dean
  • English
  • 06 December 2016
  • 9780982539804

10 thoughts on “Teeth The South Pacific Trilogy #1

  1. Rick F. Rick F. says:

    TEETH is an unforgetably gripping adventure which is set in the South Pacific The Main Character Johnny a 20 year old American soldier on Operation Teeth a mission in New Guinea is one of the most finely drawn characters I have ever read He is both very real and one you find yourself rooting for The Father a 4000lb man eating crocodile is the most ferocious and terrifying creatures I have read since Jaws Mr Dean knows just how to grab the reader early in his book making it all but impossible to put this soon to be classic down I felt like I was truly a part of the story not merely a reader which VERY few books have been able to acheiveThe supporting character of Footy a very uniue Aussie is a perfect companion to Johnny DONT MISS THIS GEM

  2. Giovanni Gelati Giovanni Gelati says:

    Just to get to this first Thanks to my Goodread’s friend Steven; he was nice enough to send me this novel to read He basically told me he thought this novel was so much fun that he was willing to put his hard earned money to use and UPS this rip roaring ride of a novel to me Kudos props and thanks again my friend I took one look at this novel shook my head a few times said “Really?” a few times and then dove into it not really knowing what to expect out of it Let’s get to meat of the matter and see what is beyond the over the top cover art in this novel billed as “The Epic Novel With Bite” “MOVE OVER MOBY DICK JAWS AND JURASSIC Park; HERE COMES THE FATHER It is 1945 WWII may be over in Europe but in the South Pacific it beats on hammer and tongs Johnny Willman is a 20 year old soldier in Supreme Commander MacArthur's Army but he's no greenhorn He's been a sniper in the hellish jungles of the South Pacific for three years Johnny wants above all else to be sent with the General on Operation Downfall the imminent invasion of the Japanese Empire But before that can happen there's a little thing called Operation Teeth a rescue mission into New Guinea's heart of darkness Johnny travels with two Australians Dingo the veteran Major and Footy their colorful pilot From the beginning things go wrong They're attacked by the Father 4000 lbs of man eating crocodile It kills a soldier and Johnny wounds it From that instant on it hunts him until the final heart stopping confrontation on the beaches of the South PacificWith Johnny's group is Katsu their prisoner Katsu has only one thing left — his family heirloom samurai sword The three run directly for the Valley of the Cannibals — home to the most bloodthirsty warriors on the entire Stone Age Island The lovely Gwyn saved Johnny's life but to have a chance with her he must meet her challenge to rediscover his heart”Okay to get to the nuts and bolts of this novel and once I took some muscle relaxers to ease the pain from shaking my head in wonder at what I was about to enter into I really enjoyed it The style is pretty amazing You can definitely get the feel that Timothy James Dean did his homework on the subject matter The plotline is definitely uniue and fun It is rare one gets to read about and this is in no particular order an enormous crocodile surfers cannibals headhunters WWII and samurai’s I was waiting for a ringmaster from Cirue De Solei or Barnum and Bailey to show up and start narrating it for me This is your basic circus of fun and frolic If you are looking for an entertaining read scarf this up have some popcorn cotton candy corn dog and water ice handy; this is just the thingWhat are you reading today? Have you checked out our new blogtalk radio show The G ZONE? Check us out and become our friend on Shelfari The Novel Spot Twitter Go to Goodreads and become our friend there and suggest books for us to read and post on Did you know you can shop directly on by clicking the Banner on our blog? Thanks for stopping by today; We will see you tomorrow Have a great day

  3. Anna Motteler Anna Motteler says:

    Just as the cover says; A novel with EPIC bite This book was excellent What bummed me out though was at the end I come to find out there are going to be two after this Therefore the book ended with a great hanger Mr Dean did in excellent job in his writing to make the reader feel like they are off in New Guinea with the characters Every time I indulged in the book I new I would be swept away to the New Guinea bushI would in no way compare this to the Odyssey on the account that Teeth is 10x better In Teeth you get to know the characters in depth and enjoy their epic journey through New Guinea encountering the various people in the bush on their journey home You can tell Timothy James Dean has a vast knowledge in the fields he is writing about of course he was raised in New Guinea but the expertise in which he writes is amazing I would recommend this to anyone Do not let the tittle scare you away from reading this yes it is about crocodile but thats just the main plot and there are many other adventures in this amazing book Timothy James Dean has out done himself and I eagerly await the next two books in the trilogy

  4. Timothy James Dean Timothy James Dean says:

    I wrote it so I better like it This is the first volume of the South Pacific Trilogy set at the end of WWII the same region and time period as the HBO hit TV Miniseries The Pacific I was inspired by the picture of the real man eater of the time period that you will see in the book TEETH is a great adventure uest and was inspired by man versus nature epic horrormonster stories like Moby Dick Call of the Wild Jaws and the Jurassic Park series The story takes you on both a great physical adventure through a real time and place and an inner odyssey of growth and discovery for 20 year old Johnny WillmanI grew up in various parts of the world including Cannibal Island New Guinea and India Mexico the Philippines and Australia and so by lifelong experience I have a multicultural international point of view As an adult I have lived or traveled in all the places described in TEETH including the US Johnny's homes of San Diego and the then Territory of Hawaii Australia Japan the Philippines and of course Papua New GuineaIn TEETH I explore some themes that have long been my companions man versus nature; modern man in the Stone Age; tribalism at both the local and global levels as the Cowboy Nation duels with the Samurai Warrior on the world stage Then there is spiritual faith in the face of the apparent meaningless mayhem of war And of course there must be a great love story or it is no life worth living at all

  5. Ellen Maze Ellen Maze says:

    When you pick up this book be sure your bags are packed and there's plenty of gas in the car because you're going to be taken for a wild rideAuthor Timothy Dean weaves us an epic tale that defies strict category guidelines and will entertain and delight readers of all genres Part true to life monster tale and part historical tome this novel taught me as much as it thrilledI recommend it wholly to World War II history buffs Wartime Paramedic Nursing and medical buffs Jungle CultureIndigenous Peoples buffs Japanese Australians Americans and New Guineans and let's not forget the people who like to read monster tales such as Jurassic Park and Jaws The Father is the it could really happen giant crocodile in this story who is always hungryA curious and fully satisfying aspect of this story is that Timothy not only allows us access to the point of view of the various main characters but he lets us into the head of the Father From the croc's birth and as he shows up as an adult in various scenes we often get to know what he is feeling what he experiences and what his reptilian brain thinks of these humans who are so dangerous yet so fragile at the same time I've never been inside a crocmonster's head until now and Timothy has me totally convinced that he has channeled this mythical beastA great time an adventure from your reading chair you cannot be disappointedEllen C MazeAuthor Rabbit Chasing Beth RiderA Uniuely Spiritual Vampire Tale Paperback and Kindle

  6. Regulo Jr. Regulo Jr. says:

    A SOLDIER'S STORY In TEETH The Epic Novel With Bite Timothy James Dean does an extraordinary brilliant job of presenting an intense adventure in the savage South Pacific The story drew me in and I couldn't put it down I am a combat veteran Master Sergeant of the US Special Forces retired who saw action in Africa and Afghanistan As a soldier I envisioned every scene of TEETH as if I was part of it My heart beat faster as I experience the realism and horrors of combat that are all too familiar to me Our heroes became so real I was able to feel smell and share their emotions as they fought for survival and faced almost certain death around every corner I identified with Johnny the American soldier as he faced the formidable Japanese enemy in the South Pacific And I was along for the journey as our band of brothers traveled through the dangerous lands of headhunters and cannibals that exist in that part of the world But how does a soldier stripped of most of his firepower confront a 30 foot 4000 lb man eating saltwater crocodile? Especially one that hunts him down its own river? You'll have to read TEETH to find out I'm here to tell you it's a thrilling ride Regulo Zapata Jr author Desperate Lands The War on Terror Through The Eyes of a Special Forces Soldier

  7. Donald Kirch Donald Kirch says:

    Moby Dick has nothing on this creature There is a certain amount of magic within the pages of this book As a child I had heard of New Guinea The name caused one to think of a Pacific Paradise native women and sun set beaches Through the writer's words we also learn something else this is a great setting for one hell of a thriller Dean loves what he is writing and it shows Characters are important to any story and the people in this book are uite believable We get to know each of them share their hopes dreams and mainly their fears This is not your ordinary Monster Story There is depth here There is purpose The story takes place during the latter days of the Second World War and it helps to remind all of us that no matter how important we may take our politics nationalities and causes there's always something out there dangerous powerful and uncaring I do not want to give too much away but Teeth has uite a powerful bite There's something within the waters of this tropical paradise caught within the terrors of war that cares not for what is happening around it Villagers and soldiers alike are taught valuable lessons on who is really at the top of the food chain The story starts off slow allowing the reader a chance to really get to know the characters before the action starts This is a uality most books seem to have lost over the years Dean is a wonderful writer who allows you the chance to really care for his people This makes the book terrifying as the story unfolds Teeth is a wonderful book full of thrills grisly terror and a chance to know both sides of a terrible war Highly recommended Reviewed by Donald Allen Kirch author of Manchester House for Lit Fest MagazinehttpwwwlitfestmagazinecomSiteN

  8. Brian Brian says:

    WOW WHAT A FANTASTIC WELL CRAFTED SUSPENSEFUL THRILLER I have a hard time fathoming that this is the author's debut novel He writes like a veteran novelist Teeth grabbed on tight and would not let go until the final page was readI am happy he heeded the advice of James Clavell to write and write some With a story that includes a ferocious 4000 pound crocodile New Guinea an unexplored frontier with many tribes cannibalism and an excellent plot to weave all this expertly togetherOperation Teeth was a covert operation involving Johnny a crack sniper Footy the pilot and Dingo a valuable guide who knew the dangerous jungles of New Guinea The plan was to send them in to rescue some priests who feared for their lives and indeed in dire troubleWhen the cargo plan crashed the small group had to try to make it back to the coast to be rescued They encountered many different tribes a dangerous jungle and the Father who hunted them all the way One would have to read the novel to see for themselves if any survived the many ambushed attacks from the human destroyerThe novel than surpassed the many endorsements The author Timothy Dean grew up in New Guinea which first hand provided all the background information of this untamed land I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL THE SECOND OF THE TRILOGY IS RELEASED Recommended highly as a goodread that anyone would enjoy

  9. Paige Paige says:

    I’m hooked on creature books – from Jaws to Meg to Loch Ness – novels I can really sink my teeth into pun intended When I opened up “Teeth” and saw the picture of the crocodile that inspired the story I knew I was in for a fun ride“Teeth” did not disappoint – I loved this book and can’t wait for the second one Not only do you have the creature portion but Dean weaves a story so full of psychological issues that you are sucked in from the start From realistic characters that you can actually care about and root for or against a series of mishaps that have you grinding your teeth and talking out loud to the characters in the book “Don’t go down there” or “Don’t file that away it’s important”“Teeth” isn’t just about a battle between man and mother nature it’s a love story it’s a thriller it’s a mystery Mortal enemies become allies allies become enemies war rages love blooms a simple three day mission becomes a months long marathon of twists and turns this book will leave you breathless and like me chomping at the bit for the next book

  10. Jeffrey Crimmel Jeffrey Crimmel says:

    I finished Teeth and have to warn readers After section 1 is read Parts 2 and 3 are a run as fast as you can speed read with a Raiders of the Ark Anaconda Spielberg Lucas mix of story telling and fast action adventure that will leave you breathless on the beach The problem is you cannot lay on the beach very long Something big may come out and ruin your day If I ever get to that part of the world again I will never go into the water Timothy Dean said that Salt water crocs are even in India and when I was surfing there in 1971 and 1974 I may have been just lucky not to have been on the menu I have a new respect for that pre historic animal an hope I never meet one other than from behind the bars at a zooThat was a great summer readJeff CrimmelAuthor of Living Beneath the Radar

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Teeth The South Pacific Trilogy #1➷ Teeth The South Pacific Trilogy #1 Free ➭ Author Timothy James Dean – Thomashillier.co.uk 1945 WWII may be over in Europe but in the South Pacific it beats on hammer and tongs Johnny Willman is a 20 year old soldier in Supreme Commander MacArthur's Army He is sent on Operation Teeth a resc WWII may be over in Europe South Pacific Epub Ú but in the South Pacific it beats on hammer and tongs Johnny Willman is a year old soldier in Supreme Commander MacArthur's Army He is sent on Operation Teeth a rescue mission into New Guinea's heart of darkness Johnny travels with two Australians Dingo the veteran Major and Footy their colorful pilot It's supposed to be a three day piece of cake It turns out to be anything but They almost die getting there And then Teeth The PDF/EPUB ² they're attacked by the Father lbs of man eating crocodile based on a real man eater from the period It mauls his group and Johnny wounds it From that instant it hunts him relentlessly until the hair raising confrontation on the beaches of the South PacificJohnny captures Katsu The P O W has only one possession left his ancient Samurai sword The men run from the great reptile directly toward the Valley of the Cannibals home to the most bloodthirsty headhunters on the Stone The South Pacific MOBI ô Age islandThen there's the lovely Gwyndolyn She nursed Johnny back to health but to have a chance with Gwyn he must meet the challenge she sets for him That launches an inner odyssey as perilous as the very real physical one Johnny is consumed by hatred for Katsu and all Japanese Then there's the rivalry with his companions Will he be able to overcome it all in order to survive Is it possible to learn respect for one's enemies and even find friendship while a world battered by the most horrific war in history tries to forge peace.

About the Author: Timothy James Dean

I survived some fascinating way out there South Pacific Epub Ú experiences on our lovely blue green planet and that allows me to draw the curtains for you onto some exotic places you've probably never seen After all I grew up with people who literally ate their enemiesTEETH The Epic Novel with Bite is the fulfillment of a life goal The st Volume of the Trilogy features the huge crocodile both feared and worshiped by the natives of the big river the Father You don't have to go Teeth The PDF/EPUB ² looking in the Jurassic for predators as scary as T Rex Their reptilian relative the giant Saltwater Crocodile still stalks our world On a trip to Papua New Guinea I discovered the awesome photograph that inspired my epic novel the real Father see the picture of the real monster below the book cover at.