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Låt den rätte komma in [BOOKS] ✫ Låt den rätte komma in Author John Ajvide Lindqvist – Thomashillier.co.uk It is autumn 1981 when the inconceivable comes to Blackeberg a suburb in Sweden The body of a teenage boy is found emptied of blood the murder rud to be part of a ritual killing Twelve year old Oskar It is autumn when the inconceivable comes rätte komma Epub á to Blackeberg a suburb in Sweden The body of a teenage boy is found emptied of blood the murder rud to be part of a ritual killing Twelve year old Oskar is personally hoping that revenge has come at long last—revenge for the bullying he endures at school day after dayBut the murder is not the most important thing on his mind A Låt den eBook ✓ new girl has moved in next door—a girl who has never seen a Rubik's Cube before but who can solve it at once There is something wrong with her though something odd And she only comes out at night.

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  1. Paul Bryant Paul Bryant says:

    I finally got my revenge on Sweden For most of my life I’ve been bombarded with newspapers and radio telling me how Sweden is so much much very much absolutely completely better than Britain at practically everything Here’s some random uotes from the BBC news archive “Sweden has probably the strongest freedom of information law anywhere in the world”“Sweden has one of the best staffed health services in the world But as a parent Sweden seems the perfect place to have children”“BBC's Joe Wilson on how Sweden became a top athletics nation What can Sweden teach GB?”“Sweden says it aims to completely wean itself off oil within 15 years without building new nuclear plants”“In a survey of the 26 most industrialised countries only Sweden came out better” Better at what? Oh lifelovehappiness“Sweden and Denmark show most clearly what spelling reform can do Sweden has gradually given itself a fairly sound spelling system” Yes spelling reform is important too Admittedly this didn’t make me as furiously jealous as the other stuff But still – Sweden Again“If you want my answer I think we should look at how they do it in Sweden They have high taxation and a better standard of living which means everyone feels they should contribute”Blah blah blah And Abba too Is there no end to their tall blond pretty perfection and their warm fuzzy wraparound social democracy? But now one grungy vampire tale Let the Right One In let’s me know in no uncertain terms that Swedes suffer too Behind the perky teeth and healthy children and universal dentistry and free housing for all and trams and no nuclear waste and Mamma Mia there’s urban decay neglected glue sniffing kids violence drunkenness wasted lives and compellingly unpleasant vampires This is chicken soup for my soul with swedes And not only that but as many persons have pointed out this is a kind of anti Twilight given that the only sexually attractive vampire around is a 200 year old 12 year old girl and the only attracting going on is with an adult paedophile and a miserable lonely 12 year old boy So stick that up your sacro iliac Bella and Edward I fart in your general direction This book gets major points for being so accurate about childhood terrors of the non imaginary kind bullying In fact it's really about childhood neglect and the vampire stuff can be read as an extended poetic symbol But the vampire stuff is also gory and it rocks so you can have your sensitive cake and you can greedily gobble it up it tooAnyway altogether a maxillo facial gothtastic read 35 starsUpdate the film rocks too It pulls a few punches and cuts out a major zombie theme but otherwise a does a great job Rent itUp update I was referring here to the movie Let the Right One In by Thomas Alfredson made in Sweden in 2009 and not the Hollywood remake by Matt Reeves just released which I haven't seenUpupupupdate I saw the American remake and that's great too I wouldn't lie to you I was very surprised So rent that one tooUpupupupupupdate they're still at it Now I'm being told that although Sweden gets a million tons of snow every day because of their extreme yet kindly efficiency no one ever falls down and no bus is ever late and no road is ever closed yet a couple of days of Swedish snow in Britain and all roads are impassable and all lorries immediately jack knife and all schools immediately closeBite them Eli bite them all Don't leave a single Swede unbitten

  2. Jayson Jayson says:

    A 86% | Extraordinary Notes Tenderness with ferocity It's lonely desperate people living in ashen desolation The grey makes the red stand out

  3. Manny Manny says:

    You know that bit at the beginning of Amadeus where Salieri has composed this very uninspired little march which he and the Emperor play for Mozart? Then Mozart sits down at the keyboard and says hm that's not uite right is it? And he messes around with it for a couple of minutes until he's suddenly transformed it into Here's farewell to the games with the girls from The Marriage of Figaro Well it's like that Låt den rätte komma in and Twilight John Ajvide Lindvist has looked at Stephenie Meyer's book and said hm that's not uite right is it? And he's somehow rearranged its elements into a bloody masterpiece I wouldn't have thought it could be doneI can hear Mozart's irritating high pitched giggle Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  4. Jason Jason says:

    Yo lesson for you Stephenie this is how you write a fucking vampire novelSo you can run and tell THAT

  5. Stephen Stephen says:

    Soiledsoiled and a bit emotionally off kilterThat’s the best I can do to describe how this book made me feel It’s dark morose andreallyreallyREALLYcreepy Not strange sounds and creaking doors creepy Creepy like that overly affectionate uncle who stares at you too often and always wants a hug that lasts for an inappropriate length of time That kind of creepyThis book oozes it The working class Swedish suburb where the story takes place feels dingy depressing and rundown The people moving through the narrative are sad detached and very weird mostly and the atmosphere is a kind of artsy fogginess that makes everything seem dreamlike and slightlywelloffAll of which adds up to a big fat musty pants load of CREEPY   Of course it’s horror and Swedish horror at that so creepy means its doing something rightBeyond the high creepy uotient this story is hard to pin down While the main character is a vampire this is not really a vampire story It's a violent existential character study about “outcasts” living on the fringe of society It just so happens that one of these outcasts is a gothy child vampire of dubious age and sexuality who moves into this economically depressed neighborhood and befriends an adolescent boy named Oskar Here’s Eli from the movie which I have not yet seen good casting because that’s a pretty close approximation of how I visualized her EliThe aforementioned Oskar our main character is a 12 year old whose life is a bit of a mess He's sad lonely and incontinent and splits his time between being mercilessly bullied by his schoolmates and indulging in a rich twisted fantasy world where he murders his tormentors in sick disgusting ways Here’s a shot of Oskar “at play” Oskar’s dad is an alcoholic who lives in the country and his mother who is mentioned often but rarely heard from in the book seems both over protective and incredibly neglectful His life is bordering on tragic However as far from normal as Oskar and Eil may seem the I'm So VERY Odd Award goes to Eli’s “Renfield like” man servant Hakan Hakan’s job which he does out of shudder love for Eli is to secure the vampire’s nourishment In his spare time Hakan is a sick unhinged pedophile now you understand the shudder who is constantly struggling with his predelictions and the awful things he has to do to keep Eli alive Againshudder Trust me by the end of the story Hakan dumps a whole truckload of creepy all over the story Oh and no spoilers but just rememberACIDwowI struggled with the rating for this book because I don't want to mislead by having my rating indicate that I thought this was “middle of road good” Parts of it are much better than thatbut parts are also worse The book is a tad schizophrenic There are some amazing 5 star aspects and some unappealing 1 and 2 star components all of which coagulate into an overall rating of “I liked it” but didn't love it On the positive side the prose is excellent and the characters of Eli Hakan and Oskar are very interesting In addition Eli is an original and superbly realistic vampire that I thought was just a wonderful take on the mythos Had the story dealt with those three components and with the uniue form of vampirism that the novel postulates I would have been far happy with the bookUnfortunately and here we get to the bad the story gets seriously bogged down with a handful of other characters in the town whose stories were just not compelling to me I kept losing focus on the story whenever the narrative slipped to one of these ancillaries and it really degraded my enjoyment of the story Also the dreariness of the whole story did begin to weigh on me It just got a bit too much I thought the end was well done and kept pace with the level of realism that the author was going for with the story Overall I just found the non central aspects of the story a little too dull to keep my attention That and the life sucks tone that never lets up kept my overall level of appreciation a bit muted Still good writing and a very original character driven vampire tale A strong 30 to 35 stars  Recommended 

  6. Kemper Kemper says:

    After watching the Swedish movie this book is based on I thought it was an intensely creepy film and promptly got the book to check out the full story I figured that the planned American film version would be a pale shadow of the original because there’s no way that a Hollywood movie studio is going to show that messed up tale in it’s original form to audiences in the US Little did I know that even the Swedish producers didn’t have the collective nutsack to give us the full story on how goddamn twisted the book is Set in the early ‘80s it features a 12 year old boy named Oskar whose alcoholic father and overprotective mother are divorced Oskar is an outcast and is badly bullied by other kids in his class and he’s developing a pretty good case of homicidal rage because of it In fact he’s well on his way to becoming the kind of guy who dances around his basement while screaming at his latest victim to put the lotion on it’s skin or else it gets the hose againBefore Oskar completely turns into Buffalo Bill he meets Eli a deadly vampire who appears to be a 12 year old girl Oskar and Eli strike up an unlikely friendship that’s almost a pre adolescent romance but things are going off the rails around them Eli’s version of Renfield is a creepy pedophile who is jealous of their relationship and can’t be counted on to keep Eli supplied with fresh blood When Eli’s need for food makes her sloppy the results are victims and traces that threaten to reveal her Juvenile delinuents Swedish alcoholics a strict cop a jar of acid and a herd of cats all collide in a variety of terrible ways This is a gloriously gruesome and disturbing horror novel that would probably cause Stephanie Meyer to have a stroke if she ever even dared to hold a copy of it in her hackish little hands Like the best horror novels the gore and monsters aren’t the scary parts it’s the way that the ’normal’ people treat each other that will really haunt you

  7. Matthew Matthew says:

    25 to 3 starsThis is probably going to be an unpopular opinion I don't think I have ever seen on statuses for books I have read before so many people professing their love for a book But for me it was everything from just okay at times to drawn out and boring Sorry everyone ducks as things are thrown his wayAnother thing thing that I am not sure I liked or disliked or if it even added to the story was the excessive gore and shocking content Let me be clear I am all about gore and shock but I like for it to have a role in progressing or adding to the story If it seems like the author is just thinkinglet's add some weird sex or someone having their toenails pulled off with a staple remover that should get the readers moaning and groaning well then I tend not to care uite as much for it In this case the gruesome shocks and twisted behavior are in my opinion borderline useful for the storyRegarding my drawn out comment I feel like if this book was 200 pages shorter it would have been just fine and I would have enjoyed it a lot I kept feeling like I was lost in the weeds of the odd occurrences in this dark town I often wondered if the book was still on point or if the author had gone off on an extended tangent for some reason The ramblings did not a tight and fulfilling reading experience makeThis book was originally written in Swedish It often reminded me style wise of other Swedish authors I have read specifically Jo Nesbo and Stieg Larsson So there definitely seems to be a Swedish fiction writing styleI think many horror fans will enjoy this book despite my feelings on it With so many positive vibes from others I am just sad that I couldn't see it myself

  8. Kat Kennedy Kat Kennedy says:

    Imagine for a moment that you were at an event like the 1995 Rugby World cup where South Africa both hosted and won Imagine being there in the heat of that moment the cheer and ebulation That light almost unreal sense that the world has faded away and there is only that moment Nothing else is important and you want to uietly capture the complete bliss you are experiencing and put it in a bottle somewhere Hopefully at some future date you can take it out and rekindle those emotions and bask in that one perfect moment againThen imagine that you are standing outside of a train station A train has just crashed in front of you Pleople are screaming and the stench of smoking meat is tickling your nose as your eyes sting and water There's that same feeling That feeling of Is this really happening? Light Dizzy Disbelief Overwhelming to the point of nausea You can't forget that moment It will haunt you Every time you catch a wiff of smoke those memories will come flooding back whether you want them to or notSame feelings at their most basic level but entirely different in their mode In the first situation you jump and holler You'll hug those around you even if you don't know them and celebrate together Knitted into temporary friendship because you're experiencing the same awesome event For weeks later you'll tell anybody who listens that you were there You'll tell them about how incredible it was and try to impart on them some semblance of what you feltCut back to the second scenario where you'll stand uietly in solidarity with those around you Once again knitted together Brothers and sisters formed from tragedy You may hold each other and gather around silently When other people ask you about it you'll get that look in your eyes that tells them you've seen thingsYou're just as altered as the first scene but where there was ebulation then there is horror nowThis is what happens when I read certain books Books like Stolen fit in the first category They touch me and move me so I run around telling everyone that I read it It was amazing Share in this experience with me I want to help you feel what I felt Then there are books like this Now I uietly tell you that I read it That it touched me Changed me I look you in the eye and I don't want to elaborate I uitely turn away and think a little bit on what I've seen and read and how it made me feelAnd maybe if you've read a book like this too you might be able to understand why there's really nothing for me to say

  9. Tatiana Tatiana says:

    As seen on The ReadventurerI can't even find the words to describe how much I LOVED this novel But let me start by warning Twilight lovers that this book is not about sexy sparkly vampires and teenage love If you are not ready to read about ugly realities of human life do not open this book It is not an easy book to read The story is complex and involves many characters whose presence sometimes is just momentary The action moves from one character to another very uickly But once you understand the pace and get used to foreign names the story consumes you I will not relay the plot here if you want to know what exactly the book is about there are many reviews here that describe the story well What I am going to say is that this is simply the best vampire novel I've ever read Yes I am putting it higher even than legendary Bram Stoker's Dracula This story is so much complex and interesting in a way that not only does it show vampires from the point of view of their victims but it also shows the world through the eyes of the vampires We find out how very often innocent people become those feared monsters we go through the transformation with them we feel their guilt and shame we learn about their relationships with their Guardians who sometimes are worse monsters than vampires themselves But this book is not only about vampires it explores the world of adolescent boys the world I know nothing about Surprisingly I found out how important presence of a father in a boy's life Without the guidance a love of a father boys are lost to violence and abuse With all the horridness described in this book it is strangely full of love and tenderness understanding and forgiveness I highly recommend this book You simply will not be able to walk away untouched by it

  10. Fabian Fabian says:

    An unlikely FLAT OUT MASTERPIECE that contains the most visceral type of horror fiction elements He expertly expands them toward a precipice of dread A one of a kind experience a delicious sassy slap to the moribund readerTo be read AT ONCE Do it NOW Nothing comes as close as this one to a true modern EXPERIENCE that feels simultaneously as old as time itself Take the title of this work literally Find the time to seek this one out nothing American comes even close to its gorgeous monster tale So worth it

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