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    This was great Pumped to check out the anime s and volumes of the manga soon.

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    I have no idea what, in this manga, prompted an average rating of 4.47 5 stars No idea It s even higher than Death Note, Vol 1 Boredom which is the most read manga on GR and Fairy Tail, Vol 01 which, until it became too repetitive, used to be my F A V O R I T E manga series Because the characters and drawings and world building are extraordinary.Nonetheless, the world building in this book too wasn t bad either But there were too many characters that appeared and then disappeared no time to get attached This is something that I think can be interesting but NOT in a first volume Edward and his brother, however, were fun to follow on their adventures There was a good enough backstory but too short Very little detail I m going to assume, though, that there will be in the sequels The premise was something I enjoyed too Too many cases problems to resolve I would prefer one but ...

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    Buddy read with BhavikIt s my first time reading this series and I m hyped Looking forward to this so much, friend I ve decided to review each volume by chapter, as each chapter has an underlying theme that can t be ignored Also, it s mostly me rambling and fangirling so I apologise in advance Compared to most of my articulate reviews, these will be a jumbled mess The Two Alchemists Futari no Renkinjutsushi containing one of the most memorable anime scenes of my childhood If you have enough faith, you ll definitely get bigger This is the volume where we are introduced to Alphonse and Edward the Elric brothers And boy it s such a fantastic introduction.A little background of the world if you haven t watched read FMA Think if the industrial revolution took place with alchemy a type of magic where different elements can be manipulated took place This chapter is all about corrupted religious institutions and their effect on people I can t wait to be introduced to old favourites, but for now just seeing the brothers again is a treat Still love that everyone assumes Alphonse is older Edward s height often gets made fun of, which is always so much fun to read and watch.So there s this asshole called Cornello who belongs to the house of the sun god, Leto Cornello reportedly has the philosopher s ring, a ring of restoration a ring that can bring peo...

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    Love love love love love.It s actually been quite some time since I first read this volume, and now that my public library has finally started buying the series just in time for me to leave town thanks, guys I checked out the first seven on a whim I d actually forgotten a lot about this volume Somehow I got the idea that the Cornello Liore plot was stretched over the entire volume, and that Youswell was in V 2, and obviously that was wrong and the train thing I d forgotten entirely It was interesting to go back, too, and compare the art and plotting of this volume to that of the very end Obviously, there is significant improvement, but the seeds of dare I say it Yes, I do greatness to come are definitely here In much the same way as a webcomic artist develops over time, the art and plotting improve as the series goes on, but this first entry is the furthest thing from shabby.So anyhow, this volume Yes Youswell is my favorite plotline in it, possibly my favorite episodic entry in the series as a whole, because it really shows ...

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    full series review now up on my channel YAY a new favourite My boyfriend and I recently bought the full boxset of this manga 27 volumes hell to the yeah because it was EXTREMELY cheap on bookdepository and we have no self control I have been wanting to read this for so long and now I m getting into it and honestly I am so hype.The story is so much fun and I already love both Edward and Alphonse I find Edward incredibly relatable not because of his sad backstory or anything like that but because of his angry reactions when people point out how short he is because that is what I do I love the way alchemy works and the fights are really well done I m keen to learn about it all I am already so hooked on the story The art style is really cool and has cute little moments that I find really charming Definitely recommend to people I m excited to continue reading this mang...

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    2 Stars Um Am I missing something This series has a super high average 4.49 as I write this and several of my friends have really enjoyed it But I was just very underwhelmed This is incredibly creative, both the magical aspect and the brothers being the way they are The brothers were both fun characters and their loyalty to each other was enjoyable.But I wish this world had been explained a...

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    Quiero empezar diciendo que la moraleja de esta historia es nunca, Nunca, por lo que m s quieras NUNCA dejes a ni os sin supervisi n Edward y Alphonse Elric son unos ni os prodigios en Alquimia, la ciencia que parece magia, por una raz n, bastante comprensible y dram tica, ellos van a cometer uno de los pocos tab s que existen en la alquimia, la transmutaci n humana, tratando de recuperar a su madre, trayendo consigo, catastr ficas consecuenciasAlphonse pierde su cuerpo humano y Edward pierde un brazo y una pierna, a partir de este momento ambos se fijaran una meta, conseguir la piedra filosofal para poder recuperar sus cuerpos As Edward se convertir en un alquimista nacional al servicio de los militares, sacrificando su infancia y la de su hermano, aprendiendo la regla primordial de la alquimia, el intercambio equivalente El hombre no puede obtener nada sin primero dar algo a cambio Para crear, algo de igual valor debe perderse Esa es la primera ley de la Alquimia de la Equivalencia de Intercambio. La historia es muy elaborada, con matices psicol gicos que paran los ...

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    I can t imagine someone not liking this I just can t.If you like manga, you will like this.

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    This manga has definitely one of the best anime adaptations as Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood But let s not take anything away from the original material I loved this manga Definitely recommend.

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鋼の錬金術師 1 Alchemy The Mystical Power To Alter The Natural World Something Between Magic, Art And Science When Two Brothers, Edward And Alphonse Elric, Dabbled In This Power To Grant Their Dearest Wish, One Of Them Lost An Arm And A Legand The Other Became Nothing But A Soul Locked Into A Body Of Living Steel Now Edward Is An Agent Of The Government, A Slave Of The Military Alchemical Complex, Using His Unique Powers To Obey Orderseven To Kill Except His Powers Aren T Unique The World Has Been Ravaged By The Abuse Of Alchemy And In Pursuit Of The Ultimate Alchemical Treasure, The Philosopher S Stone, Their Enemies Are Even Ruthless Than They Are

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • 鋼の錬金術師 1
  • Hiromu Arakawa
  • English
  • 15 August 2019
  • 9781591169208

About the Author: Hiromu Arakawa

Zodiac TaurusBlood type AHer self portrait is usually that of a bespectacled cow, as she was born and raised on a dairy farm in Hokkaido with three older sisters and a younger brother She worked as a farmer for 8 years before moving to Tokyo.Arakawa thought about being a manga artist since she was little and during her school years, she would often draw on textbooks After graduating high school, she took oil painting classes once a month for seven years while working on her family s farm During this time, she also created d jinshi manga with her friends and drew yonkoma for a magazine.Arakawa started out as Hiroyuki Eto s assistant writer for Mah jin Guru Guru and a friend of Shakugan no Shana author Yashichirou Takahashi.Arakawa s career started with a work titled STRAY DOG, but she is best known for creating the Fullmetal Alchemist.For Fullmetal Alchemist manga, Arakawa had read alchemy related books, which she found very complicated due to the fact that some books contradicted others Arakawa was attracted by the philosophical aspects than the practical aspects For the Equivalent Exchange concept, she was inspired by the work of her parents who had a farm in Hokkaid and always had to give all their effort in order to earn the money to eat Friends with Akira Segami.Arakawa san gave birth to a son in 2007.Kyu Aiya was an assistant of hers Fusanosuke Inariya was possibly another assistant of hers.She received the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award New Artist Prize 2011 for Fullmetal Alchemist.The Shinsei Prize was also awarded to Arakawa.