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The End of Alice ❮Reading❯ ➼ The End of Alice Author A.M. Homes – From the 2013 Orange Prize winning author of May We Be ForgivenOnly a work of such searing meticulously controlled brilliance could provoke such a wide range of visceral responses Here is the incredib From the Orange Prize winning author of May We Be ForgivenOnly a work of such searing meticulously controlled brilliance The End eBook ¼ could provoke such a wide range of visceral responses Here is the incredible story of an imprisoned pedophile who is drawn into an erotically charged correspondence with a nineteen year old suburban coed As the two reveal—and revel in—their obsessive desires Homes creates in The End of Alice a novel that is part romance part horror story at once unnerving and seductive.

  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • The End of Alice
  • A.M. Homes
  • English
  • 13 July 2015
  • 9780684827100

About the Author: A.M. Homes

AM Homes first name Amy is the author of the novels This Book Will Save Your Life Music For Torching The End eBook ¼ The End of Alice In a Country of Mothers and Jack as well as the short story collections Things You Should Know and The Safety of Objects the travel memoir Los Angeles People Places and The Castle on the Hill and the artist's book Appendix A An Elaboration on the Novel the End of A.

10 thoughts on “The End of Alice

  1. karen karen says:

    i just realized my greg gets three shelf only has one i am a failuregreg told me to write a review for this book and i started to think about it and realized this is going to be one of those reviews that will reflect poorly upon me when my enthusiasm for the book is weighed up against the subject matter so a warningit is an ungentle book you can stop reading here if you are not into the rough stuffbasically it is about a man in jail for being humbert humbert with a knife his lolita was named alice hence now enter a nineteen year old girl who is hatching her own plan to consummate her desire for a very young boy she wants someone to commiserate with about her exploits and who better to get her drive? best pen pals everam homes does not hold back here and i may sound sexist but that fact that a woman wrote this book is astonishing to me not because of the violence or the subject matter that's just nouns and verbs but the level of detail and the tone and when she writes in the voice of the various male charactersthere is a pervasive masculine sensibility that sounds completely authentic andyes those are also nouns and verbs don't fight me when you know what i meanthe book is gross and uncomfortable and is far and away the best thing she has ever written and i wish i liked her other books as much as i like this one the others were fine but to me this was a perfect book music for torching got outta hand at the end there just silly but this has just the right mix of tenderness and danger she tells a difficult story and she tells it well and manages to have a very convincing masculine voice throughout even though she is a woman whose actual voice sounds so cute like sara vowell's and of course the impulse here as a writer of literary than just shock value material would be to humanize the convict and make him all cuddly and sympathetic and make the girl who is still free and among us into the real monster but she doesn't do that which is such a relief she gives some backstory and some explanation but it never really humanizes him he remains a monster although a overt monster than the girl with her ponytail babysitting and tennis lessons with her dirty smelly young boy who saves his scabs to snack on i am so thankful that i cannot relate to how these kids are supposed to be sex objectsit's true that in lolita she is also a dirty little kid not the image of a nymphette that has grown up after herand if you are not similarly inclined you should wonder what the attraction would be it is even pronounced in this book when the object is a young boy she loves him in his distraction his stinkiness his boyishness it is powerfully realized if still again gratefully obscureso yeah a great book about terrible things and another reviewer claims this book is bad and that zombie by joyce carol oates is a better treatment of the same subject matter but that is crazy talk zombie is bad really bad don't do itcome to my blog

  2. christa christa says:

    I'll say one thing for AM Homes She is one brave writer The End of Alice stars an imprisoned pedophile who has become pen pals with a 19 year old woman who is dabbling in a similar avocation with a boy who is at that in between age where he wants to see a naked girl but also keeps a collection of his own scabs for snacking on aged to create different tastes The narrator takes the woman's words visualizes the scenes and gets curious and jealous All the while it's uncertain whether he is inventing this relationship filling in her blanks or whether she has dictated the events At the same time he is telling about his own lurid past a mentally unstable mother who coaxes him into providing her with sexual relief while they are sharing a bath and later his relationship with the 12 year old Lolita esue Alice the relationship that ends with the loathsome narrator in prison and a submissive in a relationship with another inmate This is not a comfortable read It's violent and graphic and gruesome It couldn't have been a comfortable book to write The inappropriate relationships are thorough detailed than a duet penned by Anais Nin and Henry Miller The characters play complicated roles Alice is still young enough to enjoy a tea party but old enough to sneak out and tie herself to the narrator's bed Too young to understand menstruation; But with the vocabulary of a woman performing in a curtained cage switching positions while an ogler feeds coins into the euivalent of a parking meter to keep her in motion Is this a good book? Not according to a lot of people It's been banned and Holmes has been criticized It has been likened to pornography in the NY Times and given a D in a 200 word write up in Entertainment Weekly Me? I thought it was fantastic It feels like I should apologize for admitting that It is a complicated but well executed story by a woman with some crazy writing chops To me this begs the uestions What makes a book good and why do we like what we like?I like to read something shocking I like to think is this believable? I like when my mouth hangs open in disgust I like a protagonist who makes me suirm with hate The completely unlikeable protagonist isn't used often enough I'd say this definitely is not a book for everyone though Obviously Six to eight hours is a long time to spend with a vile creature There is a point in the story where Homes writes something in the voice of the narrator that feels like she is granting permission to read the book and feel okay about reading the book Some might believe that I blither just to shock but what is shock if not some ancient identification meaning that I have touched a sore spot hit a nerve think on it you will and some may believe that I blither to get a rise and admittedly I've done that too but it is hardly my goal True I get trapped in my tirade but would assume would trust that you being who you are where you are out there and not in here have sense enough not to get caught up in it I would assume that you are bright enough not to buy the surface of my grotesue but know how to push it aside in order to see what's really there

  3. Brian Brian says:

    Vivid brutal unrelenting How does an author inhabit the place necessary to construct a work like this? In an interview Homes said I write the things we don't want to say aloud I'd add that she also writes about things we didn't ever want to witness with such intimacy The story is a fictional memoir of a convicted murderer and pedophile His musings are not for the sueamish There were several times when I had to put the book down for a day or two the imagery as grotesue as a freshly made highway pileupI purchased this book somewhere around the turn of the century it has sat unread in my library for 15 years I wonder how I would have approached this book had I read it in 2000 for the first time when I didn't have a 10 year old daughter?

  4. Blair Blair says:

    The narrator of this book is a convicted paedophile serving a life sentence in prison He starts to receive letters from a 19 year old girl who believes she is developing a sexual predilection for young boys and intends to act on this obsession preying on a neighbour's 12 year old son The End of Alice is the story of both the narrator and the girl but all of it is seen through the narrator's eyes It is in fact difficult to distinguish between what the girl is acually telling the narrator and what he is embellishing in his own mind it is certainly clear that he often fantasises about her living vicariously through her stories The narrator and the girl both remain unnamed and the Alice of the title is one of the narrator's victims a child he revisits in dreams and memories until the story builds to a terrible climax and we discover what form 'the end of Alice' tookI thought this book was excellent but for obvious reasons it is one I would hesitate to actually recommend On top of the sexual abuse of children which is freuently depicted in great detail there are also graphic descriptions of incest prison rape general violence and horribly violent fantasies If any of these things are likely to upset you then I would definitely give it a wide berth the author doesn't hold back with explicit scenes The effect is obviously incredibly unsettling but also car crash compulsive I read the book in one sitting it took me no than a couple of hours to fervently page or should that be click in this digital age? through it and I don't think I could have put it down before finishing even if someone had tried to pry it from my handsAny book with a plot like this is inevitably compared to Lolita but I think the comparison actually holds up here for reasons other than the paedophilia theme the writing is lyrical and clever describing some things in terrible detail but then romanticising others dancing around the truth and the narrator is so palpably real he might give you nightmares He is a brilliant if disgusting creation Homes doesn't make the narrator likeable in any way but she makes him human enough that the brutality of the ending still comes as a shockDisturbing uncomfortable and provocative The End of Alice is short sharp horrifying and astonishing It may not have been the most 'enjoyable' reading experience but the author's skill in creating these characters and making the story such compelling reading took my breath away Not everyone will be able to tolerate the explicit natutre of this book but if you think you can stomach the themes you MUST read itI am indebted to Karen's excellent review for my interest in The End of Alice I would never have read it otherwise and what a memorable discovery it was

  5. EP EP says:

    Ok I get Lolita I get American Psycho even think it might be a work of genius I don't get this one Yet another exploration of the mindset of a truly sick fuck Sections of this book are just gross beyond belief Ok it's well described but I can't even say the prose uplifts or illuminates or sheds understanding in any way nor does anything stick because it's a phrase that just had to be written The content though if you're looking for something that sickens you to the stomach this one will do the trickIf AM Homes is hoping to skirt as close to the line between literature and pornographic filth this one is a tour de force it comes dangerously close The final rolldown to creditsit's as if Homes herself can no longer abide her monster The last section of what happened with Alice is told in warp speed My humble opinion if you're going to write about totally sick subject matter one that might give the sick whacks out there a few good ideas you'd better damn well blow me away with something worth my time not this mediocre attempt at literary apotheosisFeel free to disagree frankly I'd love to hear a different opinion What an absolute waste of time this was

  6. Arch Arch says:

    i don't really understand why this book has so many glowing reviews on this site sure homes has written this well hence the second starbut i just don't buy it it seems to me that she just really REALLY wanted to shock you out of your cozy middle class suburban old navy socks with this one she tried excruciatingly hard to crawl under your skin and blow your mind with the depravity of her imagination well i'll tell you what it's just too obvious that that was her mission i mean there are some incredibly detailed sex scenes in the book and all of them involve a minor a pre teen minor and if that doesn't freak out the suares there's also some SM and other deviant sexual activites to make 'em faint yeah take that soccer moms i don't want to sound too jaded or whatever but i just wasn't impressed if you want to read a much better story written by a woman and told from the perspective of a male pedophile read 'zombie' by joyce carol oates this book is just a much less subtle trek through already explored territory

  7. Ruth Turner Ruth Turner says:

    DNFI doff my hat to those readers who managed to finish this book And I’m not talking about the storyline It was the writing that did my head inThe author uses words and words and words and even words to no avail So many words that actually say very littleHere the narrator is speaking of the young woman who is corresponding with him“In a case such as this where one has been looking so hard for so long it is within the range of possibility that a buildup of ocular imaginings exaggerates the Current draw so that the actual pressure within the eye from such freuent pupil dilation causes a discomfiture not unlike that found in other regions At peak it produces a kind of blindness—nearly classically hysterical—during which she does not see what she is doing giving birth so to speak to the notion that her grabbing of his flesh is simply a hand reaching out for direction”And this little gemmy personal favourite“On the sixth day following her return the previous days spent in a state of deep tranuilization a close to comatose chain reactive biochemically linked readjustment period replete with headaches severe enough to warrant the use of prescription medication the stunning stoning combination of Fiorinal and Percocet—pass the bottle dear—and the development of a full series of symptoms fully related to the life of a female nineteen year old—anorexia followed by gorging on mother’s good cooking a bloating feeling four tempers played against declarations of love nausea strange dreams buried in the sound sleep of one’s own bed diarrhea—the closet cleaned and reorganized still of the unending supply of childhood remnants left in plastic bags at the end of the driveway for the Salvation Army to claim purging”Then I read thisthe narrator speaking to the reader“Before continuing I must also ask that you excuse the idiosyncrasies of my sound of my thought for I so rarely speak these days that all I do say seems to hurl itself forward collecting references attachments to both past and present as it goes”And with that timely warning on page 10 for which I am devoutly grateful I stopped reading

  8. Dan Dan says:

    The obsession of Humbert Humbert the sexual excesses of de Sade and the twisted mind of a Hannibal Lecter This book isn't for everyone but if you can handle those things it's uite a compelling read Well written and an excellent execution of the unreliable narrator

  9. Cathy Cathy says:

    Buddy read with MacHalos And 9 A book that is outside your comfort zone for my 2016 reading challenge At 19% So far mostly boring unnecessarily verbose lots of vague introspection Some paragraphs feel like a word game how many expressions for the same thing can I sueeze into one sentence? Is that really a sign of good writing? Or is the author simple trying too hard to be clever?At 32% Odd It's not bad once the narrative gets going Jumps between her story his story his pasts and possible what ifs Disjointed muddled I had no difficulties to figure out who is adressed by our main character at any given point Comments and sentences relating to persons not directly involved in a scene are slipped in freuently Cleverly done Nice gimmick And it did feel like a gimmickAt 51% I like the prison scenes No idea what to think of the girl's relationship I am not connecting with her I don't get any good or bad vibes of any kind from her I am in his head so I see how he ticks But she's just a blank The sex scenes are either too clinical or uncomfortable and gross The whole point of the book seems to be to shock with its increasingly disgusting imagery I don't really feel an emotional connection good or bad I just read over these scenes and keep going So far the book pretty much fails to engage me Horrific scenes without a point are just that horrific and gross and have no redeeming value in itselfAt 73% the plot thickens She wears war paint and carries a uiver filled with white arrows ending in blue suction cups and a bow to match She giggles and makes a gesture that points to my shriveled self down belowAt 100% Done And that was it? It's not as if we didn't know how it would end What was the point of this book? I am obviously not well suited to A list authors I don't get it I like my stories with a suspensefull cliffhanger or a satisfying ending with a bow tied on Not this No suspense no twist just a running out of prose and nothing What was I supposed to take away from this besides some gross imagery that I do not need to have stuck in my brain? I need bleach and distance and maybe I will have an attempt at a proper review at some later point But probably not

  10. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    WARNING HORROR NOVEL EVERY PARENTS NIGHTMARE I just thought I should make that the above very clearIt starts out innocently enough a letter to a prisoner But then the story evolves into something terrible horrible And lots of gruesome Have I made it clear? This book is about a pedophile A old one in prison and a new onefree Your asking why did you read this? I do not know I thought oh it is less than 300 pages it should be a uick read and it will be like a Dateline episode Well it was a uick read; once I started this was not something I wanted lingering around You could have put it down you say I could have But I chose not to The subject at one point I considered vomiting is repulsive It is not something we should look away from Hide from Not talk to our children about IGNORE It is scaryview spoiler the fact the author chose to make the object of one sexual predator a boy hits home I have a boy hide spoiler

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