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  1. Julie ( On semi-hiatus until September) Julie ( On semi-hiatus until September) says:

    Well Schooled in Murder is a 1991 publication, written by Elizabeth George and published by Bantam.

    Inspector Lynley and detective Barbara Havers, and forensic scientist, Simon Allcourt St. James, investigate the death of a 13 year old boy at the prestigious Bredgar Chambers school.
    The death of Matthew Whateley hits everyone hard.
    The school wants to uphold it's reputation, so the truth is hard to uncover. Not all the students are honorable, nor are the teachers and administrators.
    Little Matthew seemed to be know a little more than he should and it may have gotten him killed.
    The truth comes at a very high price indeed when another tragedy occurs.
    In the background of this sensitive story is the anguish the parents go through and the personal lives of those involved in the investigation.

    Elizabeth George is one of the best British Mystery authors out there. Overall this one get an A+

  2. C. C. says:

    I thought I was spacing-out Elizabeth George’s series, which I started last year. I am finished her third novel and deem her fantastic mysteries and characters a staple. I did not sympathize with the suspects of “Payment In Blood” but invested in every phase of the sensitively-layered: “Well-Schooled In Murder”, 1990. A real writer with a beautifully descriptive and observational eloquence; Elizabeth proves herself a master plotter too. There is no straight road to motive and crime. A murdered boarding school child calls into question incidents from unpredictable sides: past, present, and coincidental. Thomas Lynley and Barbara Havers hardly know where to start. Valuable details are withheld, lest unrelated secrets be revealed.

    These aren’t mere mysteries but commentaries about life. Elizabeth demonstrated how sharply actions differ from one philosophy to another. Matthew believed in standing-up for people. Others wanted to help; if it did not attract torment, loss of reputation for a career, or higher education. Barbara wondered if Matthew’s lower financial class were at odds with this ancient boarding school and Thomas understood the dilemma of not wanting to tattle on peers. What explanation was there, about Matthew being at a churchyard miles away? Mixed-up elements and answers are unusually complex. I reassure future readers that torture is not described directly, nor in-progress.

    I prefer personal mysteries and heroes who are like friends. Thus, the profound connections that Elizabeth develops between Thomas, Barbara, Simon, Deborah, and Helen are the real sagas for me. Barbara worries about her parents, Simon and Deborah can’t conceive a baby, and Helen hesitates to date Thomas. It is difficult not to reach for the next novel, after an ending that should endear Barbara’s new friends to her. I have caught an intriguing feature. We observe Thomas and Simon: only Barbara and Deborah are narrated!

  3. Mary Beth Mary Beth says:

    This is the third book in the Inspector Lynley Series.
    I read this book as a buddy read with a GR friend and it was a lot of fun.
    Lynley is asked to investigate a missing child at a private school, and he and Havers are thrust into a world of lies, intrigue, and twisted passions, thinly veiled in upper-class civility.

    Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley & Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers investigate the murder of a schoolboy tortured and dumped in a churchyard. The boy's housemaster was a schoolmate of Lynley's at Eton - but does the old school tie make him innocent?
    Everyone has a secret, and Lynley is charged with unraveling the web of lies that threatens to destroy more than one life. The resolution is full of twists, turns, and surprises.

    The author does a great job painting a picture with her prose and I appreciate her vocabulary. Unlike the previous book, I felt all the characters added something to the story.

  4. Obsidian Obsidian says:

    I really don't know what to say except this was a very well thought out mystery. Lynley and Havers shine in this one. The why behind the murder made me sad and what made me even more sad is that you see what other ugliness was going on at Bredgar Chambers. The only reason why I didn't favorite this one is that the Deborah and St. James sub-plot was beyond aggravating.

    Well-Schooled in Murder takes 2 months after the last book in the series. Lynley is still heart-broken that his proposal to Helen caused her to not only say no, but flee England to go traveling. I honestly don't blame her. Lynley has thrown himself into work which is causing Havers no end of exhaustion too. Havers is dealing with the health of her father getting worse and her mother becoming more unstable and unable to do anything without her there. When an old school friend of Lynley's asks for his help when a student goes missing, Lynely agrees because of their connection and also because he doesn't want to go home. He and Havers quickly realize though that the missing student (Matthew Whately) has been found and it appears he was tortured and then murdered before being dumped naked. Lynley and Havers zero in on the school though the Headmaster doesn't believe anyone there has anything to do with it.

    Lynley is really good in this one. And I like he acknowledges his mistakes from the last case and is conscious he may be making apologizes for his former friend. However, he is quite good in reading people and situations. I like that he and Havers follow the case where it takes them and they both besides using the forensics that are available find out what they know just by talking to people and realizing what happened to Matthew. The biggest issue is finding out who did it though and I definitely got tripped up like 5 times. I would think one person did it and then quickly change my mind. We get a reveal and then several reveals and I maybe gasped. I didn't see the ending coming at all which I loved.

    The sub-plot with St. James and Deborah was beyond tone-deaf. I get this was written in 1989 so there are some allowances for that, but to not spoil for others, it was typical Soap Opera mess that I didn't appreciate. Deborah was acting like an idiot.

    The characters we meet in this one are quite memorable. We have Whately's mother and father who are heartbroken over his death. A former military man who played chess with Matthew. Matthew's best friend/playmate who it sounds like may make future appearances if another character has a say in it. Also we have Lynley's old school friend, Corntel who I shuddered about. I think Lynley made a mistake there and I wonder if that is going to come back to haunt him.

    The writing was very good and think the flow was pitch perfect.

    The setting of the school instead of showing a place of higher learning showed a place of cruelty and secrets.

    The ending was very good though it leaves things up in the air with Lynley's future with Helen.

  5. Ellen Ellen says:

    Well-Schooled in Murder (Inspector Lynley, #3) by Elizabeth George.

    To say this story held my attention would be words...just words. Words are a product this author never runs short of. Words-powerful and meaningful words. Words that captured my attention and held me fast. Words that I needed to comprehend-wanted to comprehend to learn of each and every characters past. Their past that might lead to their present set of circumstances.

    We begin with Deborah and St. James. Their marriage is at an impasse with the 4th miscarriage. A past that might lead to a future if confronted. That confrontation is not forthcoming. And so their future together is at a standstill. Unfulfilled unless that confrontation takes place.

    Inspector Lynley and Lady Helen are far from together. Lady Helen is off somewhere in Greece with just short postcards arriving for Lynley. His emotions for Helen hold fast although miles apart. Will they be reciprocated?
    Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers. Her home life remains a mystery to most with only a shadow of revelation to a minute few. When will this heaviness on her shoulders be lessened to free her to at long last live her own life?
    Our story begins with Deborah on assignment in a cemetery taking photographs. While there she stumbles across the body of a youngster. His dead body is nude. The shock of this sight momentarily stuns her, but then she immediately calls for help. It seems this young boy was a student at the Bredgar Chambers School. John Corntel was the young lad's head master and Inspector Lynley's classmate at Eton. John Corntel appears at Inspector Lynley's at Scotland Yard appealing for his assistance in finding the perpetrator responsible for the boy's murder.

    This was an exceptionally riveting book with master manipulators. It was a story of evil personified with heart wrenching sorrow as it's result. At the same time this author brings relationships to a soft landing of sorts. One that brings hope for a future.
    LOVED IT!!!

  6. Kris - My Novelesque Life Kris - My Novelesque Life says:


    I know it seems like I did not really like the series, as I waited 5 years to continue with the third book, but it is more of a too many book, not enough time syndrome. I FINALLY got to book three this month when a friend and I did a buddy read. As soon as I started the book I was hooked, again!

    (Inspector Lynley: #3)
    Written by Elizabeth George
    1989, 432 Pages
    Bantam Books
    Genre: mystery, british, suspense, police

    4 1/2

    Thirteen year old, Matthew Whately is missing from his prestige school, Bredgar Chambers. When his parents are contacted they realize that Matthew didn't go away for the weekend with his schoolmate. He has been missing since Friday. Before the case can heat up his naked tortured body is found by Deborah St James, longtime friend of Lynley. Lynley and Havers were on the missing person case due to Lynley's school friendship with Bredgar Chamber's housemaster. From the beginning nothing in this case makes sense and the secrets within the school and community is ironclad. Lynley must use his own experiences to navigate between students and faculty.

    While this book takes place in the late 1980s, it doesn't feel overly dated...the lack of technology in everyday life helps to make the suspense even greater. I also liked that this book was balanced quite well with the case and the personal issues of the main characters. Deb, who not only finds the body, is trying to heal after her miscarriage but instead it brings up guilt and secrets between her and Simon. After spending most of the day trying to solve this case, Havers comes home to a new crisis. Her mother's forgetfulness is getting worse and it is now affecting the care of her father. How can she take care of her personal and professional life at once? Lynley is heartbroken over Helen's refusal and quick departure. He needs this case to keep his loneliness and sadness at bay. As Lynley, Havers and Simon try to solve this case we also get a glimpse of their own humanness. This book had me grasping at suspects even when I wasn't completely sure of their motive. I did guess a bit of the conclusion but not for the right reasons - so I am not sure that counts, lol.

    I really recommend this mystery series to anyone that loves good suspense and characterization.

    k (My Novelesque Life)

  7. Charles van Buren Charles van Buren says:

    Charles van Buren


    5.0 out of 5 stars

    The crime and its effect on those who must live with the aftermath

    April 12, 2019

    Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

    This review is of the Kindle edition
    Publication date: September 4, 2007
    Publisher: Bantam
    Language: English
    ASIN: B000W93CUO

    A horrible torture/murder of a 13 year old boy can not help but be an emotional strain on Inspector Lynley and Sgt. Havers. In addition to the mystery and its solution, Ms George writes movingly and believably of the effect the murder has on the boy's family and others who knew him. She also writes of the personal problems which affect Lynley and Havers while they struggle to identify the vicious killer and collect evidence for an arrest.

    Two complaints from other reviewers struck me. One complains of unnecessary extraneous matter. If you read mysteries solely for the puzzle it's possible that you would agree. Another complains of equating pedophilia with homosexuality. The victim has been brutally tortured before death and there is nothing to indicate that the torture was an interrogation of a 13 YOA boy. Women rarely commit such crimes. Unless one expects Ms George to change the sex of the victim to avoid the subject of homosexuality it is logical that the killer be a homosexual. Is it now politically incorrect for the villain of a piece to be homosexual? The characterization in this novel has nothing to do with bias and everything thing to do with reality. If you can not deal with that, then by all means avoid this book and stick to politically correct pap..

    One of the most well written and best researched novels which I have read in a long while. Elizabeth George deserves her reputation as one of the leading authors of British mysteries.

  8. Mary Mary says:

    This is a series I can't believe I resisted reading for so long. My sister recommended Elizabeth George many years ago and I could not get past the first few pages. I can't understand why now, I love her and want to read everything she has written. This is a story about a murder at a posh boarding school, a thirteen year old boy is murdered and his body is dumped in a graveyard, some distance from the school. It turns out, it is Simon St. James' wife, Deborah, who finds the body, as she is there photographing the church and graveyard. Linley and Havers go to investigate and the case takes them into the heart of a seriously troubled school population, with problems also lying in the staff themselves. The head of the school is anxious that they keep it as low profile as possible, as he is trying to attract new pupils from well-to-do families and does not want a mere murder to tarnish the schools reputation. This is a story you will find harrowing, the grief is palpable from the boys parents and it is something that will almost bring even the most cynical and hardened individual to the brink of tears. I can't remember reading a book that described grief and brought it off the pages of a book like this author has. It is a real lead you up the garden path book also, just when you think you might know what's been going on, Ms. George takes you in another direction. I loved the fact that you really had to wait to the end to solve the mystery and it was a difficult one to guess. Havers is also having family problems again and coming to the conclusion she will no longer be able to take care of her parents on her home. Loved it, can't wait for the next one.

  9. Lobstergirl Lobstergirl says:

    Well and densely plotted, but the cameos of the lower classes, as usual, grate. And how believable is it that (non-fundamentalist) marriages come to the brink of destruction because someone fails to disclose a teenage abortion they had? Really, in 1991? Elizabeth George can't seem to resist these anachronisms, and Deborah and Simon St. James never add anything interesting to the plots.

  10. Lori Lori says:

    No one can do a twisty turny mystery like Elizabeth George. I am so incredibly happy that I decided to reread these books and go through the entire series, its like getting a present every time I open one of her books.

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