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Incendies [KINDLE] ❁ Incendies ❄ Wajdi Mouawad – Lorsue le notaire Lebel fait aux jumeaux Jeanne et Simon Marwan la lecture du testament de leur mère Nawal il réveille en eux l'incertaine histoire de leur naissance ui donc fut le père et par uell Lorsue le notaire Lebel fait aux jumeaux Jeanne et Simon Marwan la lecture du testament de leur mère Nawal il réveille en eux l'incertaine histoire de leur naissance ui donc fut le père et par uelle odyssée ont ils vu le jour loin du pays d'origine de leur mère En remettant à chacun une enveloppe destinées l'une à ce père u'ils croyaient mort et l'autre à leur frère dont ils ignoraient l'existence il fait bouger les continents de leur douleur dans le livre des heures de cette famille des drames insoupçonnés les attendent ui portent les couleurs de l'irréparable Mais le prix à payer pour ue s'apaise l'âme tourmentée de Nawal risue de dévorer les destins de Jeanne et de Simon.

  • Paperback
  • 90 pages
  • Incendies
  • Wajdi Mouawad
  • French
  • 23 February 2014
  • 9782742783366

About the Author: Wajdi Mouawad

Né au Liban le octobre Wajdi Mouawad est contraint d’abandonner sa terre natale à l’âge de huit ans pour cause de guerre civile Débute une période d’exil ui le conduit d’abord avec sa famille à Paris Une patrie d’adoption u’il doit à son tour uitter en l’État lui refusant les papiers nécessaires à son maintien sur le territoire De l’Hexagone il rejoint alors le uébecC’est.

10 thoughts on “Incendies

  1. Carmen Carmen says:

    Childhood is a dagger stabbed in your throat This play is a dagger stabbed in your heart and I'm afraid it is going to leave not a scar but an open wound It's an old story but a brand new one It takes place in a far away land but also very near It is a Greek tragedy and a 21th century play Wajdi Mouawad is able to tell the cruelest saddest most violent stories but he does it in the most beautiful way He can find beauty in the midst of chaos in a world devastated by war by means of love and love of wordsThis is a story of two lovers who are separated too soon a mother desperately looking for her son two twins trying to understand their mother a country broken by war the story of the woman who sings and the woman who writes A story of silence and fury It could be a story about hate but it chooses to be a story about love because as it is said in the play we cannot choose to perpetuate violence and hate because it is important to learn to read to speak and to tell because we can choose who we are and how to fight and how to understand our destiny Unforgettable

  2. Camly Nguyen Camly Nguyen says:

    DEM FEELS THOUGHWhen the notary Lebel gives to the twins Jeanne and Simon the will of their mother Nawal it awakens the uncertain story of their birth who was their father why did their mother stop talking years before her death and what is their mother's story? By giving each an envelope one destined for this father who they thought was dead and the other to their brother that they never knew existed Lebel was about to change their lives as the twins embark on an unforgettable journey in Lebanon to discover their past and to put to term the conflicting feelings that they had for their motherWithout exaggeration it's THE BEST French Canadian book you can have out thereI wanted the book to be a lot longer but I understand that Incendies is a play and plays can't be super long All I'm saying is that if this ever turns into a 300 page novel I would get the book right away Everything in this play felt so real The descriptions were so detailed and so intense that you just couldn't help yourself but to love the characters and the daunting settings that the author was trying to show to us Nawal's courage never ceases to astound me I'm just truly amazed right now The twist in the end was VERY unexpected and I'm actually a little creeped out by it but THAT IS SOME DAMN ORIGINAL SHIT THERE I LIKE IT I definitely recommend

  3. Sheharzad ⚘ (hiatus galore) Sheharzad ⚘ (hiatus galore) says:

    How do I begin to articulate my thoughts in such a way that does justice to this absolute masterpiece? I simply put am a plebeian suirming on a speck of dirt while this play encompasses galaxies and enraptures the stars themselves Wajdi Mouawad took silence and blasted it through a story of love friendship horror and pain and truth Like Woman at Point Zero I read this for a course I'm taking and I don't review books from my assigned readings unless one has moved me beyond the realm of words and existence This book like Woman at Point Zero moved me beyond the realm of words and existence What kind of a world is this where objects have hope than we do? I can't even summarize it properly There's so much happening in a good way In the will of their late mother twins Janine and Simon are asked to search for a father they were told had died years ago and a brother whom they didn't know existed in their mother's home country Their mother Nawal unbeknownst to them was a legend who searched for years for her firstborn son and fought in a ceaseless war The play takes us across countries and times to learn the legacy of Nawal a story too entangled and fraught with varying extremes of emotions to make sense of in a few wordsThe truth and legacy are revealed at the end and it is utterly heartbreaking Throughout the play we see the late Nawal through her children's eyes her friends' eyes and the eyes of people who were in her life even for the briefest moments I loved Nawal from the beginning before anyone's perception of her over andor underestimated her character In her we see a lifetime fulfilled multiple times as if each devastation caused her to be reborn again and that's reborn in the unpleasant sense Her children go through a growth arc as well; Janine and Simon learned so much about Nawal about themselves about war and pain and family and became completely wholly and beautifully their mother's children Nawal's notary and friend Alphonse Lebel was a uirky dude and had great chemistry with the twins Sawda Nawal's dearest friend took my heart She was fierce from the start unrelenting and devoted to Nawal's missions She's the friend who is with you till the end of the line My immediate thought to the twist a sentence before it was actually revealed was a stream of noes and nopes I refused to believe that's where the twist was headed and lo and behold the twist went there How I was able to recover from that and have the strength to continue I don't know I think my soul left my body and refused to believe a word of that revelation Once I finished the play I was devasted and my first thought was 'Oh My God' and I don't remember the minutes afterwards that took me to recover myself and dry my eyes Wajdi Mouawad came for my life and I happily handed it over to him If you're looking for a uick read filled with passionate emotions to the brim this is it my friend And when my courage fails I'll sing I'll sing Sawda the way you taught me to And my voice will be your voice and your voice will be my voice That's how we can stay together There is nothing beautiful than being together

  4. Brad Brad says:

    If I had written my review straight after reading and discussing this play I think I would have given it five stars and gushed my way through a superlative laden review but it's been two months since I put it down and my love for Incendies translated into the English the way I read it as Scorched has cooled to mere likingI was initially blown away by what I took to be an uncompromising story about memory violence and survival and it remains all of those things but the I thought about the way Wajdi Mouawad wanted us to think about his central character Nawal the less blown away I was and the comfortable I became There is something of the heroine in her something of a legend; she is a woman I feel we were supposed to look at and admire She comes from a deeply patriarchal well she learns to read she spreads her learning to others she navigates a war she brings her twins to a life in Canada that leads one to hate himself and fight endlessly and unsuccessfully as a boxer and leads the other to a stultifying existence in academia We must be impressed And then when the tragedy of her life is revealed we are supposed to pity her and understand her decisions And I felt all those things The trouble is that these feelings that we are manipulated into feeling for Nawal also ask us to ignore other feelings we might be having feelings that she is not such a heroine after all that she is as much an abuser as she is a victim Yet I couldn't help feeling like we were supposed to hate her abusers and to cut them absolutely no slack for the circumstances that made them abusers If that is so if that is what Mouawad is asking us to do and I think it is then I cannot fully embrace Incendies at least not at this pointI am sure I will have other opportunities to revisit my feelings I will teach it again it is so worthy of discussion and there is Denis Villeneuve's film adaptation out there waiting for me to watch it but for now I have to say I'm struggling with the message of Incendies

  5. Jean-Claude Boulos Jean-Claude Boulos says:

    Beautiful Simply beautiful

  6. Jackie Jackie says:

    I have read and seen several of Wajdi Mouawad's works in both English and French I was reading this one in English for a translation project I am working on I enjoy the way that Mouawad interweaves several timelines in this play It is a common theme in his work and something that can be very difficult to follow However in this text and specifically this translation by Linda Gaboriau it is very easy to keep track of what time you are in and what is happening both in the scene and the play as a whole It was something of an emotional read with some very unexpected moments It all came together in the end and made perfect sense once you found out all of the secrets hidden by Nawal The story is very compelling and the female characters in the script are slightly interesting than the males possibly because they are featured prominentlyI would definitely encourage anyone who is interested in theatre to take a look at it

  7. Jananie (thisstoryaintover) Jananie (thisstoryaintover) says:

    reread 2019 absolutely chilling Has to be one of my favourite reads for school this year Incredibly done

  8. Arto Arto says:

    Saw and loved the movie before reading the book Nevertheless wanted to read the play Still found the story its message very powerful and profound

  9. Colin Bruce Anthes Colin Bruce Anthes says:

    Everyone keeps telling me I love you too much But I don't know what that means to love too much For sure for sure for sure

  10. Sarika Patkotwar Sarika Patkotwar says:

    Wow It's been a really long time since a book made me go wow Seriously I have nothing else to say but wow Generally I don't review books that I have to read for literature class The only exception has been The Stranger by Alber Camus because well it's Camus The reason I decided to write a review for Incendies is simple I felt the need to do so I had heard that this play is really really great But trust me that is an understatement Incendies is disturbing mind blowing and absolutely astonishing; everything I love in books Also when it comes to Incendies unlike Camus I am reviewing the original French version The English edition is called Scorcheda and I do hope to read it sometime Incendies is a play that is the second instalment in a saga called Le Sang des Promesses that has a total of four books It is the story of one single family It is the story of blood and promises as the series title righty says Sang means blood and promesses is promises I don't know what the actual proper translation of Le Sang des Promesses is but you get the point Anyway Le Sang des Promesses is also the subtitle of Incendies And it is so apt I didn't get it at first but once I did get it wow I was blown away The characters in Incendies are all so well developed and uniue in their own way The play starts off with the death of a mother who leaves letters to her daughter and son asking them to find out about their father and brother And my God If I say anything else I may end up spoiling the whole story so that's the only gist I can give That brings me to the story itself It is absolutely truly thoroughly brilliant Half the stuff that happened I never saw coming I was at the edge of my seat throughout I was so very interested in knowing everything that I read this play like mad I am sincerely so glad and grateful for my Canadian literature classes thanks to which I got to read this marvel The most important aspect and the one aspect that deserves all the credit for the brilliance of this play is author Wajdi Mouawad His characters his story his writing Just the way his mind must be working Wow I am so shocked in the most astonishing and thrilling way possible I loved loved loved this play It could possibly be my most favourite play ever and I would love to watch the movie even though it won't be as great as the book I can already tell and dream to see the play in action sometime

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