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Les 120 journées de Sodome, ou l'École du libertinage Quattro Facoltosi Libertini Decidono Di Celebrare Il Trionfo Della Lussuria Attraverso Una Sorta Di Interminabile Orgia Centoventi Giorni Con Le Mogli E Trentadue Persone Asservite Al Loro Piacere A Liberare La Loro Fantasia Provvedono Quattro Novellatrici, Ognuna Delle Quali Ha Il Compito Di Raccontare Centocinquanta Passioni, Dalle Pi Semplici Alle Pi Efferate.

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    Zelmire is an exceptionally beautiful name It s a shame I d never be able to bestow it on my daughter for fear of her asking someday where I got the idea

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    You can buy this 2009 dramedy used from THE for as low as 1.65 You may be saying What a deal But what is it all about Well, I ll tell you LOL This is the story of a boy who works for a successful greeting card company One day, his boss hires a new assistant named Sodom who, in typical MPDG fashion, has decided that she doesn t believe in love any, and that Frank Zappa s classic song Any Way the Wind Blows is her life philosophy, because she likes subversive Psychedelic Rock and sure, okay, whatever She is deeply wounded And deep And wounded Also, she s sooooo unobtainable, which is naturally totally hawt because the chase is than half the fun, amiright Despite this quirky but strikingly model esque girl s history with annoying Cotton commercials and making gifted musician M Ward look bad by drowning out his beautiful voice and guitar work with her silly, shallow, ego centric love songs, she takes a liking to our charmingly squirrely hero when she realizes he s actually a brilliant architect, and that he starred on an overrated sitcom for many of his teenage years They date for 120 days, and the reader marvels at the mechanics of a short girl making a taller man look shorter than she is tall, which is not very tall at all There s one dreamy character in this mes...

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    3 FUCKED UP x s INFINITY STARS Marquis De Sade described his novel as the most impure tale that has ever been told since our world began I know I ve said this numerous times but I ve never meant it than I do right now THIS STORY IS NOT FOR EVERYONE It s obnoxiously repetitive, gruesome beyond belief, and just plain disgusting With that said, the authors imagination is disturbingly fascinating and surprisingly comical don t judge me De Sage managed to make me gag, chuckle and cringe, all within a single paragraph At times I felt my sanity was in serious jeopardy Hell, I m still questioning if it remains intake The 120 Days of Sodom is a hefty story, therefore the easiest way for me summarize this fuckery is by comparing it to a buffet style restaurant God, this is totally cheesy but its all I can come up with at the moment I m just going to call said establishment The fetish Cafe which is really a secluded medieval castle and where all the fuckery takes place The Fetish Cafe is owned by 4 Libertine bastardsmen 2 of which are siblings The Duc The Bishops brother Currently married to the Ducts daughter Constance Loves to fuck Period The President de Curval Married to Julie who is also the Ducs daughter Prefers male anus over a female pucker but he ll get it in, where he can fit it in The Durcet Marri...

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    If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review Original Review, 2008 Philosophy in the Bedroom The 120 Days of Sodom by Marquis De SadePersonally,I think the way to understand De Sade is as a global pioneer in the art of trolling His actual sexual acts were fairly tame in the broad scheme of things 15 year old servants, but people were getting married at that age in his time As ...

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    I have to say that when I say this book was an amazing read, I am attempting to indicate that I was amazed in the real sense of the word I was astounded by the gravity of the text I was engulfed in darkly enthralled by the sheer disgust I felt I have never in my life been...

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    I am not a prude I am not the type of person who will hesitate from delving into works others might find dark One of my favorite novels is the Exorcist, commonly regarded as one of the most terrifying books ever written I have pictures on the push pin board in front of me while I write this containing images from Silent Hill, Audition, and other really gruesome stuffof course, next to that I have pictures from It s a Wonderful Life and Aladdin, but that s not the point Point is, I have no issue with things people might think are a little unorthodox.This is not unorthodox This is sadist porn.Let me elaborate The term torture porn has been applied to many works people dismiss as just gory or too violent This is literal pornography in its most literal sense The work itself exists to demonstrate violence for violence s sake, with the plot if you can call it a plot existing just to bring the audience to the next act of sexual sadism These acts of sadism are grotesque, to the point where, if I were to bring up these acts in front of polite company, they d put me away.However, that s not why this book is rotten After all, it s supposed to be horrifying It s supposed to be repugnant That s what I thought when I read this book after seeing the Pier Pasolini film based on said book The movie is often regarded as the most disturbing thing many peo...

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    Well, what s to like The part where a grown man

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    One of the things that I like most about good literature is its ability to break the confines of conventionalism Literature, in that sense, is tantamount to being a libertine This novel takes the reader to the darkest of the darkest corners of possible, degrading, violent, scatological behaviour And yet, the fact that it creates a certain fascination that will not allow the reader to halt his or her reading the text, is an achievement in itself The 120 Days of Sodom is a voyage of cruelty, the same that the Marquis received on his end of the rainbow, and serves also as a dark reflection of his times Let us not forget that the times he h...

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    Sodom un 120 G n bir ok kez okudu um kitaplardan bir tanesi Yay nevinin tam metni, 200.y l erefine yay mlayaca n rendi imde bir kere daha okuma karar n vermi , uygun bir zaman g zetmi tim Sadizmin babas olarak an lan M.de Sade n eserlerini b yle k sa bir yorumda anlatmak ne yaz k ki pek m mk n de il Zira kitaplar n i eri i ne kadar sert ve ayk r olursa olsun, Sade her daim alttan altta felsefi sorgulamalar i indedir Ben ahs m ad na bunlar d nd r c ve ayd nlat c buluyorum Sanatla olan ki isel yolculu umda, Sade ve Pasolini nemli yerlere sahip isimlerdir Bazen en do ru yol insanlar n duymak istedi i eyleri s ylemek ya da g stermek de ildir Bazen kar taraf duyars zla t racak derece de y pratmak gere...

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