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    My 4 star rating is for the book with the original 1964 text, NOT the awful radio show and NOT the execrable revised text text paperback edition.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Mark Williams reads one of Anthony Buckeridge s classic school stories, abridged in five parts by Roy AppsUntil Darbishire had finished making his famous ventilating shaft out of that disused drain pipe, it was just as well they had got air conditioned walls It was only a little hut, but Jennings was very proud of it And the other boys at Linbury Court were proud of their huts too.Broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 7 45pm Sunday 31st ...

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    A working class boy me meets jolly japes at a public for non Brits read that as private school with Jennings and Derbyshire Loved it.probably my version of a fantasy novel at such a tender age 8 I think , although I suspect it also led to my still festering resentmentt...

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    Nouveau roman retra ant les fac ties de Bennett dans son coll ge anglais La construction d une cabane en constitue le fil rouge car, on s en doute, cette activit ludique est strictement prohib e par le r glement.Pas de la litt rature de haut vol, mais 10 ans, a passe encore.

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    This one really establishes the winning formula that all the best Jennings books follow without fail, namely an episodic style with one or two main plot points to bind everything together.Highlight Mr Wilkins goes for an evening swim.

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    I was probably about 8 years old when I read this and loved it as much as I loved all those Enid Blyton school stories Having 2 brothers meant I could relate to the adventures and scrapes that boys got into.

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Jennings Little Hut (Jennings, #3) PDF Jennings Little Hut Jennings, 3 Author Anthony Buckeridge Ivogue.co.uk Supersonic Hoo Hah Jennings And Darbishire Watched With Mounting Horror Earthquakes And Landslides Seemed To Be Happening Before Their Eyes The Little Hut Was Heaving Like A Thing Possessed Oh, Fish Hooks Breathed Jennings In Dismay He S Smashing Up The Place Like A Bulldozer The Woodland At Linbury Court Becomes Squatters Territory When Jennings Comes Up With The Idea Of Building Huts Out Of Reeds And Branches Jennings And Darbishire Are Thrilled With Their Construction, Which Even Includes A Patented Prefabricated Ventilating Shaft, A Special Irrigation Drainage Canal And A Pontoon Suspension Bridge Gruesome Hornswoggler But Things Can Only Go Horribly Wrong For Jennings When He Is Put In Charge Of Elmer, The Treasured Goldfish, And Even Worse When The Headmaster Pays The Squatters A Visit And If Jennings Thinks That A Game Of Cricket Will Be Far Less Trouble, He S Going To Be Knocked For Six Rotten Chizzler